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Extra 15% off on Sale at End Clothing EXTRA15
Got it to work! Thanks for the confidence & support
Does it work for you?I have it as shipping to the US, but tax is still included. I checked my previous purchases, and tax was automatically removed. Site must just be being weird, or their policy has changed?
How do you get the VAT removed? My total shows tax included. MEYVN sale 20% off orders under $250 with the code SUN20 25% off orders between $250 - $500 with the code SUN25 30% off orders between $500 - $750 with the code SUN30 35% off orders between $750 - $1000 with the code SUN35 40% off orders over $1000 with the code SUN40 I'll point out, however, that we weren't able to purchase our order of 3 CPs due to their system flagging it as possibly fraudulent. Went in on a group order (shared home with...
Actually stacking doesn't work anymore even with a code. Only the bigger discount will apply.
They do deliver to the states...I think it was 20 pounds or something like that. They do remove VAT, but if you return something they don't refund the amount of VAT removed (or something like that...)
Pre-Sale at The Nextdoor
Cultizm is a vendor:
Don't forget to check off "Merchandise Return" or if there's no checkbox for that, write it in the description.
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