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shit, I just got a pair of Danner Mountain lights, and they are about a 1/2 inch long. Width is fine. (I ordered a 9.5, usually wear 10 or 10.5) think this will be a problem? Would really prefer to not return them...
the endclothing sale doesn't seem to work with Norse Projects stuff. Everything else I looked at had the 25% applied during checkout...anyone else have the same issue? (I'm in the US for reference)
anyone know the best place for norse projects stuff right now? Looking to grab a flannel or wool shirt and a grey beanie
if anyone cares: the blocktech fullzip jacket fits a little big: I have mediums in all the shirts, sweaters, and whatnot, but got a small in this sweatpants also seem a little bigger than the size chart says on the US site. The medium size sweats are about an inch longer than according to the chart the navy heattech fairisle beanie actually looks more like purple (but fits fine)
anyone got the blocktech fullzip jacket? are the measurements accurate?
Uniqlo oxford from 2008. Size small, color dark gray. New with tags (another back-of-closet find). $20 shipped (pics soon)
Uniqlo sweatshirt from 2008. Color:natural (off-white). Size: Asian small (fits like XS). Used like-new (found in back of closet; probably worn less than 5 times). $20 shipped (will try and get some photos up soon)
Uniqlo cotton military short blouson, from fall 2011, brown, size U.S. Medium. Used,worn about 7-10 times, great condition asking $50 shipped in USA
where can I get some boots that look like these: without costing $WTF (ie
huh, so uniqlo just doesn't want them to advertise the fact that they support them? and 'presence on the web'? again, why the fuck don't you just open a damn webstore already, uniqlo? don't you want my money!?
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