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I'm looking at a couple Testoni dress belts. How does their quality usually stack up?
SLVR is Adidas' new high-end, "eco-friendly" line (some organic cotton is integrated into their fabrics). They have some nice designs. I was thinking of getting some basics like tees, longsleeve shirts, and hoodies.,137.html How well-made are SLVR clothes? Do they run true to size?
Wow how is the still here?
Quote: Originally Posted by TheDarkKnight What other designers would you recommend please Azure, in a similiar fit and style? Ideally I would have liked double vents. (my other suits being altered are Gucci too, however I will be being 1 -2 more in the next few weeks) Ralph Lauren Black Label.
I not a fan of the tie or the black suit, but that's your call. Regarding the fit, the shirt seems too big (collar isn't tight enough and the overall fit is too blousy)
Subject: Mafoofan. Problems: Suit is fogeyish, too much constipation, lack of Stunna Shades
"Wanna be a baller, shot caller Twenty inch blades, on the Impala A caller gettin laid tonight Swisher rolled tight, gotta sprayed by Ike I hit the HIIIGHWAY, making money the FLYYYY WAY But there's got to be a BETT-ER WAYY! A better way, better way, YEAH-AHHHH." In this thread, voluntary and involuntary subjects will be Ballered--by yours truly. The service is free of charge. Subject #1: mtspiffy. Problems: Suit, Lack of Stunna Shades
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC I don't get it? Epaulettes and military pockets are not very formal. Not a fan of pink ties either, personally. Not cause it's a "queer" color, just too loud for my tastes.
They're very slim on the sides, and have a slimmer collar. Too bad the H&M polos are made of cheaper materials. This is what other threads have said, at least. I haven't washed mine yet.
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