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Levi 501
Quote: Originally Posted by 83glt Personally I feel this guy is entertaining us, nothing more. Whether or not he's a troll, he's definitely entertaining.
So the S in SF stands for Schadenfreude?
Quote: Originally Posted by FashionIQ Pics? just Google "Brad Pitt diaper bag"
If my question comes off as being troll-ish, then I'm an even bigger noob than I thought I was. I was just asking what people thought of the suit. I know it's not a year-round suit, but I don't wear suits much in the summer anyway, unless someone has the poor taste to die in July. Answer the question, or don't.
I found this suit on clearance at J Crew. I can purchase the jacket and pants separately, which works better with my drop. My beater suit isn't particularly slim-fitting, and I feel like I'm in need of an upgrade. For $300, I'm finding it hard not to pull the trigger even without trying it on. Opinions? http://www.jcrew.com/browse/multi_pr...=1235310867017
I have a platinum wedding band, and I don't particularly care if some idiot thinks it's silver, tungsten, or depleted uranium. I like it, and my wife likes it.
PM sent
Pics of hat, please.
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