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Any strings 3 characters or less are ignored. I have the same problem with 36S.
I see what you did there.
I button the first and third buttons. Anything more just seems like a waste of time.
RL Polo custom fit have sleeves that are pretty short.
Quote: Originally Posted by buyer's remorse please advise. My previous attempt to advise was met with a baffling, illegible response complete with racial slur. I think you're on your own.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fang66 Leg opening width? Depends on how much booze I can get her to drink.
Quote: Originally Posted by Michael Ay329 Most greys look horrible with brown I don't agree. I almost always wear brown or burgandy with grey trousers now.
I can't say I've ever had trouble removing a shoe tree. I have a variety of branded split-toe shoe trees, all of which follow the same removal pattern: push heel section forward, pull heel section up, remove tree. What kind of trouble were you having?
Thanks for the feedback all. I put a little cornstarch on the spots and rubbed a bit to heat up the leather and try to lift some of the oil out. I can only see the spots when I put my face six inches away from the vamp, and I'm hoping that over time the spots will fade. I'm going to climb off the ledge now. From now on, I'll only cook in Kenneth Coles.
I just spilled a few drops of olive oil on a pair of Alden shell wingtips. How screwed am I? Will anything lift the oil out?
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