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Buy a 38R and have the pants let out a bit. Making pants bigger is easier than making a jacket smaller.
bracelets for men? I already have one of those, it's called a watch.
I picked the RL. I don't like the logo overkill of the BB, and the Coach looked too shiny. I think brown is a much more versatile color.
38, Atlanta. I don't get the concept of flip-flops. What is the major flaw of closed toe shoes that flip-flops solves?
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I am pretty sure that men who are 5'5" or shorter should not wear suits. - B So what should short men wear? It's not like you see a lot of these in stores, unless you want to go bespoke.
Quote: Originally Posted by Philip1978 I'm still trying to figure out if your serious? Go buy a jersey and wear it with jeans. No way am I wearing a jersey in public. Hell, I'm not even wearing a jersey in private. Jerseys are for actual players, and kids under 13 or 14. I'm neither.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 I dare you to wear a suit. My wife told me that wearing a suit to an NFL game is grounds for divorce. Too bad, since a gray flannel suit with a red tie would look great. Even though the stadium won't be that full since the Falcons aren't in playoff contention and Atlanta sports fans are terrible, I'm still a little concerned about drunk yahoos spilling drinks on me or worse. I'm leaning towards dark...
This Sunday afternoon the wife and I are going to the Falcons-Bills game, in Atlanta. The stadium is domed, and there won't be any tailgating beforehand, so weather isn't much of a consideration. I don't own a sweatshirt, or any clothing with a Falcons logo on it, but I think I have a red ski hat (Falcons colors are red and black). I haven't been to a sporting event since I started dressing like a grown-up, and I'm honestly not sure what to wear. Any suggestions?
A lot of it has to do with fit. A high-quality suit that doesn't fit looks worse than a cheap suit that does. So whatever you buy, take it to a real tailor (not the in-house alterations guy at the retail store you bought it from, not the dry cleaner on the corner) and get it altered to fit you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Duff5000 those ties are awful Not all of them are, but truthfully, it would be nice if when I clicked on the "HI-END TIES" link, I didn't get a list of a thousand ties that included Nautica, Stafford and Gap. I guess that's what idfnl's sig line about swimming through shit refers to. Or, my definition of high-end is really out of whack.
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