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my faves: Dita Spectator Oliver Peoples Maceo neither of them cheap (~$400) but very good quality.
Quote: Originally Posted by aqhong ^ Don't spring markdowns start on 5/19 anyway? How is this "private sale" any different? no difference, apparently their SA's call it a "private sale" to encourage people to come in early for presales.
just received a phone call from barney's co-op at south coast plaza. there's a private sale going on next tuesday (5/19) with items at 40% off. same discount as the one day sale that just passed but with more designer labels including rag & bone. not sure if this is happening at all of the barney's. looks like they're trying to get rid of more inventory before their final markdown sale. have fun!
h&m currently has lightweight black linen drawstring pants that are very comfortable for summer wear and can be had for $40. highly recommended.
Quote: Originally Posted by junebugmm So that means you bought them for around $95 with 40% off, right? yup. a total bargain for those jeans! sizes are limited though.
south coast plaza APC NS was at $155.
was just at the south coast plaza store and picked up a pair of APC NS for 40% off. they'll hold the item for you and ring it up as a presale and take your CC info to charge on monday morning. start picking out stuff while they're there. service is great as usual. 40% off not applicable on "rag & bone" and "prada" labels (at least not at the south coast store in california).
john varvatos all-stars or jack purcells.
Quote: Originally Posted by Oxnard OP has lost his mind from drinking too much Ed Hardy... these ed hardy energy drinks remind me of powerthirst!
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