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What do you guys think of this Aspinal? Was quite tempted since again I'm not quite in the SAB/Bown timer league yet
Quick update on George Cleverley RTW, ie C&J. These now all seem to be reduced to £195 in Ede & Ravenscroft.
Yoox isn't UK as such but it has an excellent UK site although initial prices are not always that favourable for 'high profile' brands but it has real gems. Currently there are some of Adriano & Sons and Caruso jackets on sale that are very tasty. Tim
Ooooh. Good finds, that cashmere Brioni is very tasty. I've abandoned thrifting in England, not worth the hassle the best things I ever found were a couple of Canali jackets and a Zegna a couple of years ago.
Wonderful thread. Thank you. In the depressing days of a new Primark opening in my town this comes as a real tonic!
I imagine sealing all the ends with a flame would work but is far too delicate for me, I think I'd scorch mine even with a match.... One of my grenadines has started to pull apart at the stitching on the back, I'm not sure if this is just particularly poorly made = it's a Vicri of Porto.
How do the single breasted Aquascutum fit? I'm normally a 38 in Ralph Lauren Purple Label / Caruso, Canali etc. Sometimes I'm 40 though in more fashion forward stuff like Gucci & Valentino. Do you think it would work for me over a jacket for the 40 in black? Thanks, Tim
Buy the Caruso! They fit true to size and I've been very impressed with all my Caruso. I think for something like a navy blazer that is a relatively simple classic item you do not want to compromise too much on quality, with a simple, classic item any cheapo qualities will show up very quickly. NB - I would expect the Caruso to be on sale / reduced at Yoox before Christmas but if you want something ASAP it's still a decent price imho.
They are pretty slim fitting, I'd say definitely you need medium. I have a 38 shirt and I'm normally a 15.5 inch shirt or a 38 jacket (48 EU size) and it doesn't really fit, it's too small across the shoulders.
I had a mustard yellow corduroy jacket that worked really well with my green shirts, and I don't normally like corduroy but it definitely worked. I would think that unless the green is too bright then pastel shaded jackets and trousers should work pretty well. I agree it's not that easy to match though but if you have any more 'lively' items I think green makes a good match for more extrovert colours. Hope this helps
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