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Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar I wasn't that impressed with the Huntsman RTW lines... I think it depends what you're looking for. I would personally rather get something like Zileri Sartoriale on sale for RTW but the Huntsman RTW stuff is considerably cheaper than the Brioni, Zileri Sartoriale, Kiton, etc and while rather conservative / possibly old school they seemed to do a pretty good selection of solid basics at solid prices - ie...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ich_Dien What would a Huntsman RTW suit set you back? Don't want to particularly waste time if its out of my budget as I'm on a tight schedule. I remember they were doing an offer on Made to Measure recently when I was there for an extra pair of trousers free at about £1,750 - £2,200. Straight RTW was I think about £1,200 but the selection on RTW for suits was seriously uninspiring I would only use RTW at...
Potentially interesting ooold thread. I've some Ede & Ravenscroft odd jackest and shirts, jackets quite nice and solidy, if not excitingly, made. Shirts for the money (I picked up mine at £40-£50) are generally quite nice although button holes quite poor for some reason. Their RTW suits are tedious beyond belief in selection and seem to be made of vile fabric mostly, they have some beautiful linen / silk alternating stripe rep ties in this summers collection. NB - their...
Tom Ford is Zegna, I believe. Zileri I'm not sure - they might make them themselves?
I think red / cream is rather fun. Perhaps a bit much for a suit though...
Just because it's a concession doesn't mean it has to be crappily laid out though. The Harrods Brioni concession is good (with the caveat about the shirts now being in a silly place). I think the main problem is simply trying to fit in every brand under the sun which means everything is squashed together, I guess this does have a benefit in meaning you can browse almost everything in one place but I think less, better laid out concessions would help.
On a slightly different note - am I the only one to really dislike the way they've laid out all the shirts on the lower ground floor now, I don't like it down there feels like a poxy basement I preferred when they had them on the ground floor. Also I think their Kiton selection is mingy and the shoe section is just waaaay too busy permanently and is annoyingly laid out. +1 on the food and chocolate halls.
Eton of Sweden make some really nice button downs in the last couple of collections. Buttons are an acquired taste but they use some excellent cotton and the contemporary fit is slim but not skin tight (I'm a 38-40 chest with 32 waist. Retail is about £120 these days but in sale they come down to £40-£75
I have a pair of the RLPL pink linen trousers. They are superb but you do have to be a bit careful of - a) Where you wear them - avoid Saturday night down your local chav / douchebag pub / bar. b) What you wear them with - In summer with pastels & nice blue linen jacket - sorted, not with massive clashing patterns.
Eton. They make shirts that require minimal ironing (I've never found any shirt that require 0 ironing, that includes non-iron shirts) - all other non-iron shirts I've seen are total junk. Eton make both french and normal cuff.
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