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Grey is a good option. A light blue patterned works surprisingly well, if the pattern is curving or swirly it offsets the shirt's stripes.
$500 wow! That's a great deal. Trouser fit looks excellent, for the jacket I agree the arms look a little tight but if you've got enough movement for you to be happy with then I wouldn't worry too much. I particularly like the white / ivory suit, which works well with your skin and hair colour, I think. It would be interesting to see the double breasted ones when they are ready, I think those can look particularly good on women.
I've not had problems washing at 30degrees, I do tend to set the spin to low though so as to avoid stretching etc. Interesting my Kiton linen shirts say they can be washed at 60 degrees, not tried them at that though..
I think 3 button cuffs are Kilgour's standard style
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 +1 It can really be a pain in the ass. It does, however, have a nice solution: buy more shirts. X2. There's nothing like the thought of ironing some shirts that makes me tempted to go out and but some more instead!
Quote: Originally Posted by JonF I may be ridiculed for this as I've not seen much mention of these on the forum... but I really like ETON red ribbon shirts. X2. I don't know about BB but the Etons are the only ones I'd consider they're really nice and 100% cotton
HHD, Huntsman's ties and pocket squares are mostly Drakes Johnny Allen is a very jolly presence at the front of house. Tim
Don't know if Vicri of Porto have a shop in Lisbon, I'd presume they do. They have some really fun shirts and suits, quality decent, and they have some sort of high line called £$YE that's really nice if they still do it. Would have thought you'd be able to find some good value shoes, I'm aware various labels manufacture in Portugal but I'm afraid can't really be of help there.
My first incredibly bad quality WAYWRN effort. Apologies in advance but wanted to get started somehow. Borelli Linosa wool / silk / linen jacket, Lewin cotton, linen shirt Tim
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar They have a lot of very basic navy and grey suits,nothing really exciting... It is maybe the fact i love the structure Huntsman's cut and no RTW can offer that kind of silhouette.. Yes, I agree with you, the suit selection is very dull, similar to Ede. Odd jackets they have tended to have some more interesting tweeds / weighty wool staples etc (although this summer they seem to have put in a load of rather...
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