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Looks like Ralph is coming to the UK with e-shopping. I'm hoping it will be good but the US site doesn't seem that amazing so I guess I'm likely to be dissapointed Anyone any thoughts?
Quote: Originally Posted by clausc Got also a navy cotton and a linen silk K jacket I'd be interested to know what you think of the linen silk jacket, I'm tempted by that myself. I've ordered one linen jacket but can't seem to find a way to find out a tracking number on the orders list, do you get that via email?
If you're not massively happy buying over the phone or online and you're based in the UK but not near London then I think you'll have trouble getting hold of Kiton. In London you have the Kiton shop which would have them but I can't remember how much they were full price, their linen jackets were £3.5k so I would think their shirts full price would be over £300. I would imagine their sale will have ended by now too, I'm afraid. Yoox sometimes have them but it's hit or...
I have a similar mix wool linen Pal Zileri suit. It wrinkles a little more than pure wool but is much less prevalent than pure linen. For warm weather I'd say it is an excellent suit option but as Despos says it will vary a fair bit on the cloth and mix, some mixes do seem to wrinkle almost as much as pure linen.
I like pique. Kiton and barba are nice, the Kitons are totally unjustifiably expensive but do have the same yummy buttons as on their shirts.
I still like some of their ties and cufflinks but the quality of their shirts seems to be going down, the quality of the cotton doesn't seem as good as a few years ago and they seem to have put their prices up a fair bit this season. I actually think Eton are doing a better job of making a good quality shirt that has interesting designs although I still can't decide whether I'm okay with their buttons. The model and photography they've used is dire and none of the...
I like the smart / casual looks, with the rollnecks and other jumpers. The blue windowpane suit near the end is nice too. I agree the flannel and birdseye look quite nice but not particularly keen on quite a number of the suits tbh and the photography is a bit annoying but that's par for the course. Not keen on the ties.
The luxury twill isn't bad and any of the luxury fabrics are a fair bit better than the standard ones which are pretty flimsy, I think. The cotton / linen mix they've just brought out is quite nice in a very lightweight sort of way
Quote: Originally Posted by KingOfTheForum Depends: 1) What's "Massengil" 2) What's your "exit" If you don't know, I really doubt you want to know.....
I have a couple. Lovely fabric, really nice collars and gorgeous buttons. All round I'd highly recommend them. Other options are Borrelli (although from recent reports they may be decreasing their quality), Finamore of which I have one - nice shirt but I prefer the Kiton, Barba, Lorenzini and Pal Zileri Sartoriale. All at full price are likely to be cheaper than Kiton but of course if going for discounts this can vary greatly depending upon what you can find.
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