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Don't wear anything that will make you stand out too much. Wear whatever the guys with the fittest girlfriends wear. Also depends what sort of club it is - but don't wear anything too nice - it will get trashed. Basically you're far better off just wearing jeans and T-shirt when you go to the club, I'm sure you'll have fun.
I have a similar thing with my C&J. Nice-ish shoes, although not that nice but they just don't fit all that well for me. I actually prefer the Churchs I have, although a lot of Churchs now are pretty rubbish they still make some pretty decent shoes. Are you in particular looking for C&J? Alfred Sergeant's new models look quite nice, EG are impressive shoes but the prices are pretty high now.
Quality is good for the money in my opinion, fit is true to size for me - so I'm a 38 in PaL Zileri RL Purple Label, Caruso etc and the Alba fits me fine as a 38. . I have an Alba suit from Yoox, I do have a feeling it might be only half canvassed but I didn't pay much, the Yoox prices are quite good. No idea who made it, there are none of the usual tell tale tags.
The Kiton buttons and collars are nice but all the 'handwork' doesn't necessarily make for a better shirt than a good machine made shirt that will be much cheaper. Pal Zileri make a nice shirt and the Sartoriale shirts have the nice MoP buttons etc, As has been said at Kiton full price you could have pretty much any shirt anywhere except for Kabbaz, I guess so bespoke makers in the US or travelling makers from UK / Italy are all available. I would say that if you...
I like medium on the light side of grey. I find charcoal surprisingly difficult to match, as odd trousers.
Thank you for sharing. They look absolutely superb to me. Amazing value. Does Januszkiewicz speak English? It's tempting to take a flight over to Warsaw, could be a bit chilly this time of year but it's about -3 here in the UK anyway.
How about -
Those are lovely, great lookng pair of shoes!
Hello all, Does anybody have a good idea of what sort of quality Massimo Alba clothes are? It seems that Massimo Alba used to run Piombo which is not bad quality. I've seen rather a nice looking Alba suit but not sure whether to pull the trigger unless it's at least Pal Zileri white label quality. Link to Yoox selection - Thanks, Tim
There's a Brooks Brothers outlet in Bicester village and a couple of shops in London.
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