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I just received my Herring Chiswick II in Cobalt Suede that I purchased in the Herring sale. Well packed, included shoehorn and suede protector in the box and arrived promptly. Overall excellent service and I'm enjoying my shoes - although it's currently not really blue suede weather...
Looks like it's made by Barker to me. Make of that what you will. I'm happy with my Barkers for the money but they're no Church / Edward Green etc.
Do not wear with the yellow jacket. With the blue jacket and tie that is one of your best looks, you don't need to look any further.
I don't know about the removal of items from the US site but saying items on Yoox are barely reduced is rubbish. The Cantarelli, Sartorio, Zileri, etc etc that have gone on Yoox have gone on at about 50% of retail before any sale reductions and many are now at 70% off. I feel Yoox is by far the best of the online discount retailers, I have used them regularly for the last 3 years and they often have free shipping so even if you want to return it is not costing you much.
Pin Stripes are very common. Dark brown should be fine, though less common. Black shoes are safest but brown is not likely to be an issue unless in the most conservative banks. NB - If you're working at an accountancy firm, eg PWC I frankly think a lot of this is overkill the last lot of PWC staff I met were not exactly smart.
Their suits are fine, no different quality from normal - obviously sometimes slightly unloved designs which is why it ends up on Yoox in the first place. Obviously you can't tell if it's say a 38R drop 6 or a 38L drop 7 except roughly from the pictures but everything I've bought has been standard R length and regular drop so you should be okay. I've bought Zileri, Cantarelli and Caruso suits from Yoox - all very nice.
Bit early I think, they've only just finished their winter scarf sale.
I agree RL Purple Label is viciously expensive in the UK. Even a lot of Polo stuff is pretty steep. I quite like some of the Ede and Ravenscroft linen trousers too (RTW) , they're not the highest quality but okay and they're quite cheap for knock arounds. One pair of these has a little mini pocket within the trouser pocket to keep your phone from moving around - perfect fit for iPhone etc; I find this addition most handy! The fit on these is a little more generous than...
Ralph Lauren Purple label ones are quite nice, they also make some in hemp that are good too.
Sounds fine. Personally I'd find Chelseas a bit hot inside a club and clumpy to dance in but I wouldn't worry too much.
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