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Quote: Originally Posted by Achilles_ I ordered mine mid January and still haven't received them Maybe you ordered more than I did? Or a color or material that wasn't as readily available? I just ordered 2 pair of cotton, 1 winter weight and 1 summer weight.
Placed my order Jan 29 and received them today. I love the brown and tan cotton socks. Great quality, nice colors. Will definitely order more in the future.
what's that place people use for nice suit buttons?
Dinner at Le Mistral in Houston was absolutely worth the incredibly reasonable cost. Highly recommended, even if it is a bit of the hike if you're not on the west side of town.
My wife tried her best to get me some nice socks for Christmas, but unfortunately her choice of colors is not to my liking. These are unworn, NWT. 100% cotton, summer weight. The undyed pair are an extremely light tan, basically off-white. Black are obviously black. $15 shipped for both pair. Please PM me or email me.
It seems to me like you're just allowed to slightly modify existing shirts, so I'd guess they fit as well as any of the BB shirts currently fit you and no better. The quality would be similar as well.
Robert Talbott OTCs. Zegna tie.
Quote: Originally Posted by paco_deluca at least you have an expected delivery date, i place my order 12/25 at 1 am and still have not received an expected shipping date. my delivery date was actually moved up from Wednesday to tomorrow, so that's nice, but I still am not happy with the shipping charges or delivery time.
I'm turgid
Kemal - my wife ordered me some socks for Christmas. is it possible to change the order before it ships? she bought me black socks and I never wear black socks
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