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poor man, parnis (chinese make) I know the strap is abit small, just playing around with it. and casion submariner I have both the strap changed for the weekend.
TBS code valid till 10 sept. get 25 pounds off. just key in your currency as accordingly. 25-EURO-EU 25-EURO-REST-OF-THE-WORLD 25-EURO-GBP 25-EURO-SEK 25-EURO-US
if anyone is looking for a Medium Bag with Wool Flap, theclymb has them for $150, down from $300. PS: you can use my invite, I have yet to use anything and if anyone needs a 20% discount code, try using mine , discount code: nicework (not sure if it still works, but i have yet to use it, valid for one time use only)
I dont quite like the design of of the medium, but thanks!looks lovely. how's the width of it? similar to 257 or original 256? revolve quote the dimension as one inch smaller but filson web states the same.i'm coming from a country that rains quite frequently so i'm not sure about the exposed wool holding up on the wet weather.
how do small frame guys carry the 257? i really love the look of it. but the bag looks so big with me, especially when i sling it. on a side note, anyone has a fit picture of the wool 256? I'm thinking of exchanging my 257 for the wool 256.
The clymb having a warehouse sale, everything off 50% ~ 70% They have filson x levis left and some redwings heritage at $125 if anyone is interested.
cranes country store? email them for discount code.
thanks for the deal! bummer that the tote bags are sold out.
still looking!
still available?
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