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I'm a 40L and the M fit snug but the arms were much too short. If I were you and you don't need it to fit too slim, I'd go L
Anyone have a phone number to get in touch with Howard Yount? I've been trying to get in touch about an order I made six weeks ago for the last 10 days via email and PM's on the forum but have had no reply.
pm sent
Hey, can you post pics of the soles?
I started using trees about three years ago. Till that point, all my shoes looked quite creased, had curled soles and some cracking in the sole around the ball of my feet. Since using trees, I don't have any of these issues. Some of the shoes have almost no creasing despite wearing every week.
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just bought three of them from your site, was hard not to buy all of them ...
Derby is just what the English call a Blucher
bump, price drop
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