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interested but can't see pic?
I wear cufflinks from Duchamp occationally and the three or four pairs I have have lasted well. Their socks didn't hold up so well and the one shirt I bought from them shrunk so much after the first couple of washes that I had to give it away.
+1I have a lot of nice ties from Tom Ford, Kiton, Borrelli, Hermes, Charvet, Marinella, Drakes etc and Sam Hober ties are at least as good or better then any of them.
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pm sent
I've been wearing this Strike Gold belt for a year. I can't recommend highly enough, it has darkened up and taken a beautiful patina over time. I think $200 isn't cheap for a belt but seeing as it will probably outlast me, the price is perfectly fair. I struggle to think how a similar belt could be improved upon for more money.
I think you misunderstand, nobody here is commenting on your deal (or lack of) with any individual person. We're commenting on the fact that you are selling a shirt but not telling anyone what size it is. I looked at this thread as I was interested in buying the shirt if it is my size an either unworn or only worn once or twice but you seem to be refusing to tell anyone what size it is and are not being clear about the condition. Would you buy a pair of shoes from an...
How can you have 400+ posts here and still think that anyone will buy an item from you with no idea at all what size it is? Is it a magic shirt that resizes itself to it's owner?
Hit the self edge icon on the right of the screen. Many of the best denim brands (iron heart, flat head, roy, sugar cane etc) have 36" inseams that most people either turn up (cuff) or have hemmed. Your guy could just leave them at their original length.
PSA Sale on at the John Smedley website. 60% off most of the jumpers and cardigans.
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