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Well, I have gone with the advice on here and changed my order with Marrkt from 50 to 48. They had actually already sent out the 50 this morning but have agreed to recall it and send the smaller one. Good customer service right there. I'll post a fit report when it arrives. Cheers for all the sizing advice.
So the Kara Koram fits me perfectly in size 50. Is the concensus that the Geddes fits a full size larger? I have mailed marrkt to see if they could send me a 48 rather than the 50 that I bought. If it's a full size larger than the other Cabourn/Bauer pieces and they are happy to switch my order I will go with the 48. If it's just a bit bigger, I may stick with the 50. From reading here, I'm leaning towards the 48 but ln-cc had a picture of a much skinnier model than me...
Shit. Well, I'm 40" suit size just about, 42" in some lines and I have a 36" waist, so I'll stay hopeful. They still have a 48 at marrkt, so maybe I'll be able to swap if necessary.
Cheers but I kopped the 50. I stopped at a shop on the way home and tried on a different Bauer Cabourn parka in 50 and it fit perfectly so I'm hopeful about the one I got.
Am trying to get the Geddes in 50 (didni't want to risk waiting for an answer to my question above) but have been on the checkout page for about 15 min. I guess there a couple of others trying to buy at the moment. If the sale comes off and the 50 doesn't fit, it'll be on the B&S forum in a couple of days.
Am looking at the Nigel Cabourn Eddie Bauer Geddes US Clip Coat- Tan. I am a 40" normally so should I go for the 48, 50 or 52 in this? Anyone have experience with this jacket as to how it fits? I won't be wearing anything too chunky underneath and want it to fit well but not too snug.
Am interested in sizing info also. Will be looking to get a jacket when the sale opens in an hour or two and am a 40" to 41" suit jacket size. If I can get a parka or winter coat, should I go for 50 or 52?
Would be all over those Borrelli's like a rash if they were a size smaller...
interested but can't see pic?
I wear cufflinks from Duchamp occationally and the three or four pairs I have have lasted well. Their socks didn't hold up so well and the one shirt I bought from them shrunk so much after the first couple of washes that I had to give it away.
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