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Main problem is neck and collar, followed by billowy arms. I'd skip unless a size down fits better.
Hmm, I'm 6'3" with 40" chest and 36" waist and 194 lb so I guess 50 would be better for me. Cheers for the heads up, saved me £150
I'm a 40" chest but from the measurements on marrkt, it looks like the 48 flannel shirts might fit me, snug but not tight. Am I off here or should I go for one of the last few 48 shirts left?
A years worth of subscription. All in Mint condition, pictures can be provided if necessary. Will ship anywhere but this will cost me $30 from Switzerland, so price will not go down.
Am looking for a navy tweed Mallory in size 50. Two shops in Zurich have them but one is sold out of size 50 and they both charge $850. Do these ever go on sale or given that it is such a staple NC piece, does the whole run of 48, 50, 52 go for full price before the more irregular sizes go on sale?
+1, That fit is perfect. A modern, super-slim cut would look incongruous with the Harris tweed, ventile patches and 60-year-old detailing.
So my Geddes arrived (for the second time after the wrong size was sent to Zurich and back again) and the consensus is right, sizing down is the way to go. Also, agree that the tan is much darker in person, more olive, which is cool.
Hey, I think maybe aubergine and forest but am not sure as I got them from a menswear place in Zurich, not from Madova direct.
I'd definitely go for a pair of tan or yellow peccary (or deerskin if you want to save $100) as they can be dressed up or down.Black or brown in kidskin are classic but I've gone for purple and green to be a bit different. I wear both with suits and they work great.
The top of the page with the mail form has a contact number, I've had to call about 6 times over the returning and resending of the jackets and they've picked up all but once. The DHL arrangements have, truth be told, taken more effort from me than Marrkt but they have agreed to foot the cost for the return as they sent it out after I had asked them not to (and it had made it to Zurich). I get the feeling they have been a bit overwhelmed for the first few days of the...
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