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Yep, I have just bought the Orange version. I have tried on the yellow and navy as well. It's a really beautiful jacket. I like the way the unlined ventile feels and drapes here more than how it looks on the parka or the shoulders of my Mallory.The construction is typically excellent as you would expect from NC but I do find the riri zip a little fiddley.It is certainly a very expensive piece but I managed to get a discount and VAT removed to ease the pain. I didn't dare...
Thanks for that, they applied the 50% code on an item that was already half price so I just picked up a shirt for 117Euro shipped internationally. Nice!
So I've decided that I need a taped aircraft jacket in orange, likely size 50 but will try to confirm this week by trying one on. Is there any chance at all that there will be any of these around at discount in the future or am I going to have to pay full price? They already seem in short supply and I don't want to miss out but £680 really is a lot for a jacket of this type...
Yep, nice pics cheers. Looking forward to mine arriving now...
Cheers Eric, I copped a green pair in my size after not being able to decide whether to go green or navy. I figured navy would wear better with jeans and green with all the trousers I would normally wear brown boots with. I nearly got both pairs but thought that might be a bad idea without actually trying them on. Looking at your pic, the greens do seem to work with jeans so maybe I won't end up buying the navy pair as well..?
Anyone tried the chuck taylor collaboration yet? Do they fit exactly like normal chucks? I have a normal pair in 10.5 UK so am wondering what to go for in the NC version? Also, where is the best place to pick them up? The usual sites are short of stock.
Hey Kiya, what exactly is the difference between the denim used for the RS03, RS04 and the SF01? The descriptions for all three seem the same. I love my 04s and am trying to decide on whether to spring for the SFs as well.
I really need a navy Mallory in 50 but can't find a good sale price anywhere. Super denim only have the 48 which I wouldn't be able to squeeze into.
you got pm
Marrkt have dropped their prices. £400 for tan Gaddes in 50 or 52 and shirts and trousers in odd sizes down to about 20% of retail.
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