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Accidentally got two of these so will sell one on. Both mint and unread. Buyer chooses cover they want and I will keep the other. $15 shipped anywhere.
I picked these up from VMC in Zurich a month ago and I love them, although you're right that I haven't been interested in any of the others.
I ordered a shirt from them a couple of weeks ago. Took a week for them to confirm shipping but it arrived a few days later in perfect condition. Would order from them again if the price was right (which it absolutely was last time).
Really like the combo in the photo but I think adding a matching tie (or cap) would be a bit costume-ey.I think a solid navy or bottle green in grenadine or wool challis would look better.
Really like these. Will they be doing half sizes as I am a 10.5 in regular Chucks and the NC x Converse ventile hi-tops? I didn't pick up the camo pumps as they are only available in 10 or 11.And will they be limited? Ie. do I need log in the second they become available or will tomorrow be fine you think?
Same here. Heard yesterday that it has just been shipped. They contacted me about 5 days after my order to say that the 52 I had ordered was actually unavailable (which I'm unsurprised about given what a mess their website was while I was ordering). I went for a 50 instead and will hope it's not too slim.I'll be happy as long as it arrives in good condition but will think twice about ordering from them again in the future.
Cheers, let me know how they fit when you get them and I'll do the same with my pair.
I just bought a pair of the super-lights and need a bit of confirmation on the sizing. I am a true 36" waist (6'3" tall and 200lb with slightly muscular legs) and wear a 36 in ROY, Iron Heart and Sugar Cane. I went with 35 Straight from Gustin as their sizing guide shows 35.75 waist which I figure will stretch a little. How have people found the fit of their top-block and thighs? Am a little worried they'll be too snug but if i size up to a 36, the waist will be too big...
I agree. Although the construction and detailing also looks to be improved over previous versions, as well as the material i think more than a 100% price increase seems excessive. I wouldn't have paid rrp.I think you might be lucky with 54 in yellow come sale time. They fit TTS (unlike most Cabourn) so you should feel safe buying online.The yellow looks great in person as well.
Yep, I have just bought the Orange version. I have tried on the yellow and navy as well. It's a really beautiful jacket. I like the way the unlined ventile feels and drapes here more than how it looks on the parka or the shoulders of my Mallory.The construction is typically excellent as you would expect from NC but I do find the riri zip a little fiddley.It is certainly a very expensive piece but I managed to get a discount and VAT removed to ease the pain. I didn't dare...
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