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bump - $300
Used for only a few months as a replacement before upgrading to new phone. Unlocked, mint condition, with box and accessories. Will put on ebay if it doesn't sell here in a week or so. I can send pics if you need them. Price includes global shipping.
I have the pumps and the bosey's in the same size as I wear in normal chucks (10.5UK)I also wear 10 or 10.5 in all my other shoes, so I would say you should go tts
Bump > $400
Bump -> $400
nice, but need pics of soles for used footwear
What are the thigh and knee measurements on the 36" pair? cheers.
I was briefly a student pilot in the British Royal Air Force about 15 years ago and recently found my flight jacket when clearing out some old luggage. I'm getting quite into the Cabourn and Real McCoy's repro thing at the moment so am wondering whether to keep it to wear or sell on. It feels like Ventile but it could just be tightly woven cotten. It's in perfect condition as I only did about 15 hours flying in it. Does anyone have any idea what something like this might...
Have owned for years but only worn 5 or 6 times. Is a beautiful piece but I guess not really my style so is going to waste hanging in my closet. It is totally unconstructed, a very fitted asymmetric jacket that wears as soft and light as a cardigan. Label says 52 but I am wearing in the picture and am a 40" chest and I think it fits me perfectly. Cost somewhere in the region of $1200 and is in mint condition, so I think price (including global shipping) is fair. Bump $450...
Bought this last summer, wore twice and thought it was a little tight. Stored till this summer but I haven't magically lost an inch in my chest so will pass it on. I am a true 40 to 41" chest and it it just a little slim for me. I would suggest that this will work best for someone about 39 to 40". I have worn it on three days to and from my office, so basically about 3 hours total. Cost $545 new and seeing that it is in mint condition and sold out from Epaulet, I want to...
New Posts  All Forums: