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Have just received my first pair of Gustin jeans, the #60 Light Lefthand's. They're very tight around the topblock but because the material is only 10oz, they stretched out quite easily with only a few minutes of wear. My question is, what's the consensus on washing before wearing? I know they're sanforised but should I expect any shrinkage at all? Am going to get them hemmed and usually wash or soak jeans first just in case. Sorry if this has already been asked but I've...
I have a brand new and tagged, Wide Lapel Jacket in stone Harris tweed in size 52 that I'm looking to move on. http://www.endclothing.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/171774/s/nigel-cabourn-wide-lapel-jacket/category/112/ It's slimmer across the chest than the Mallory but is unlined so I would say this would work best for a 40" to 42" chest depending on how you like it to fit. Would accept £450, any interest?
How does the 82 fit? I am 10.5F on the 888 last and a 10.5E in most other Northampton shoes.
Is it me doing something wrong or is the website down? I can only access the signup page but not any of the shopping pages
I am a 40" chest and have a 50 Mallory. It fits snug but well. You should only size up if you like a loose fit.
bump $350
Bump $350
I don't mind vendors posting as long as they include photos and don't spam with dozens of posts. I subscribe to this thread to keep up to date with all things Cabourn, read other people's opinions and look at photos but I am also happy to find out about pieces for sale. If a post in this thread leads me to the last available size 50 Everest Parka in indigo at 50% off, I really don't care if it is a private or corporate seller...
I'm looking for a chunky "fisherman" style jumper with a roll-neck in a grey or cream colour with some texture to it. I'm interested in this one: http://www.endclothing.co.uk/brands/barbour/barbour-coleman-roll-neck.html by Barbour x Norton but at this price, I figure I may have other options. I only plan on buying one and wearing it for a good few years so I don't mind paying for quality. Is the Barbour a good option or are there better choices I should look at?
SOLD - Thread closed
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