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Will definitely look better if all your groomsmen have the same shoe colour as you. Not many people will notice but a lot will notice if a couple of your guys are different and stand out.
Black shoes = More traditional and dressy Brown shoes = More fashion forward and European looking Answer = Ask your future wife what she would prefer and do exactly that. With no deviation. At all.
Quote: Originally Posted by Seamgaday think about two dudes lubing there penises with mayo and going at each other But what are the guys wearing? And where in Paris did they buy it?
There's nothing wrong with it, especially at that price. I do Friday Socks (more colourful than normal) or Friday pocket squares. You could do Friday briefcase - or even "Christmas Briefcase" for the price you paid...
Never. Although I would consider under the collar or so far down the side that it would be tucked in, ie somewhere not in public view. Do those of you who do it as a vanity thing also get initials on the outside of your custom suits or shoes?
They look great, cheers.
Need help finding a pair of jeans where the inside of the denim is as dark as the outside, or at least darker than normal, so when I wear turn-ups it's not as noticable a colour difference. Example pic here: http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/...fed-jeans.html I know the 10 year anniversary Samurai's would fit the bill but they are sold out everywhere (and while I want quality denim, I don't necessarily need to spend $650...) Any ideas?
I'm 10.5E in John Lobb, Alfred Sargent, C&J and a few others but I'm a 10.5F in the Edward Green 888 last. I also have a pair of Chelsea boots by EG that are E width (unknown last) which are very tight on me. I think you're safe to size up one width.
Quote: Originally Posted by jhcam8 ^ Who's the seller? I had a one month delivery from Italy once. Usually, shipments to the EU are 2-3 weeks, but much depends on customs. I'd rather not name the seller publicly unless he doesn't get back to my email or PM in the next few days. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt that he hasn't seen/ been able to reply to my messages for some reason before I mess with his reputation on here. There...
Paid $2k for two suits from a senior forum seller over two months ago. After a month, I chased and he said they had been held up at customs and he had resent. Now another month, no suits and no reply to PM's to the seller. Anyone heard of packages turning up that late before (over a month from US to Switzerland)? So question is, keep waiting and hoping or push for a refund?
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