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If you don't mind me asking, how can they cost so little? I'm suspecting the leather quality will not be good. Although saying that, I'd definitely interested if user feedback is good.
Quote: Originally Posted by snowmanxl brato? edit: dbss does make cool stuff. look at kelv's sweater, that thing is awesome! I just googled Brato, they look cool. Mine are a Swiss make called Navyboot. Never seen them outside Switzerland but you can't walk 50 metres down a high street over here without goning past one of their shops. I think these actually cost me the equivalent of about $285, so they shouldn't technically be here but if...
First pair that qualify me for this thread, not counting Y3's that I would be embarrassed to show, having read through... The mark on the front of the sole is from wearing them half a dozen times but they looked slightly dishevelled new, I'm not into the super shiny look. Opinions?
I relocated from London to Zurich 5 years ago for a job. Was planning on doing 2 years as an adventure but like it here so much I have no plans on going back any time soon. With an MBA, you shouldn't have any trouble finding a job but I wouldn't recommend coming to Europe unless you have secured something first. If you have a Thai or US passport (or basically any non-EU one) you will have difficulties getting a visa. Lifestyle and culture is so different in Eurpoe than...
Can't believe I forgot to mention Suit Supply. I'm a big fan and if you can get to London, check them out. While you're there, wander down Jermyn st. and look at C&J, Barker and Churches for shoes. I really like Alfred Sargent, you can find them online or they make shoes for some of the clothiers on Jermyn (New and Lingwood for example). A dinner jacket will look good (if a little dressy) but how often will you get the chance to wear it again?
What they all said. If your suit fits well, and you wear it with good shoes, a smart tie and a colourful square, you'll certainly be the best dressed person at a UK prom and you'll have an outfit you can re-use endlessly. If you buy something very fashion-forward especially for the prom (shiny suit, thin lapels, square-toed shoes etc) you may impress people with no real fashion sence now but you'll never be able to wear any of it again. To be honest, if your suit fits...
I don't know where the IWC hate is coming from, I think they're one of the most consistent brands around, especially at their price-range. IWC's are seriously classy. Every man and his dog owns a Rolex, the only one I'd ever consider would be a Daytona. Go with the IWC now, then you have a beautiful watch for a couple more years while you save for the Panerai you have your heart set on (although by the time you can afford it, something else will have come along...) If...
Will definitely look better if all your groomsmen have the same shoe colour as you. Not many people will notice but a lot will notice if a couple of your guys are different and stand out.
Black shoes = More traditional and dressy Brown shoes = More fashion forward and European looking Answer = Ask your future wife what she would prefer and do exactly that. With no deviation. At all.
Quote: Originally Posted by Seamgaday think about two dudes lubing there penises with mayo and going at each other But what are the guys wearing? And where in Paris did they buy it?
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