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Am looking for a stylish but not fashion-forward take on the classic brogue. I have almost decided on a MTM G&G Rothschild in antique oak on the soft-square MH71 last (similar to this) Should I just pull the trigger on an obviously great pair of shoes or are there any obvious alternatives that I haven't managed to find online?
Zegna is not worth $4k and unless it fits you perfectly in every way and the cloth is exquisite, it's probably not worth $1800 either. I don't know why going mtm would be bad for a first suit? A nice navy cloth cut in a standard way by a competent tailor should be just fine. If you're worried, you could take along a pic of a guy in a suit you like the cut of to show him?
+1 on Longines
That sounds like it could be a good fit. What's your best price shipped to switzerland?
Am interested, can you post some measurements, shoulders/ chest/ arms etc? cheers, john
Found myself in a similar situation 5 years ago. New GF was pissed at the time but fast forward and it is a funny story my wife now tells people over a glass of wine. If your new GF is 'The One', then it will become less important with time as she sees you're not a player. If she's not 'the one' then, well, who cares..?
For mid-calf, Pantherella, for quality and selection. Check out woods of shropshire.
On a dress shirt, 2 or three neat turn backs. On a casual shirt, the cuff won't be as stiff so i just roll/ pull and ends up with something like a messier version of that pic.
And back to the suits... I own one SuitSupply suit, a couple of Richard James RTW, BB 1818, MTM from a couple of different tailors and a couple of hand made Italian RTW, slighlty adjusted to me by my tailor (Kiton and Borrelli). I can honestly say that I enjoy wearing the SS suit as much as all of the others bar the top end Italian, but seeing as their retail is about 10 times the SS retail, I think that's understandable. As for the rest of my suits, I like them all (I...
That's fantastic guys, thanks a lot.
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