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Not sure what you mean by this, I should work my way up in quality or sleekness/ aggressiveness of last? The reason I fancy these is that I bought a pair of AS Handgrade Moore's from Leffot a few months back (the pair that look exactly like the G&G St James II) and they didn't have the AS tree, so gave me the G&G MH71 and it fits the shoe perfectly. I love the fit and style of the AS pair and have heard a lot of good things about G&G, so figured they would be a good next...
In as "Robot Dancers"
Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10's for out of the house, Grado 325i's for proper listening and an old pair of Beyerdynamic for Computer/ housework etc
Ed, I would love the three I bought in 62" if possible, didn't ask as I didn't think it was possible. If you've not already sent them, I'd be happy to wait for the next batch.By the way, I filmed an art documentary recently for UK TV and wanted to look my best so I wore the cashmere herringbone I bought from your first batch!
pm sent on 28 and 32
8 Borrelli 4 Panta 4 Sam Hober 4 Marinella 4 Charvet 4 Drakes 4 Kiton 3 or less of Hermes, Nicky, Stefano Ricci, Zegna, Ede & Ravenscroft, Tom Ford, Richard James, etc... Favourites probably Panta/ Hober for consistent awesomeness and some Kiton/ Charvet for gorgeousness
Well, in brown I currently have a dark brown wholecut with medallion, a dark cherry captoe and a burgundy monkstrap. I only have one or two more pairs in mind for brown dress shoes, a dark classic brogue, a suede captoe and something in a lighter brown or tan. I'm not in a rush for these, just slowly building up a quality collection. So I'm not looking for a bargain and am happy to spend a bit more for a quality pair that will last me years. I looked at Lobb but couldn't...
Am looking for a stylish but not fashion-forward take on the classic brogue. I have almost decided on a MTM G&G Rothschild in antique oak on the soft-square MH71 last (similar to this) Should I just pull the trigger on an obviously great pair of shoes or are there any obvious alternatives that I haven't managed to find online?
Zegna is not worth $4k and unless it fits you perfectly in every way and the cloth is exquisite, it's probably not worth $1800 either. I don't know why going mtm would be bad for a first suit? A nice navy cloth cut in a standard way by a competent tailor should be just fine. If you're worried, you could take along a pic of a guy in a suit you like the cut of to show him?
+1 on Longines
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