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I like wearing dark brown, black or burgundy shoes with charcoal but my wife and her best friend think anything other than black looks wrong. Not that I let that stop me, but it is something that a lot of normal (non-SF) people will think.
Black captoe oxford Brown full brogue oxford Burgundy half brogue oxford
I wouldn't buy and wear one myself but I'm not a Chinese guy who wants his watch to get noticed.They're solidly build, expensive and distinctive, pretty much exactly what the OP asked for.
Status watches that aren't ostentatious (bejewelled Rolex's for example) include: Audemars P (many nice Royal Oak Offshore), Breguet, A Lange & Sohne (Platinum Lange 1), Frank Muller and obviously Patek
The giant dot tie is a Paul Smith, I think the only pre-SF tie that I still have. I think I wear it once every couple of months after one of my staff asked if I have any non-conservative ties.Grenadines are all Sam Hober. I think there are four Cashmeres there (all Panta) and a couple wool/ linen. You're right about the raw silk though, now I have to go shopping again... Who makes the best raw silk, Ed Morel? Hober?
I'd say most of my regulars would fit into the soporific category...
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nice jacket. good luck with the sale.
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I have an almost identical pair in burgundy that I wear with all my suits. They look great, a little longer than my other shoes but I'm pretty tall so I think it works.
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