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pm sent
pm sent on D2
I second most single novel recommendations so far and add From Hell and Black Hole. For series, I would put Transmetroplitan up there with Sandman and Preacher at the top of the pile, closely followed by Y the last man and 100 bullets.
I have a MTM in the exact material of the OP' RL suit. Goes great with tan and mid brown shoes, not too loud at all.
Don't know exact details, label simply states 90% Virgin Wool, 10% Cashmere but it's pretty heavy, maybe twice as much as my other suits, I can pretty much only wear it in Autumn and Winter and 10 years after I bought it, it looks as good as new.
L to R Grey wool with light stripe (Borrelli, Dormeuil) Grey worsted (Local MTM, unknown cloth) Black/ Brown puppy tooth (Brooks Bros, Loro Piana) Navy Pinstripe (SuitSupply, s110) Brown / Cream stripe worsted (Local MTM, Scabal) Midnight blue pinstripe (La Vera, Dormeuil) Light Grey worsted (Richard James, unknown cloth) Grey flannel (Dior, unknown cloth)
Brown brogues on a sleek but classic last are always appropriate. The SM pair you linked to are very nice, as are the AS pair. I'd imagine the build quality on both pairs is pretty equal but with the SM's you're paying more for the styling. Basically, you can't go wrong with either, just remember to buy trees and try to only wear them every other day if you can.
Good thread, will post later when I have chance to take pics. Very interested in other's pics as well.
Great seller, free bump
Can I please get measurements on #5 (Shoulders, arm length, waist, thigh, knee, ankle)? Am definitely interested if it fits.
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