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nice shirts, good luck with the sale.
bump $325
Jesus, end are out. Who else has these?
I got these in rust brown a year or two ago. They're great but fit HUGE. I am a 36 waist and own these in 34 and even after hot-washing them to try and shrink them, they're still the biggest trousers I own by a long way. I'd definitely recommend them for the material and construction but you should try them in person if you can.
As in this ad (not mine): http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MENS-FILE-No-9-CLUTCH-Vol-23-Magazine-NEW-COPY-/310837847314?pt=UK_Magazines&hash=item485f612512 Mint condition. Both the latest Mens File and Clutch magazines with a special binding to hold them together. New and mint, price includes postage anywhere.
Cheers for the heads-up. I am sorely tempted by the blue version at Kafka but I aöready have the blue herringbone tweed Mallory with dark blue ventile patches which would be really similar colour-wise to this one, as well as a dark blue Stone Island waterproof.I do have an M65 style CP jacket in the Army colour but I have nothing in the stone tweed colour, I really like the look of it in the photos.I think I'll just wait another year, the Ventile/ Harris tweed combo will...
Anyone know if there are any camermans left in the army & stone colourway in a 50? I was too slow out of the blocks when the sales started and all the usual places are sold out.
bump 325
I'd never heard of freewheelers until the last couple of threads but looking on their website, some of their pieces look incredible. Anyone have more info on them? Where to kop outside Japan?
Am selling a NWT Harris Tweed Wide Lapel Jacket here at £50 below the online sale price.
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