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Another prompt, customs-friendly delivery from Self Edge to Europe. Always so easy with them.
That's great 999, thanks. I hadn't thought about the possibility of finding bargains, just seeing the full range. I hope the old flagship will still be open when I visit.
That's great 1989, thank you very much
I am visiting Tokyo and Kyoto for the first time in a couple of months (I have asked for some advice here: ) But I have a more specific question for this thread: I definitely want to try on a large range of Cabourn as I have only ever seen about half the available range in person. Will I need to go to one of the Cabourn flagships or are there any independents that carry all of Cabourn's inventory as well...
I'll be heading to Japan for 11 days with the wife in a few months. We plan on doing about 4 days each in Tokyo and Kyoto and a couple of days in one other location (recommendations welcome). I will likely get about 4 hours each in Tokyo and Kyoto on my own that I can use for shopping so I'm looking for a plan to be as efficient as possible. I live in Zurich and visit London a few times a year so have I have limited access to a bit of Cabourn, Real McCoys, Iron Heart,...
Hey, if not too late I'll add my 2p. I am a 50 in the Mallory, cameraman and Everest and I also went 50 in the aircraft. I tried on the 48 which fit fine in the body but was an inch or so shorter and as I am very tall, I went with the 50. If you're regular height, you could probably choose between the two depending on whether you want a snug fit or a bit more length and room to wear a chunky pullover underneath. The difference between the 48 and 50 wasn't pronounced. As...
bump $300
pm sent
nice shirts, good luck with the sale.
bump $325
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