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drop $60 for both ties
Drop: $40 for one tie, $70 for both.
Panta is SOLD Paul Smith is 142cm by 9.5cm Nicky is 149cm by 9.5cm Borrelli is SOLD
All are lightly worn, not new.
Paul Smith is 3-fold silk. Panta is SOLD Nicky is 3-fold silk. Borrelli SOLD Price includes worldwide shipping in a presentation box, discounts if you buy more than one.
What's the consensus on Everest sizing, go down one? I am 50 in the aircraft, mallory and cameraman (and a few shirts) but a 48 in the Bauer Geddes Clip Parka, which is a snug fit. I don't plan on wearing many layers under the Everest and I'm 6'3" with 40" chest and 36" waist. Will I be better off in a a 48 or a 50 for a normal to snug fit (rather than normal to baggy fit). Cheers
24 hours after ordering a pair of G&G from Nick at Bespoke England, they are on my feet in Switzerland. Perfectly packed with customs friendly shipping. 10 out of 10 again.
Anyone know if there is a cameraman in Olive and Moss in a size 50 left anywhere in the world? I have tried all the usual online places and was at the Army Gym in Tokyo last week and was told that there isn't one in stock anywhere in Japan. Also the two shops in Zurich that have decent amounts of Cabourn have both said that they ordered Cameramans but never got them (along with a few other missing pieces). Seems to have been much less stock available this year in some of...
The arm length is 25.5"I'm 6'4", which is why the jacket looks a little short.
A bunch more items up ane END including the awesome Olive & Moss Cameraman with only one left in most of the sizes. Someone will have a few of these left some sale time won't they? I won't drop a grand on it but I might do £500
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