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I suppose you could give TRX a try too. I never really tried it out, except for a few abs classes, but as a strength training method people seem to like it.
I can see that. Don't doubt it at all. HOw did that work out for you in terms of recovery days between workouts?
I wouldn't say the the right "hates to be called the right", I think it just depends on how it is put out. Right winger, leftist, "neo con" and liberal aren't neccessarily perjorative terms, but if it gets delivered that way, the target usually objects.
Which is really ironic, considering that brass knuckles ARE actually illegal in a lot of US locations.
Oh no. That sucks. Those dudes are annoying. You just reminded me of ultimate fail moment. You know the skinny bastard with no muscle and a half ass work ethic, but no matter what body part he is actually supposed to be working that day, he stops every 10 minutes and checks his abs? Well this one guy was that +. He's hanging off the pullup bar doing hanging leg raises, and he seriously has his t-shirt pulled up and clenched in his teeth so that he can watch his abs...
+1 on that. If you really want to save on the chicken thing (and you don't care about fresh or frozen) you can go the store and get these 10 or 20 lb bags from the frozen section. Super cheap and easy.I think the FDA recommendation or protein is definitely too low. Of course this depends on your goals obviously. Even when they factor in the extra requirements for people doing intense workouts, its still too low, because that number is based on their idea of the...
I'm going to have to disagree. High intensity stuff, HIIT especially, can require the same recovery and nutrition as the weight room. Besides the muscle aspect, HIIT can be hard on your system overall. IMHO a hardcore HIIT sprint workout can even be used as an occasional substitute for leg day. (some of the pros do this in fact.)
on another note, yeah, making it rain money in the club is a good way to get laid. Well, ok wait, not a "GOOD" way to get laid, but a way that would work.
I think the point is being missed here. I am not talking about skipping the hard work. Not by any means. Personally, I put in 5-6 days a week and don't half ass a thing. What I AM talking about is getting the most impact on your physical appearance. People work out for lots of different reasons, but for the average person, no matter what the reason, its nice to be able to see some results as well. This entire forum IS about people caring about their physical...
I concur. A really good trainer should have no problem providing you with your own program. Not only will they plan your routine out for you, but they will be helping you to actually learn as opposed to just following them around. You might want to try looking for an independant trainer. A lot of trainers are really cool folks who really want to help people and enjoy teaching this stuff to others, however when they work for clubs the clubs often have pretty strict...
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