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Seeing as Crompton gave this monstrosity a 9/10 he would be among the last people on earth to advise on shirt fit...
Our Rob or Ross? Lister is his own father?
Nabil is mates with Frank Lowy.
Yeah it wears pretty well I think. Reminds me of the old Westferry jackets they had a few seasons ago. I might revisit it come the inevitable 30% off sale.
Another HC tie this time with an HC pocket hankerchief. I think this one will be getting a fair bit of wear this coming winter...
Yes, it's probably a little shorter than rigid SF standards dictate, though I didn't think it was criminally so when I tried it on, and I'm pretty tall so it might wear longer for others. It's the kind of jacket you wear open 99% of the time anyway. I'm sure fxh would be able to draw some red lines on a diagram to illustrate just how bad or otherwise it is. And yes working cuffs can be annoying if the sleeves need shortening though you could always ask stitches how he got...
I think MJ Bale (for all its faults) has stolen a march on Herringbone again this year. They have some decent half lined jackets at the moment and most of the suits look ok. I don't even mind the 8 button db - though I agree it's styled appallingly on their website and way too tight on the model. Quite liked the look and feel of this jacket, though I need another SC like a hole in the head:
Foxhound for the win.
Wholecuts aren't that versatile, that said this one has a little bit of an interesting patina to it. Would look great with a blue suit (and maybe a light grey suit) though not much else IMO.
The CR duffles are ok for the price - what else would you carry your gym gear in? The other options are a backpack (gasp) or a heavier (and much more expensive) leather duffle. The other option is retro vinyl if you can find one at an op shop somewhere:
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