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Maybe he's a funeral director?
^ Cox, I think 1992 just called - they want their pager back.
I'm implementing some 150 lashes right now.
DarManton Red.
fxh is what historians term a 'primary source'.Me, I'm just an unreliable source.
I did a short course at the University of Bahn Mi today at lunchtime. Sandwiched it in between executing colleagues for causing sartorial disharmony.
I guess now we know what happened to skeen.
The guy on the left is a South Vietnamese general, summarily executing a 'suspected' VC during the Tet Offensive in '68... It's doubtful the victim killed the other guy's family. Possibly the guy with the gun was just offended by his untucked plaid shirt.
I like to push the boundaries. Sometimes I'll wear a loud tie to annoy Oli. Other times I'll tuck my shirt into my jeans to piss off Matt. I'm still working up the courage to go sockless but fxh is older than me and I don't want to be responsible for his next heart attack. Yeah, I'm a rebel.
New Posts  All Forums: