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Unless you buy a fake (that actually turns out to be real)!
They definitely exist, as the plethora of suggestions attest, but I'm guessing you don't want to spend $2k on one (it's ok to admit it, I won't tell anyone you're not a big timer). Also, are you looking for a laptop bag (i.e. something slim that will just fit a 15" laptop) or a nice bag/briefcase that you can also carry your laptop around in? If the latter think about what style of bag you like - attache, lawyer's bags (journeyman, oli), money bags (dartagnan red,...
Summed up SF - and the Internet - right there.
Preferred sneakers of the SF lawn bowls team.
Thanks - they are great looking boots, but I need a bit more support for my dodgy ankle after dislocating it last year so I prefer chelseas these days for that reason.Feel free to make me an offer on these though if they're your size (or even if they're not)!
Mate we all know your spending habits, $100 wouldn't keep you in oxygen for a week!
Looking forward to cheaper prices.
Make a $100 donation in their name to The Human Fund.
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