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Fair enough. This jacket actually has a faint cream undercheck as well as light horn buttons - 'warm' elements which, I think, help tie it to the bottom half.Gerry got it.Pliny - yes, I have white slacks but I think the look with navy blue jackets is too... naval!
I respectfully disagree in this case Clags. I originally thought the same thing about this jacket but grey tends to wash out the look as the white checks in the jacket are dominant and resolve to grey from a distance. I also happen to think grey trews look too formal with this jacket.I won't forget that ;-)
^ I gave Don the extra pocket hanky as I didn't need one for this outfit. Belated x-post from FU Friday: Herringbone Sydney Panta NYC Kamakura MJ Bale Crockett & Jones.
Ok, so here's my entry. White/blue on white/blue. And FU.
Are you happy with the length? Looks a little bit short but maybe that's the style for these jackets?
I just posted that to get a rise - y'know, on the fly.
^ Only if they were faux denim.
Subscribed and may be in.
And wasn't DartagnanRed saying he loves his RMWs? Has the world gone topsy-turvy?
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