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Buy one Panerai, one Rolex - wear one on each wrist.
Couple of peacocks down on the farm...
I agree Fox - Cuban heels are underrated especially for the rock dog/sticky floor pub gig look - screwed soles also make them just that bit sleeker as well. The one you linked to is actually a "block heel" a bit lower than their true Cuban heels e.g.: http://www.rmwilliams.com.au/santa-fe/Santa_Fe.html?dwvar_Santa__Fe_color=02#start=1
Clearly you don't know Jack foxy.
I would recommend RM Williams' comfort models while the Pacific Peso is weak against your dollar. Even MTO would be a lot less than US $400 now.
After drinking the Jman coffee were you suddenly compelled to ask Patrick Johnson if he's really a tailor?
Reginald Murray (Williams).
You two whippersschnappers...
i don't intend to cause any controversy - but all I'll say is RMs are very common in Aus with everything from suits to jeans, and while I think the look can be overdone here I think these are a refined enough last and dark enough colour to pair well with a sportscoat and flannels. Maybe it's not the done thing in the USA, but I'm not in the USA of course. Not that I really thought about any of this before tbh - quite simply it's been very wet here so I wore my storm...
Something a bit more staid for me today:
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