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Thanks Gez.
Here's my challenge entry. [[SPOILER]]
Can I join the Blue Man Group? I have a couple of blue suits, but I tried to get as much contrast/coherence as I could here while remaining within the spirit of this challenge.
Gerry just blue himself. [[SPOILER]]
You can do better foxy. Don't waste your youth on old age.
Could it be that vanity sizing is creeping into footwear? As people - I would normally say Americans, but Australia is now officially the fattest country on earth - get bigger, perhaps so do the dimensions of each 'standard' size.
It's not unusual, but it's not right either. Kind of like... [[SPOILER]]
They do this, but I haven't had any direct experience doing it. There was a rumour RMW were doing away with authorised repairers in Oz and asking that boots be sent back to the factory for re-crafting. Presumably they received a few complaints about some 'authorised' RMW bootmakers and decided to move it all in house.
$600 for AE!
I'm bored. I'm the chairman of the bored.
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