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I tuck the jumper in as well.
That's encouraging. I was in there on the weekend but didn't spot that one. What's the weight like on it?They look fine to me.
Tell them your real name is Isaac Lukewitz.
Personally, ordering a shirt for $90 and knowing what I'm getting, having the shirt 3 or 4 days later, and after $20 and a couple more days have a perfectly fitting shirt is a good process for me.MTM can take a lot longer (just ask Matt - sorry buddy) and it's never 100% right the first time anyway. Also, there is still the "hassle" of getting measured up in the first place, coming in to look at fabrics etc. which takes about the same time as getting an OTR shirt pinned...
Kamakura are good value (if you wear button downs in particular), but they are cut a bit weird for the average Westerner's physique so you need to check the measurements carefully and take a bit of a punt to begin with, then probably add +$20-$30 in alterations to get the fit spot on. For me, they are a decent shirt for $120 all up, but the available styles are a bit limited these days.
Thanks Cleav. And shout out to Henry Carter for the tie/pocket hank.
Gently worn, unlined, unstructured French navy blue jacket from the Collection line of Australian brand MJ Bale - from back when they made really top stuff! A relaxed, semi-casual jacket for those not-quite-spring or -autumn days, when a tweed jacket is overkill. Pairs great with lightweight flannel trousers. Made in Japan , cotton with a melton finish. Retail on this jacket was $549 and it has been very gently worn and recently expertly dry cleaned. Size 40R (please...
I really like the Onslows in tan. Black pebble grain reminds me of sofas or car seats for some reason.
The MIJ Collection suits were - are - great, especially if you can get them on sale for $800 or so. I wish they would bring back the Collection sportcoats...
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