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When a guy posts thousands of boring as batshite posts the good phrases tend to stick in the mind a bit more easily. Sometimes there's gold in all that guano.
There's being insulting and then there's being funny. Watch me if you want to learn how to be both at the same time. I've not got much to work with mind given DR's sock has at least 10 times more personality than you apparently do...
Yeah, you're right seen - typing "bling bling style" into the search box turned up so many results. So many blogger boys on here I spent literally seconds finding that pearl of wisdom.
Yep you got me - old loser hueh heh. You probably spend 12 hours a day on a spreadsheet managing my super. Shit looks like I better cancel that overseas holiday - is McDonalds hiring? Maybe you could give me a reference.
Hey, we couldn't have a bling-bling dress up party without you matey.cringe.gif.Bling bling down under wink wink nudge nudge.
Hey you should tap your mate and see if he can decant you a sense of humour for your next round of stink bottles. Maybe then you could post something funny!
Pete - you can have my old overcoat. It's 3-qtr length on me but I guess you could always take it up a few inches.
Plenty of nuts up that way.
From last week. I don't normally like coming into the office when I'm supposed to be on holiday, but at least I had the pleasure of wearing this gorgeous new tie.
Your neighbour sounds like a real deckhead.
New Posts  All Forums: