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We just need to start Yellen at 'em to fire up the printing presses.
Yeah or if you are just looking for cheap black pants somewhere like Target, Kmart or Lowes would be your best bet. Also, where are the major interstate marbles tournaments held these days? Can you represent Australia in marbles? If so, someone tell James Packer so he can finally get one up on his old man.
If it's so easy to install a VPN you think the NSA hasn't figured a way around it yet? They probably provide half these "free" services... Now excuse me.
Not taking off VAT but having a local returns address... Mixed feelings.
T. M. Screwin'.
Says the guy with a mustachioed Marcello as his avatar...
Cheers Cleav, yes, not many outside Oz know RMW make a nice chukka - the Kingsvale. It usually comes in dark brown suede but I had these MTO in snuff instead.
Thanks old son, they're by RM Williams.
Some more suede chukka.
What are you and I going to do now that we lost our jobs as shirtless A&F doormen?
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