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They didn't fit him anyway.
No, he's a law-talkin' guy.
Borgioli wholecuts:
My entry in the "loud tie" challenge.
I think the offending posts may have contained a low English term for female genitalia. And apparently someone wasn't a 'loose c___' about it.
OK, here is my entry. Loud? Yes. Kitsch? Maybe a little. Anyway, this is actually one of my favourite ties. [[SPOILER]]
Choc - that is way too tasteful to be in this thread.
Yes, I have the same problem. I have one that is a bit more autumnal than the others, which is more in keeping with the weather here at the moment, so that may have to be the one.
I believe that tie is going become standard issue to road workers from now on - apparently it's more hi-vis than those flouro vests they wear. But seriously, that's actually really well done.
What's that? You're gonna have to speak up 'cause I can't hear you over my tie.
New Posts  All Forums: