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That was the cheese & wine room in GPO? Not sure if it was ever a deli, just a spot to eat cheese and drink wine.Bit out of the way but the best Italian deli in Sydney is Pino's Dolce Vita in Kogarah.
Or Fratelli Fresh? Think there's one in Bridge St now and Macquarie. Or Potts Point.
You are collect.
This is not a cry for help. I’m in control. I know my limits. Sitting in health class. 16 years old. Beasting with 3,000 posts to my name. bigwilliesteelo92 Teachers tried to warn me. Fuck you. I don’t have a problem. You MADD, son? Mothers Against Denim Debate. Bought my first 14oz off some shady sufu kid. Gave it to me dirt cheap. APC. The gateway denim. It was fun at first. Just fucking around with my friends. Seeing how crazy we could get our wallet fades without our...
Thanks Jason for the latest tie - the grey herringbone shantung is a great substitute for a grey cashmere tie in winter IMO, and unlike cashmere can probably be worn in summer as well.
Leather jackets?
Sorry we couldn't be of more help. fxh and I have more current experience with funeral attire.
I think you can probably answer that question better than any of us. If in doubt I would ask the groom/bride or the person who invited you to the wedding what they think, what the vibe is. There aren't any hard and fast rules about what to wear to a friend's wedding, or even to your own wedding these days. If it's a black tie affair I would probably avoid a tan cotton suit but then the bridal party should specify the dress code in that case. I highly doubt the father of...
Hey, my link is just broadening the appeal of your post beyond the tens of people who still buy newspapers.
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