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That's the one I'm talking about... [[SPOILER]]
There is also a leather place on Oxford St near Zink's tailors. The guys in there are very friendly. If you go tell 'em fxh sent you.
There is a leather specialist in the Strand Arcade, top floor IIRC. He may be able to help you. Did a great job putting a new zip in a leather jacket of mine. While you're there I suppose you can also check out the Suit Shop.
Looks like a shortsighted strategy TBM.
Better than your dinner dance in a worm suit. [[SPOILER]]
Must be ancient thirst.
If only.
Thinking of finally popping your cherry?
Cross post from sock rocks: Pembrokes, Pantherella, Cordings.
Pembrokes, Pantherella, Cordings.
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