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Then no.
You want a serious answer to this question?
Oh, we might see him again... Have to say though, orange really isn't your colour Luke.
Stay safe LJ. And remember, eat with the right hand, wipe your arse with the left.
Not sure I follow your logic - you are confused by the online sizing recommendations, so you ask for another online sizing recommendation. What makes you think the reply you get will be any more accurate than what has been posted before? FWIW I would go with the first post in this thread which compares AE Park Ave sizing to RMW sizing. "AE PA size 10D (medium) = RMW size 9F". Good luck.
I just thought Gerry was a big fan of pink shirts back in the day.
I tried that JM - unfortunately Willie left worse stains on the seats than my Barbour.
Any tips on how to get Barbour oil stains out of the leather seats in my Range Rover sport?
What's the weight on that fabric Gerry?
Yes, please don't clog up our existential discussion with meaningless clothes talk.
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