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Thinking of finally popping your cherry?
Cross post from sock rocks: Pembrokes, Pantherella, Cordings.
Pembrokes, Pantherella, Cordings.
Ptth he is an amateur. He didn't even do a hand stand.
Even better, get one of the unpopular colours on sale for about $150. I have to agree the coffee quality to non-faffing about ratio is second to none. Then again, if you like to faff du plessis, go nuts, plumb your set up in, turn your meth lab over to making dripolattes etc.Everyone needs a hobby.
The last Black Tie event I went to I may or may not have done 'the worm' on the dancefloor in my navy tux. Did my back in anyway.
Have you had any more commissions from Zink lately wraithy?
Domestic is not like international. Unless your real name is Terry Wrist and you are planning to bring a knife on board you will be right re security. Even then... Steel shanks and shoe trees are no problem in hand luggage. Rarely a problem if you wear the shoes - it's not the US thankfully. As for suit/sc wear the sc, pack the suit, or just leave the suit behind if you don't really, really need it. If you must bring a suit bring one you can wear the jacket of as a sc....
That's code for suburban Melbourne.
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