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I believe that tie is going become standard issue to road workers from now on - apparently it's more hi-vis than those flouro vests they wear. But seriously, that's actually really well done.
What's that? You're gonna have to speak up 'cause I can't hear you over my tie.
Still cold enough here for tweed and needlecords (which are navy blue, not black).
I thought everyone knew spectre is my troll account.
Congrats Gezza, and good follow up challenge. Holdfast should have this one in the bag! Sadly, I'm wearing cords and a sober tie today so no entry from me yet.
Way to insult both of us...
I actually agree with you Matt. I think a shorter 'fashion' shirt worn untucked would look good with a leather jacket. But part of my vibe here is deliberately that dorky, awkward aesthetic that is dadcore. I want to alienate young hip guys like you. I sure as hell can't dress as trendy as you do, and I wouldn't want to try. But OTOH some days I couldn't be fucked wearing a blazer and tie either.
I'm hoping this was a double entendre Jimmy, in which case, you have moved up a notch.You are now back to notch one.
I'd like to say TOJ and impress everyone but the jacket's actually from Zara. That said, it looks ok I think. RE the shirt, yes it would be better if it was a popover. It is a pretty bright pink/baby blue tattersal check with a BD, so it's a bit more informal than maybe it looks in that pic.
I picked it out when fxh and I went to that leather place on Oxford St. fxh bought something else a little more, um, S&M SWD.
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