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Clearly Herringbone need to send you more emails to entice you to spend. I'll let them know.
This makes sense. Simplest approach if it's just you: higher risk/higher yield options in your early career, then when you are getting on a bit (relatively) transfer into a safer super option with lower returns but low risk. Most super funds have options such as 'high risk', 'balanced' and 'low risk'. I would start there before going into SMSF as Romp suggested.
My future ex-wife hasn't even been born yet.
Even better, send your kids to private school and buy a racehorse.
It's an interesting one. Limiting our sample to Australian SF members - or the better dressed Aussies as opposed to your regular yobbo - it's struck me that we try to "dress Italian" rather than dress "English". Some of us openly wish they were an Italian industrialist, but it's pretty clear to me at least that the Tumblr, #menswear version - the bella figura - is quite different from the ITA reality that many of us think we are emulating. Soft shoulders for example are...
Half Nelson?
If G Nelson can't fix it maybe B Nelson can?
Great boots. Are you missing the tugs at the front though?Ha, all their stuff seemed pretty wintery; actually still far too warm here to wear most of it, so not sure what they would want to put on sale already.
Having had the chance to check out both Herringbone and MJ Bale over the weekend, I can say that I was very impressed with the former, and a little disappointed with the latter. HB has a lot of nice additions this season, particularly sportcoats and knits. The unlined navy patch pocket number is IMO especially versatile. Their trenchcoats are also quite nice (especially the dark brown version) if anyone is in the market. The choice of fabrics for some of the pieces are...
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