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Three publications in ten years? Less by name, less by nature it seems.
JM - the law student sales pitch is a stinker. But it's obvious why unis do it. The investment required to run a law program is basically labour costs. You don't need millions of dollars of state-of-the-art equipment for experiments, demonstrations etc. as you do with, say, engineering or science. But at the same time a JD brings in $ '000s more in income to the university than an equivalent PhD in the STEM fields. High return + low investment = bigger profit....
I agree with most of what JM and Matt have said. But while the attitude "research over students" may prevail among the vast majority of academics, the same can't be said for the universities themselves as organisations. Listening to one recent speech from a well-known Australian Vice-Chancellor, there wasn't one mention of their institution's research achievements or future agenda, while 90% of the talk was devoted to how well the university had done in boosting...
Trying to be like @Cleav.
Go into Barney's for a laugh.
I would just add that not all chukkas are as forgiving as each other - same as not all monks are. It depends on where the stitching is on the boot, particularly that big stitch that attach the lace part to the body of the boot (a cm higher/lower/forward/backward for that main stitch can make a big difference to how wide the boots feel on your foot, because this stitch will not give way very much).
Very nice Gerry.
Was going through my files and found fxh's original design for the first Aus Members tie.
It's the Frenhc spelling.
The other option not discussed yet is of course keeping your current shoes and just having foot surgery so they fit better. "The idea would be to refine my big toe and to plane my instep so that I can finally wear my Acras!"
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