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Well the price of all charcoal socks and ties should fall significantly now you don't have to pass on the carbon tax on them to consumers.That's how it works right?
Well that makes one of you.
Oh yeah, I think I got that email back in May.
I think we should encourage Jimmy to tell us more about his experiences with women, and what they find attractive.
I'm not the kind of man to pay a king's ransom for any kind of watch, but I can see the appeal for some. Yet the idea of paying an AP-sized premium for a watch with a quartz movement makes no sense to me. Nothing wrong with quartz technology mind you - of course it is actually more accurate than any mechanical movement. But what are you buying that you can't get in a $10 Swatch?I acknowledge the 'craftsmanship' and 'handwork' in a wind-up or auto movt watch is dramatically...
Today for me:1 MJB MIJ (made in Japan) lined navy/grey check jacket2 Zara MIA (made in Albania) burgundy wool knit3 Kamakura silk-cotton blue stripe shirt4 Panta salt 'n' peppa wool trousers5 Pantherella burgundy wool socks6 Ferragamo chestnut pebble grain single monks7 Paul Smith scarf with my decorations from the War of the Golden Stool.Now where is the nurse? I think it's time for my Thorazine...
Just a shout out to my man TBM. You have singlehandedly confirmed that Vox still haunts these threads. http://www.voxsartoria.com/post/90939465913/gianni-feat-dido Welcome to the bigtime son.
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