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You can specify any last on the comfort sole so B522/B555 (From memory) which is the Macquarie last would be the sleekest. You could also ask for a gristle coloured sole, like so:Would all have to be in a MTO boot though as it's not a standard makeup AFAIK.
Sartorial Executive Service.
n00b this is why you ask if anyone is acting in the position before you apply...
More inspiration - there's even an example of how to conduct a 360 interview:
That depends, are you looking for a redundancy?
The thread's called Australian "members" for a reason...
Jimmy Hoffa never gets old.
Would we need to commit to buying the minimum before they worked on producing a new design?
Yes, it's called the drawer under the sink.
That's a Vanda one I think - presumably we could use the same colours and apply them to a slightly different stripe pattern (e.g. block stripes?) if we wanted something unique. I'd trust your judgement to come up with something equally tasteful.
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