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There's a guy called Gerry Nelson who's quite good.
While we are (sort of) on vintage watches, thought I would share a pic of my Roamer Searock from the '70s. It runs very accurately especially for a 40yo watch; I later discovered it actually has an in-house day-date movement (which is good, I suppose, because it's different and interesting, but also bad because parts are a PITA to source...)
X-post from the boot dood thread:Wholecut chocolate suede chelseas from RMW. My favourite boots at the moment. [[SPOILER]]
Buy a gold Rolex instead.
They are supremely comfortable. I do a lot of daily walking now and the model is aptly named "comfort craftsman". Make sure you get the rubber sole though - the leather is fine but not as sneaker-like as the rubber insoles are.I also suggest ordering through Bootsonline or a similar reseller while you can, it will be cheaper than Mr Porter or the RMW website (if you can even get suede with a comfort sole which you couldn't last time I looked on those sites).
Actually a Melbourne haberdasher! And possibly the origin of the "Buckley's chance" idiom...
There's actually two chances of me living in one of those caves - Buckley's and Nunn.
Please provide proper footnotes and bibliography or we will have to mark you down.
Thanks Lucido - I got the rubber sole on these.
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