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"Can't stand" is a strong term Foxy. I can't stand Nazis.
Lachy, I don't say this all the time, but I'm with you 100% here.These are the silliest things I've seen since someone posted about leather shaving kit rolls.;-)
Just kidding.I don't have cordovan shoes.
Actually, it's Garry.
I think it depends on what the poster is trying to achieve by posting pics of their outfits. If they want fit critique, then obviously it really helps if they post a full shot. If they want to highlight details of their outfit, or colour combinations that they wish to inspire others with &c. then block shots and CUs can be better for that purpose.Of course, if everyone had the time to post half a dozen photos of their outfits, including a FBS then that would be great. But...
I just use the bones of my victims, after I've finished picking my teeth with them.
Feeling a little Ivy today. [[SPOILER]]
Are we still talking about the tie?
Not just that but the vast majority of stuff sold locally is also ultimately sourced overseas.
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