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Eli Wallach was fantastic in GB&U. If you like spaghettis be sure to watch (or re-watch) Fist Full of Dollars, and the even better (IMHO) follow-up, For a Few Dollars More. As a musician you will appreciate the Ennio Morricone score. As a male you will appreciate the gratuitous violence.
American designer Ashley Owens.
No he's selling it AWDF: arse-wiped during foreplay.
I wore this one the other day, great piece.
What do you think the Italians and Chinese factory workers do to your "new" clothes?
Very respectable, a jury will never convict you.
Yes the town of Hawick is the 'cashmere town' in the Scottish Borders - most of JoE and Pringle's stuff is made there too I believe.
HC beat me to it - Johnstons' stuff reminds me of the sturdy old cashmere you used to get and sometimes see in vintage shops - now most of the new stuff is sadly the fluffy junk Spectre describes and you're better off getting quality merino IMO. Wearing a HC/JoE scarf today actually; compared to a Herringbone/Van Laack one I have it's chalk and cheese.
RIP Nelson Mandela.
Cool weather casual from a few days ago.
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