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You should have stopped drinking before you threw up on your shirt.
PSA Glue store has some Edwin Sen MIJ selvage jeans (11oz) they found out the back and have put on sale - http://www.gluestore.com.au/edwin-sen-skinny-jeans-in-selvage-denim.html. The site has them for $150 but they are $105 in store, which is a good buy for any dads out there that like higher rise, slim-not-skinny indigo jeans (not you obviously, Matt). Would advise anyone to size down if buying online.
You can also YouTube the footage of Foreman hitting the heavy bag. No wonder Ali was scared.
Don't edit your posts Jimmy, it makes my jokes look even more out of context than normal.
I've seen that video on LiveLeak. It ended about as well as my last trip to Melbourne.
I got one of those shave vouchers last year. When I was last in Melb I walked in, handed the guy the voucher, and took my shirt off.As an aside, fxh can usually be relied on to post your bail, if required.
But we know you're not old enough to shave Jimmy...
http://www.smh.com.au/money/dartboard-comes-out-on-top-of-this-round-and-the-year-20141205-120j37.html "Plunging prices for our biggest exports were never a problem for the dartboard, which as well as winning 2014's final edition of the share race also, er, scored the most wins this year."
New Posts  All Forums: