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He's just cutting out the middle man.
I think French cuffs carry more of a connotation in the US (at least in some circles) than elsewhere. I'm not sure why that is, but my understanding is they are perceived as overly showy and formal - e.g. too formal for tweed. This is a view that Manton and Foo have proliferated here IIRC. These associations don't really apply in the UK or here for that matter. If anything, FCs are the default in the UK rather than button cuffs. I think there is nothing specifically wrong...
^^ The VB wins it for mine.
Thanks for the comments AAS, I value your opinion as you are not by any stretch a timid dresser. FWIW I have tried this with a blue shirt as in theory 'a blue shirt goes with everything' but it washes the green out I've found. For this reason I tend to prefer white shirts with green pants (I don't expect green trews to be an item which will find too many devotees on here but anyway...)As for the scarf, well I like it. What in particular don't you think goes with the GP...
Nice one Romp.
And here I was thinking you of all people would really go for this look. Not.
As a country of convicts we would probably have an unfair advantage in any challenge involving chains.
I thought he was just chained to that bench.
Nice suede boots all.Keeping with the theme:
X-post: [[SPOILER]] Rules are like pie crusts - they are made to be broken:1. white (albeit OCBD) shirt with tweed jacket2. pockesquare without tie3. scarf and no tie3. cuffs on corduroy4. forgot to vacuum rug.
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