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It would look sick with a pair of khaki flannels I bought recently. Maybe if it goes on sale.I'm hoping MJB bring out some more similar style jackets for their full winter season but could be a vain hope.
Good taste and no self control... We should start a club.
Which one? I quite like the Marne but I already have something similar.
LOL - Abbott doing the 'RMW shake'. http://media.smh.com.au/news/federal-politics/tony-abbott-visits-the-dmz-5335044.html Also LOL at DPRK soldier. Too bad he was only firing his DSLR at Abbott and not his AK-47...
I do believe he is suggesting you get yourself a walking stick old bean.I'm fully mobile but I like the idea of whacking plebs out of the way with my sword stick. Of course the police took a slightly dimmer view what what (chortles)!
Please forward to Gianni. [[SPOILER]]
Wearing flannel for the first time this year. Lightweight flannel, but flannel none the less.
I meant to post this the last time briefcases were raised but the site was down. Some of the best looking mens' cases IMO. http://www.pineider.com/65/175/productsGrid.pag?next=0
Is a 'CD burner' an op shop that sells fake Brioni suits?
I hope you got them Topied.
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