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Polyester makes you sweat. Is it luck?
All this fuss you pretty boys go on with for your hair... Not sure if I should be jealous - or relieved.
That's an AMF topstitch if I'm not mistaken? (Apols NM if it's actually handwork - who was your tailor on this one?) A topstitch like this can help to give softer shoulders a bit of shape resembling light roping in my experience.
Well if it's any consolation, purple/green is one of my favourite combinations. If Pink Socks were here he'd be getting all nostalgic.
Disappointed no one has gone full retard with this challenge yet.
Cupro is another name for a type of Bemberg/rayon. Have also heard it referred to as Modal though funnily enough only in women's clothes. As fxh says a lot of these are trademarked names from companies like DuPont etc. that invented them. They are all variations on a theme and differ generally only in the type of plant/byproduct that is used in the pulp.
I used to have a bamboo curtain, but it's gone now.
Brown in town today.
One of my faves from earlier this year.
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