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I'm not interested in commissioning any original music; I'm saving up for a new Rolex.
Wouldn't it have been cheaper still to just see Switzerland from up there on your high horse?
Is that your birth year Grange?(You can pay me later).
Would love to, but I heard you were coming so I flew to melbourne for the week.
I think he has a Black Bay IIRC (and I always do). In which case the Sub is basically the same kind of watch. MD, if you have your heart set on a Rolex maybe look at a GMT or Datejust if you want something dressier. Either way you will be making a substantial contribution to helping a certain poor Swiss mountain village.
How many villages could you save for the cost of a trip to Switzerland?
Aniline is the method of dyeing, as opposed to vegetable tanned leather. "Pull up" aniline leather has a distressing wax added to the dye mix, and doesn't refer to the type of boot being a pull up.
Here's his tumblr - have a look for yourself. I'm sure TBM won't mind me sharing the link!http://www.thebrownman.net/
Smartness level = Einstein.
I think thebrownman - if he's still lurking - had one of those. Suited him very well and from a couple of pics I remember the hat looked well with TBM's smart casual gear.
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