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Sorry, I shouldn't make off-colour jokes, that kind of toilet humour is Ernesto's schtick.
I would have thought with a name like thebrownman you'd be all over that ring action.
The 'season's change' challenge yielded some interesting outfits last time.http://www.styleforum.net/t/386063/friday-challenge-04-11-14-seasons-change-challenge/0_40
How about a pink shirt challenge?
I like yellow cords.
Ac, I have to say I think it's getting a little late for full on cord wear in Sydney (and possibly Melbourne), but if Gerry wins and that's the challenge, we may just have to sweat it out - literally - if we're going to enter!
I'm still on an autumn kick.
It's not an American look usually. More of a UK - and by proxy, Australian - thing.
Cement construction < Goodyear welt.
^ One minute he's eating the fishes for lunch, next thing he's sleeping with them.
New Posts  All Forums: