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Stop with the red pants, green cords are the go (amber ones could go either way).
I'm not sure about this one Gez. The jacket, tie and trousers say cooler weather, but the cardi and PS are a bit too summery in colour for it to work altogether IMO. Would have been stellar with, say, a burgundy PS and without the cardigan.That said, the weather is a bit schizophrenic at the moment so it's a challenge to find something that suits the climate and looks coherent, when outside is anything but.
There once was a man from Nantucket...
As a Spurs fan, I find this request utterly repugnant. Only thing worse would be an Arsenal tie...
Really like this Jase.What pocket hanks have you got coming in?
No, he's my puppet. Sometimes I forget who I'm logged in as and "PoP" will tell a dirty joke / "fxh" will say something really witty.
In the bedroom.
Honestly it sounds like the block just doesn't suit your body shape. Or the combination of the block and fabric don't suit you. We've all been there with a suit or jacket we like but for some reason it just doesn't click, some bits flare out, some pull tight etc. Others with more experience of your particular issues may disagree and can guide you on what you could do to alter it, but either way a photo would really help.For the likely cost of alterations to get this...
Wore something that qualifies for the challenge this week (brown/blue is a favourite combination) - so why not:
I think you're on the right track with your thinking. You could try a dark blue PS (a nice light grey suit like that is about the only thing they look good with), also darker brown, burgundy. White linen square fold would work too.I would stick to a plain shirt (blue or pink would work) as the stripes tend to clash a bit with the PoW check IMO. As for tie, the dark brown shantung works, as would summery prints like these if broken up with an unpatterned shirt as a...
New Posts  All Forums: