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I think where we disagree is I don't think that a 'double dimple' necessarily = a 'bad tie knot'. I don't have a rigourous scientific analysis to offer as I honestly haven't given it much thought, except to say I think it looks fine and in proportion, and the folds (in this case two instead of one) give some indication of the quality of the silk - unlike, say, a sportscaster monster knot. [[SPOILER]] If there is some "rule" about how many dimples a gentleman is allowed in...
Ha ha no worries. I can guess what a double dimple is, but I didn't know it was a thing (is it a thing?) I just tie my tie in the morning and let the dimples fall where they may. And yes the shirt is kamakura, their regular OCBD.
A favourite summer tie makes it more bearable being in the office instead of at the beach...
I'm more of an Old Testament, smite thy enemies, fire and brimstone kind of guy myself. Fxh OTOH is more touchy feely, long hair, turn the other cheek, water into wine etc.
More shantung.
Looking good Spandexter.
'Twas a hot, unstructured, slubby, suedey kind of Sydney day.
Try Woolies.
He's an arachnid.
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