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I bought a pretty good quality Montecristi panama for $70 the other day from these guys: https://www.facebook.com/pereztrading.com.au.Just a heads up* to Sydneysiders as it looks like they have stalls at a few of the suburban markets/street fairs around Sydney on the weekends, so you might want to check them out. They don't have a real website from what I can see but their FB page has info on where they will be etc. or I guess you could flick them a message.
Ohm my God - if you guys don't give it a break I'm going to start charging you.
Chorn - Is that jacket linen/silk blend by any chance? Was looking at something similar myself for summer here but wasn't sure about the sheen factor. This looks good though I think.
I thought the weather was nice in Guantanamo this time of year.
Well I don't know about that, but you've always struck me as down to earth.
I really like the jacket but I'm not sure what this outfit is trying to say. White spread collar (very city) shirt with an action back hunting jacket (very country/outdoors) and Belgian loafers (very indoors and probably the last choice of footwear for bad weather)? All the elements are nice but they don't really go together IMO.
A bit of shockproof glue (better than the cheapo superglue) on the front lip of the Topy if it starts to peel will do the trick. Done this a couple of times to shoes where I couldn't be bothered going back to a cobbler - he would just glue it back down himself and charge me $10 for doing the same job anyway.
I thought it was because anything that is free is just inherently better in every way (because it's free).
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