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"PloProf" - the sound your ugly oversized watch makes when you throw it overboard. - Prof. PoP.
I'm surprised and disappointed none of you have suggested 8ace just go the full Agnelli.A lot of idiots think l'avvocato was sprezzing it up wearing his watch over his cuff - in fact he just had a nasty nickel allergy.
Jacket is SOLD, thanks for looking!
Yeah, a heavier silk or wool challis, burgundy ground with little gold trouts would be a sure winner, for me at least.
Their oilskin (actually 'dryskin') range is pretty underrated actually. Not cheap at full retail but you can get them for a fair bit less through some of the online guys IIRC.These looked ok until I saw they were $600 and made in Romania...
One of my favourite ties full stop - the perfect winter tie IMO. HC, if you do get around to making a burgundy challis tie with little trouts on it put me down for one straight away!
Not what I wore today but x-post from the herringbone thread.
I suppose this qualifies... It's a beautiful 30C and sunny here, but I guess if I was still living in London, at this time of year I'd be wearing something like this (from when it was cold enough to wear tweed here): [[SPOILER]]
Don't know about online but Strand Hatters sell Fox brollies. I think postage tends to be a killer when ordering an umbrella over the 'net.
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