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Price dropped to $95 - under a hungee.
Not any more, I think he said he was exploring other marketing methods. I guess he feels maybe the brand is ready to go a bit more mainstream beyond SF.
Seeing as the HC affiliate thread is locked down, someone suggested an appreciation thread should be started, so I've started the HC appreciation thread to share pics of a few of my favourite ties and discuss what new designs we might like to see in the future, ask HC questions etc. Anyway, I encourage HC fans to post to the new thread. Over and out, PoP.
@Henry Carter makes some wonderful ties, pocket hankies, scarves and other stuff - I've been a fan for a while and have a few of his pieces from over the years that are among my favourite accessories. So in the vein of the Yellow Hook and other appreciation threads, I thought it would be nice to showcase a few of my favourite items from HC here. I also happen to know HC has a few other fans on the forum - @Journeyman, @Claghorn @Coxsackie I'm looking at you. I'll get the...
Well said T.
Where did you bury the body?
Mine's been up since Christmas 1989.
I quit from this homophobe forum. Only wackos post here.
What's TV?
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