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Was it alpha as fuck?
I remember that report - will have to dig my notes out on it. It was done with the ABS IIRC who calculated about $11b (again, IIRC) worth of online imports, which is chicken feed in the scheme of our total trade. What's hardly ever mentioned in this debate is the e-commerce from Australia to overseas, and it is significant.As for ASOS apparently a 747 load of their stuff lands in Australia every day.
I've met a couple of pot plants that beg to differ.
Cox blocked!
Wear under an olive Belstaff or Barbour Commander.
So same as a surgeon basically.
Seems like a good match as RMW are about as Australian as QANTAS these days...
Yes, I'd also accessorise with a meat pie and football scarf, chunky knit, and a Triumph Bonneville.
Speaking of musical talent, RIP the real Prince of Pop.
It's true the best barbers are from Iraq. You should go and get your beard faded and threaded JM, these guys will have you looking like a character from Aladdin in no time!
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