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Well said sonny boy.;-)
The brown shawl neck Aran looked good for $130, though they didn't have my size. As did the navy cashmere cardi but again no stock. Oh, and it's 28C in Sydney tomorrow, three days out from "winter". I have a berg&berg belt, the quality is ok for the price but I wouldn't say top notch (small belt pun there for fxh, Ernesto etc.)
I don't have a problem with cassettes slipping, CDs and vinyl on the other hand...FWIW anyone who wants to attack others for their choice in music should, IMHO, emulate 4'33"...Also, PSA - Private White VC free international shipping.
Grandpa will just leave this here...
Well, I'm sure he has the kopeks to spare.
Didn't he give that away to a member of the proletariat? Or was that his Blancpain?
The mental scars take an especially long time to heal.
Lachy: We're all someone's daughter We're all someone's son How long can we look at each other Down the barrel of a gun?
Very well, daughter if you prefer.
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