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Yes not to mention Western Red is always condemning the less than glowing human rights record of Eastern Red, to which Eastern Red replies it shouldn't be judged by Western Red values.
There are many different types of cedar - perhaps Coxy is confusing the very expensive Western US or Australian Red cedar he has recently shelled out a shitload on for cladding his house with the more common Eastern Red or Spanish cedar, which is used for shoe trees, wardrobe linings and mothballs.
Best one yet!
Now we're just waiting for Ernesto to cut in...
I dunno, Warnie has been plugging* offshore MTM haircuts for a while now.*ahem.
Sorry to break it to you bro but your used clothes were probably robbed from a grave. That's how you get the "lived in" look and the "died in" smell.
I will just finish by saying any double dimpleitis is soley the fault of the tie tyer (me), and not of this magnificent Henry Carter tie. And I will in future take more care to ensure only one dimple is present in my tie knots in an effort to avoid upsetting people unnecessarily.
I think where we disagree is I don't think that a 'double dimple' necessarily = a 'bad tie knot'. I don't have a rigourous scientific analysis to offer as I honestly haven't given it much thought, except to say I think it looks fine and in proportion, and the folds (in this case two instead of one) give some indication of the quality of the silk - unlike, say, a sportscaster monster knot. [[SPOILER]] If there is some "rule" about how many dimples a gentleman is allowed in...
Ha ha no worries. I can guess what a double dimple is, but I didn't know it was a thing (is it a thing?) I just tie my tie in the morning and let the dimples fall where they may. And yes the shirt is kamakura, their regular OCBD.
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