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Nonsense foxy, grey flannels are the ultimate casual trousers for rousing about in the woods...
I tell people it's like Grindr - it's more respectable that way.
That's why they call it "fast fashion".
LOL the machine saying "please take your items" would be more polite and useful than most of the clock-watchers that populate DJs.
GF, DB, HC etc. - for penance you must say 12 Webb Ellis Prayers and rewatch all the Wallabies' desperate Hail Mary passes.
MOVE TO STRIKE!Just thought I'd chime in with that one.
Coxy the police can't even find lost people in the bush that want to be found you expect them to track down two blokes that are armed and hiding?!? Film rights to Police Academy XXVIII more like...
Two guys who can legitimately wear the bushranger beards.
Sorry - I know that's your gig!
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