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Nice colour choices Jason I will keep an eye out on your site. Been waiting for these to pick a couple of things up.
Originally the Kamakura oxfords had two back darts and no pleats, but in response to criticism that darts were the antithesis of the Ivy spirit, they have progressively been updating their styles to produce shirts without darts, and featuring box pleats instead. This configuration is much closer to the BB Makers shirts that the Kamakura shirts (uncoincidentally called "Maker's Shirt" in Japan) are modelled on. Rather confusingly there are both pleated and darted versions...
It's not easy being green.
Vintage polyester prints with many dandruffs on shoulder.
Sounds like you were Baching up the wrong tree mate.
Looking at some of the old OJT photos, it looks like Johnny Cochran may have invented the back-tie-blade-at-the-front look now much favoured by Korean menswear bloggers: "If it does not fit, you must acquit!" "Who told you to put on the balm?!"
Same place I got my gloves... [[SPOILER]]
Probably a couple of defendants too... *cough*
Good choice. Green is the best colour for corduroy.
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