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Daniel's IP lawyers should be all over this.
Seems minimalist enough - what's your problem?
Not quite like for like there - as you say they look similar but the first is 100% cashmere and that's always going to be 5x as expensive as wool (or in this case, a 10% cashmere mix). I have the CT cardigan and it's certainly soft enough for me and plenty warm for a Sydney winter, especially at $100 (though at full price it's something like $220). That Robert Old is a beautiful cardigan though and in a different league altogether.On a more philosophical note, I've always...
Generous offer blahman, but not sure you guys are the same size.
Thanks mate. The shantung is a great tie (from @Henry Carter - as is the pocket hank). Dry and slubby hand as you'd expect from shantung silk, but being untipped keeps the tie light and allows for well-proportioned knots. It's a good year-round tie IMO.
A bit rusty today:
Fair enough. I tend to think silk or silk-backed scarves are great for suits or even SCs, but heftier stuff with a casual check goes very well with casual jackets IMO. I understand though you can't stock everything all at once!
No checks this year?
It's finally autumn down here, at least for the next couple of days...
Jeans, grey SC and OCBD.
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