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I really like the Onslows in tan. Black pebble grain reminds me of sofas or car seats for some reason.
The MIJ Collection suits were - are - great, especially if you can get them on sale for $800 or so. I wish they would bring back the Collection sportcoats...
All these wonderful cardigans and tweed jackets... meanwhile it's 29 degrees and stormy here.
I didn't like the tie until I saw it close up. Very nice, as are the links.
Heh, probably because it tests actual jurisdiction-specific legal knowledge and definitions, not how well one can argue the supremacy of cream pocket squares, or split hairs over the definition of "stylist".
You went to the wrong shop in the Strand - should've gone to Elie's leather repairs a few doors down.
I see a brace of braces of braces.
Congrats - now go pass the bar exam so you'll have one up on mafoofan.
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