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I can chime in, but I can't add that much - as JM says don't diss the Hibiki just because it's a blend. Actually, these days I tend to prefer blends but that's another story. Try and get the 12yo as that is probably the best value and they are discontinuing it in favour of a NAS due to spiking demand.Also as JM says try and track down some Nikka - they do actually make a single coffee grain which is supposed to be the bees knees but you might have a hard time finding a...
If it fits, costs $65 and you don't have to wait two years to get it then you can't really go wrong can you?
Foxy's taking a trip to RoK to see Drew.
He he he he hehehehh eh
Make sure to look up Uranus.
iSurg might buy it off you if you can guarantee delivery before 2018.
I've noticed him there for years, cutting away when I get up to that level of the Strand (lately to check out the new DMonk store.) Never gone in to see him though as I already have a bunch of bespoke shirts and I generally wear bog standard OCBDs now. Would be interested in some pics of his work if you have the time.
"PloProf" - the sound your ugly oversized watch makes when you throw it overboard. - Prof. PoP.
I'm surprised and disappointed none of you have suggested 8ace just go the full Agnelli.A lot of idiots think l'avvocato was sprezzing it up wearing his watch over his cuff - in fact he just had a nasty nickel allergy.
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