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Plenty of nuts up that way.
From last week. I don't normally like coming into the office when I'm supposed to be on holiday, but at least I had the pleasure of wearing this gorgeous new tie.
Your neighbour sounds like a real deckhead.
Given some of the decisions handed down I'm guessing the magistrates.
And even worse those blue lights make it real hard to find a vein man.
I agree.
In painting or printing green is a secondary colour but in terms of light and projection green is often used as a primary colour in place of yellow.
I'm sorry I didn't get that one but I did get the new reppe silk version. Will go exceptionally well with a db navy blazer, grey odd jacket etc. Very Ivy League.
So you'd say it was the capo di tuti capi of tonic water?
Trying Four Pillars in my G&T tonight on GF's recommendation. I'm impressed, as is ginsoak partner.
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