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I'm into men's underwear.
I can see the headlines now: Unpopular Rudd Abbott dumped for female deputy Gillard Bishop. Odds Shorten on Labor Election Win.
You could argue that, in the face of the loss of so many journalists, editors and support staff in the commercial media sector, if anything the public broadcaster should receive increased funding, to preserve the quality of the Australian media environment, as well as absorb some of those job losses and maintain services to commercially unviable regional areas (which, whether you are about them or not, do have an awful lot of marginal seats...)
You still looking for a trench coat DB? If so I'd keep an eye out on the usual suspects - Herringbone and MJB - over the next couple of months; the former will probably bring back their made in Italy versions again this season. They are well made IMO.As for me, I'm thinking winter can't come around soon enough - have a couple of new jackets plus some other stuff on order...
I agree Cox - Oli for Prime Minister!
GF - Re the Medici Prince - he always struck me as having *a few* principles, but lacking a little in the political judgement dept. In other words he's much more the Prince and a lot less Machiavelli. Also I'm pretty sure gutting the ABC wasn't Turnbull's plan - why gut your own portfolio? More likely it was the idea of the guy who's name sounds like "knob jockey".
If only Sophie Mirabella was still in parliament... I know you still hold a candle for her fxh but really dear it's time you moved on.
Meanwhile the spycatcher was going on about how important explaining your complex policies to the electorate in simple language is... i.e. unlike tone deaf Tone, he is a good communicator, as well as the communications minister - and ready to step into the breach if asked - or even if not asked.
Skeen - there's hope for you yet son.
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