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Couple recent HC outfits.
Thanks, the jacket is very early (2009?) MJ Bale, made in Japan, fully unlined/unstructured. In hindsight I should have bought more of those first collection jackets, as the quality has IMO gone down and prices gone up since then.
Haven't checked into this thread in a while... Here's one from summer Down Under to get our N. hemisphere friends in the mood for spring - cotton, linen, oxford and suede.
Is there a version with English subtitles?
Repp stripe might work, as long as one of the stripes is blue. Or navy ground spotted ties.Or if those fail just get a texta, colour in some of the squares and turn it into a crossword.
Lol that was you? Sorry little buddy.
I'll buy one too - we could stop in the street and have a conversation...
LOL I don't think he is capable of such self-depricating irony.
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