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The Foxy proxy.
Following a recent debate in the WAYWRN thread, maybe a 'matchy matchy' challenge - the aim being to have things match in your outfit that SF cannon says you shouldn't, but it looks good regardless? Just a random thought.
Yeah right, why don't we just ask you to buy us some gift cards?
Heh, he certainly came to a sticky end.
I'm the potentate of a small, non-aligned country. Generally I prefer military fatigues but on special occasions, such as the exection of a rebel leader or one of my wives, I wear traditional dress.
Or @wurger.
Just back from Hindia myself. Thanks to fxh for the luggage reco.
What's better, a detailed critique from a first poster who has used the service or 3rd hand opinion from someone who has never set foot in the shop?
But don't let that put you off.
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