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My vanity is greater than my misery.
DB no tie can work with the right shirt, and if you know what you're doing.
These look suitable for you Oli. Won't chip, break or shatter...
Sorry, I only have experience with silver spoons.
I think they are the Signature Craftsman - which has a slightly more elongated chisel toe than the regular Craftsman.
The 360* welt is a new one for RMW. It's good to see them experimenting a bit with heavier midsoles and proper commando soles - presumably this is LV's influence trying to get RMW to make boots more suited to the European and US markets.I'm not sold (sole'd?) on the raw leather edges though. Bit too fashiony for my liking. It limits those new RM boots to casual wear only IMO, compared to say, a C&J Islay type boot that can be worn with a tweed suit as well as jeans.
Fair enough. This jacket actually has a faint cream undercheck as well as light horn buttons - 'warm' elements which, I think, help tie it to the bottom half.Gerry got it.Pliny - yes, I have white slacks but I think the look with navy blue jackets is too... naval!
I respectfully disagree in this case Clags. I originally thought the same thing about this jacket but grey tends to wash out the look as the white checks in the jacket are dominant and resolve to grey from a distance. I also happen to think grey trews look too formal with this jacket.I won't forget that ;-)
^ I gave Don the extra pocket hanky as I didn't need one for this outfit. Belated x-post from FU Friday: Herringbone Sydney Panta NYC Kamakura MJ Bale Crockett & Jones.
Ok, so here's my entry. White/blue on white/blue. And FU.
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