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Burnt Oak Akubra "Fedora".
I agree with my multi. Weddings are probably the best excuse most of you will have to wear a flashy tie. Like one of these...
Well plaid.
All this drilling spam is really boring me.
What kind of checks inside wardrobe?
GTH pants challenge.
Always let the crotch out at every opportunity.
Sky blue, lime green...
It's turned cool here again so I thought I'd take the dogs for a final walk before next autumn.
On Akubra, they certainly make a tough hat. My Fedora's withstood a few downpours this winter with no ill effects. I'll probably head* into Strand Hatters in the next few weeks to replace my old Akubra straw hat, which finally gave up the ghost after 8 years of abuse. Also, Oli: In all seriousness, for those on a budget these are actually fairly decent quality.
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