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Yeah sorry mate I'm on the IPAs tonight.Now please before there are anymore surprise celebrity deaths just tell me - is it ok to wear a pocket hank to a funeral?
You mirin' my greens again brah?
You idiots. That's floral.
Only when you're paying!
Only 92 points? Nothing makes it into my liquor cabinet unless it's at least 150 points. Sorry, not points, I meant proof.
The new Tudors look amazing in the photographs. OTOH I can't help but think you are paying for the Rolex marketing machine inbuilt to the price of the watches.
That's what I said about world domination.
Now if only I could remember where I left my keys...
You might like Missy French in Potts Pt.
I think @LonerMatt can give you some tips on how to go about sending your good shirts over to be copied.
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