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2 bits.
Fortnum & Mason is on Piccadilly nearby (I think you used to be able to get in via Jermyn St), always nice to stop in there for a cup of tea after a long day trying on shoes (and buy some tea or jams for your significant other so as to not be yelled at for spending all day trying on shoes). Foster & Son are on Jermyn St as well IIRC, as well as the more familiar brands Churches, C&J, Edward Green, Tricker's etc.
Can I chime in with a pun?
Could always get one of these:
Looks like the Madison hotel on Chalmers St in the background.
Thanks KT.
Lucky he wasn't wearing a suede jacket.
Another casual day in the office.
I like to think of myself as the forum's Christopher Skase.
I was laughing loud on my dungeon.
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