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Well personally I already have a burgundy knit from HC so don't really have need for another solid burgundy tie at this point in time. OTOH I don't have that many striped ties in my collection, and I think the triple stripe one is quite unique and a bit playful at the same time - looks great with navy or grey jacket IMO.
The new triple stripe - with HC pocket hank.
Pete - some of your retorts to others making comment on your desperate search for an overcoat with a $2k budget were pretty rude mate. I had a pretty subtle dig at your expense and I think you took it the wrong way - or maybe I did - and it escalated from there. No hard feelings. I blame the $4 Aldi wine fxh keeps pushing onto me. Up until recently I had been in a perpetual good mood with my Greek wine of choice - Domestos.
Noted nabil - I just thought we were overdue for a blowup but I'll try to be funnier next time.
Another warm spring day, another great shantung tie from Henry C.
Don't make me dig out your file.;-)
Some people you just instantly dislike.
So do you want my old overcoat or not?
Ok Pete - you're clearly confused - that's your name mate. Anyway, I have to PoP off to my old loser (wipes tears) life. Now stop junking up the thread before institches or murlsquirl drive by and tell us all to shut the fuck up.
New Posts  All Forums: