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Biting the Bullitt today... Belvest jacket Charles Tyrwhitt knit Brioni pocket hank Panta trews C&J shoes.
Try saying "trad blunt cut" out loud fast three times.
Thanks, yes it is.
Tweed and cords.
I have never seen a tie look good with jeans.Until today.Lovely jacket too - is it OTR or MTM? Can't say I've heard of Calder Official - only the Calder Cannons.
Some HC ties and PSs from the past little while, and featuring a jacket I bought off Jason - so I guess that's also HC related?
No, this was one of his (Jason's) jackets he put up for sale and I bought it off him as we're the same size (and of the same good taste) it appears. And yes, the shoulders are a bit different to my other jackets, I wouldn't say it's a high so much as an extended shoulder treatment with a bit of padding, but softer than an English cut - if that makes sense?
Cross post from the latest challenge thread: Belvest jacket (via @Henry Carter) Henry Carter tie Kamakura shirt Panta trews Church's shoes.
Might be cheaper soon to buy an economy class airfare to Dallas, pack the stuff you want to sell into checked baggage and ship it when you land in the US.
Do you wear it when you're having a Barry (Crocker)?
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