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Meanwhile the spycatcher was going on about how important explaining your complex policies to the electorate in simple language is... i.e. unlike tone deaf Tone, he is a good communicator, as well as the communications minister - and ready to step into the breach if asked - or even if not asked.
Skeen - there's hope for you yet son.
Sorry for your loss.
Thanks jf - do you know what mill it's from? I.e. is there a tag on the jacket from the cloth maker? Just curious.
Love that SC, and nice combo overall jf. What's the jacket cloth if I might ask?
No worries - not to go on too much but it's actually a matt mauve and navy blue, and not purple/purple. I agree that would be tacky!
Scary good or..? I thought it was pretty inoffensive, which is a change for me!
Apols for the x-post; reppresenting for the FC.
Some great entries already, so I'm possibly just making up the numbers, but at the very least it was a useful exercise for me to wear a repp stripe tie for a change, and that's what these challenges are all about.Detail: [[SPOILER]]
I have an iMac in Blueberry - what flavour's yours?
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