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Well actually, my torso is very long. The pants are quite a high rise (they are Panta, dont recall the exact rise measurement) and the jacket is 31in length IIRC and well and truly covers my arse... Short of a frock coat and giving myself an atomic wedgie I'm not sure what would make my torso look any shorter!
Some great outfits over the last few pages; it's finally cool enough for tweed here.
I think he wants to order stuff that fits.
"Gentlemen do not wear straw hats in the metropolis."
Was it alpha as fuck?
I remember that report - will have to dig my notes out on it. It was done with the ABS IIRC who calculated about $11b (again, IIRC) worth of online imports, which is chicken feed in the scheme of our total trade. What's hardly ever mentioned in this debate is the e-commerce from Australia to overseas, and it is significant.As for ASOS apparently a 747 load of their stuff lands in Australia every day.
I've met a couple of pot plants that beg to differ.
Cox blocked!
Wear under an olive Belstaff or Barbour Commander.
So same as a surgeon basically.
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