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Don't bother with iiNet their mobile device freezes more often than a Canberra winter and their customer service reps are as useless as their Saffa accents are irritating.
All these inkjets are making me thirsty.
I like pink shirts but I like lilac/mauve shirts better.
^ Wholesale vs retail price basically. The online guys sell (I'm guessing) at wholesale+profit while RMW sell at a full retail price. As Sator says earlier in the thread RMW begrudge the online sellers a little but really they are the ones who are proliferating the brand here and overseas far better than RMW themselves are. Also, the boots are all made in the same factory anyway.
Congratulations. Click to claim your cash prize: [[SPOILER]]
I'm still waiting for the penny to drop... someone... Ernie?
Tie-tanic fail.
I bet they're a pretty penny.
I think that warning only applies if you're a hood in a tracksuit.
I wouldn't advise using the shoulder strap on a bag if you are wearing a suit or jacket. Ditto wearing a suit in a car.
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