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Thanks Gez, though this one is actually the rollerball version - I've been paranoid about fountain pens in pockets since one leaked on me many years ago, so the rollerball is a nice compromise for carrying around while my fountain pen stays on my desk for signing big deals, autographing memorabilia and forging cheques.Shhh! We cannot talk about that at this time.
Thanks - it's a Waterman Hémisphère Deluxe.
Here's my C Kimber wallet - Gerry has the same one but significantly thinner as he always has to shout me drinks.I think Pink Socks also has the same one but I don't think his has ever been opened as he's Scottish. [[SPOILER]]
We all knew you were a carpetbagger, this just confirms it.
Trying to will on the start of autumn with some fall colours...
I'm ok with wearing regimental ties even if you don't belong to the regiment but RAAF buttons I'd expect the wearer to have shot down at least three Messerschmitts by lunch time.
All the best Jason - sorry to hear you won't be carrying on with the business but my sincere thanks for running such a great operation over the last few years, with a quality product, not to mention the patience of Job dealing with your customers... PoP
Sorry, all I saw was this.
Do you get a free HC shantung tie if you order the shantung lamb? If so book me in.Also, why all the hate for Aussie Chinese food, who doesn't love a flouro S&S pork or the Last Dim Sim with a generous side of extra MSG?Bloody snobs.
If there was a market for $1,000 artisanal cedar shoe trees I'm sure the Hanger Project would already be selling them.
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