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Yep what foxy said Luke. They're a local Aus brand making waxed cotton jackets and swags.
Cool and wet here the last few days.
My recommendation would be to wear your coat on the plane if you can to save luggage space.As for what type of coat - probably a pea coat or even leather jacket that you can layer under. Depends where/how far you are going. If Europe or the US/Canada, you would probably be able to pick something up when you get there better and cheaper than anything available here. Plus you'll only have to worry about it on the way back.
No recco for your $3,000 TOJ wallet?
Because the Sullivan's Cove are all single cask bottlings there can be quite a bit of variation from cask to cask. The French oak bottlings I've tasted have been different, but all pretty amazing. Definitely a great malt, but as Roger says the pricing is a bit silly these days and you can get a lot of really excellent whisky for $100-150 (and some for a lot less than that as well) so Sullivans are pushing it I think asking $350 now. But if they can sell it for that, then...
It's all good whisky, though I think the French oak variant is the best. Mind you I see they've doubled its price this year, which is a bit cynical. Depends what your friend likes really.
Shock horror - I agree blah. Walked past one of their shops the other day and for a moment I thought 'some of these look ok'. From a distance some could pass for pretty decent shoes, though they're not exactly cheap. That brogue on the bottom is $450...
The shoes look to be good value at $325. Certainly we're starved for anything decent in Sydney at that sort of price so I hope he does well. What style did you order?
Good find. I like that he is upfront about being MTM, and the difference compared to bespoke, as well as freely advertising prices on his website. Will have to drop by and have a chat.
$1,100? Did they belong to FDR? Because they look like polio boots.
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