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Oli - why didn't you tell us you were going to Pitti this year?
Hmm... Not sure how I feel about this...
Well we all know how much you love your job, PP.
That jacket is hardcore. Good to see someone wearing a Barbour with jeans fishing rather than over a suit!
For all we might say about the selfie stick, I wish I invented it!
The short answer is yes, sometimes.The long answer is, people feel cold differently, spend more or less time outdoors, and it also depends on the tweed. Something like a real heavy Magee tweed would probably boil you even on the coldest day in Sydney, unless you spend a lot of time waiting at wind-tunnel train stations or bus stops in the wee hours. Then again, lighter weight tweed you can wear reasonably frequently during winter I've found, though I generally prefer...
The toe is narrower at the point, but also higher. Some have complained their toes dig into the top of the toecap on Craftsman models, in which case the Macquarie or Turnout toes would suit them better as they are higher. Personally I take the same size in the Macquarie and Craftsman.
No it's not, because it doesn't exist outside of a tiny minority of one person who thinks wearing a boater (a bloody boater!) is preferable!
I will. I can only assume someone once told you that you looked like a kiddy fiddler in your Panama hat, but I can assure you that it is not a widely held association - at least not with the hat anyway.
It's absolute gobshite.
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