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Wear a Canadian tux, that way you have all levels of formality covered.
You're Calabrian. If a plod's only speaking to you about crossing against a pedestrian signal you're doing well.
Phew! Because this was going to be my closing argument:*Jimmy and others who may be in need of my services, please mention SF to get a 10% discount on my retainer.
At the risk of sounding even more like a pedant, what you're describing JM is actually the offence of "walk against signal" not "jaywalking", which is an Americanism and not mentioned anywhere in the Australian Road Rules. But as you rightly point out walking across a road 20m away from a pedestrian signal is... well, just walking across the road, and not jaywalking either.Cheers,PoP, QC.
He he, down to only 30 tomorrow then 39 on Friday. I'll be down at Bondi catching a wave if you need me ;-)
Hot down under. Linen, silk, tropical wool.
36 degrees Celsius here - yep sorry I'm not wearing tweed this week!
Yeah but (like him) she's a bit of a dummy.
I think that's just Camilla with her body double.
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