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And here I was thinking you were well dressed!
TBM was waiting - rightly - to confirm I hadn't bought it before committing to get one.
Start here.Then read this.
No, not yet TBM. Tried one on again last week and the cut is just a little more relaxed than I'd like. I could live with that but it's also probably a tad short on me as well. Not in desperate need for a new jacket at the moment - though with Suit Supply opening up I might have a look there to see what they bring out.
Charles Tyrwhitt have 15% off at the moment for anyone interested. They have some nice looking jumpers for $100 or so.
Ha good on you. I trust your complaint was spelled out with random letters you cut out of magazines, like I taught you?
Yes I'm sure the Drinkwise.org people were very happy with the thousands of dollars they spent on ads promoting moderate consumption of alcohol in between overs, only for Warnie to ask the entire team if he could invite himself to get pissed with them.
I am impressed. Reminds me of an acquaintance who bought an engagement ring in advance of ever meeting a girl who could stand him for more than five minutes.
Paging Mr @Gerry Nelson. You are required at the front bar.Also, the following cars have been broken into...
Seeing as no one has posted an entry yet, I'll get the ball rolling. Pocket hank is white silk.
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