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Fantastic unlined cotton/cashmere double breasted spring/summer jacket. Features patch pockets, peak lapels, a subtle birdseye texture and loads of style. Very high quality, artfully made in Japan for MJ Bale's Collection line. Can be dressed up or down, it's a versatile piece and pairs great with cotton chinos and tropical wool trousers. RRP on this jacket was $649 - asking $180 ($130 USD). Excellent condition, worn very gently, always stored properly and recently...
Ones that squirt water are ok.
Personally, as far as lapel flowers go I would only wear a poppy on Armistice Day and maybe a sprig of rosemary on ANZAC Day - to be used later that evening on roast lamb dinner.
Probably but who cares when you win the next three?
The tall poppy syndrome is well and alive here.
Jacket is SOLD pending payment...
Why would I put a dirty capitalist NATO strap on my Poljot?
Anyone know where online to get Warsaw Pact straps?
Thanks Pliny - I think it's just the harsh summer light that makes it look so saturated; the 'red' is actually more of a burgundy. Here it is under soft light (it's a HC square as well btw). [[SPOILER]] PoP.
Then I guess they would be competing against the Herrings and Pediwears of this world, and on price they simply wouldn't. A major part of DM's appeal is that they are a real store where you can get fitted, with exclusive brands and expert advice. Opening up a web store runs against their overall strategy which is to differentiate themselves from the purely online guys, who will always be able to offer some brands 10-20% cheaper. There are also some logistical barriers...
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