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And wasn't DartagnanRed saying he loves his RMWs? Has the world gone topsy-turvy?
I have seen (at least on tumblr and SF) a lot of stuff I really like from BnT. But I will just say, as a general comment, it is not always a simple matter of "bespoke > MTM > RTW" when it comes to both the experience and the result of the finished product. A lot depends on the individual and their relationship (or lack of) with the seller/tailor.
He is a friend-owner, but is he a friend-customer?
I'm just here so I don't get fined.
Pretty simple stuff today:
Couple of years. The leather is just like fxh - tough on the outside but buttery soft on the inside.
I picked up a pair of croc Craftsmen at the Homebush outlet for $80 several years ago (no Oli - it wasn't that long ago and $80 wasn't "a lot of money back then"...) Still have the boots - actually cost me a bit more than the original purchase price to have them resoled! Don't know if you can quite get deals like that at the outlet anymore though.
I heartily endorse camel leather as a naturally textured, water resistant pebblegrain alternative.Also comes in black.
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