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I like darts.
Been enjoying this thread lately. Bloody hot here today.
This reminds me, I need to check these guys out next time I go to Miranda Fair...
HC diamond print today:
I resent that remark - I never used to be cool.I like your outfit, just be careful wearing it when you go to Iran, in case you're mistaken for a Sayyid!
Yeah but being celebrated by the SWD crowd is like topping the charts... in North Korea.
I'm just an exparrot.
I think he's an expat now? Probably the local knowledge in this thread isn't all that useful for him.
That doesn't narrow it down!To your questions - not that I've tried it myself - but I've heard the standard RMW rubber soles combined with icy pavements may lead to bruises, grazes, possible broken bones, and certain embarrassment.
Maybe he means approach the landlord to pay them directly, rather than go through an agent, thereby saving them commission - and you a few bucks in rent? Not something you should consider doing unless you know the landlord and they know you IMO, which is unlikely if you're moving from another city.Agents generally aren't keen on actual cash, especially as these days it's easy to set up direct debits and receive online payments. For other obvious reasons (cash can be easily...
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