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They used to conduct the removal one piece at a time, often via the post.
You might want to check that mate.
^ ever move a bishop?
Fair enough - I only noticed the burgundy version wasn't in the same pebble grain as the tan after I posted.
eBay? What style of trench you after? Full length, 3 qtr, double/single breasted, slimmer fit/full fit etc.?Edit: JM is a wizard.
The Pembroke is on the 325 last which is quite wide and roomy. I don't have the Marlows but others might be able to confirm what last they are on. I have semi-wide feet and these are a good fit for me in my usual size. As for dying them darker, you know they also come in burgundy - http://www.crockettandjones.com/en-gb/product/pembroke-burgundy.
They are Pembrokes jrd - newish shoes actually. The pebblegrain was never that coarse on them to begin with (unlike, say buffalo leather), though if my photography was a little bit better you would probably be able to see the texture more clearly. The leather is maybe pulled a bit tighter over the toe, so it is a it smoother on that portion of the shoe. Here's a (slightly) better photo.
Jimmy has more experience than most when it comes to first dates. It's the lack of second dates that's the problem.
RMs in chestnut camel leather with a storm welt.
Legends in our own lunchtime.
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