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Sounds interesting Jason, always good to hear about other options in Sydney.
I had a look in my garage but all I could find was a bottle of metho.Don't know how I didn't get around to drinking that one.
I was thinking the same thing the other day. I ordered something from Charles Tyrwhitt - they have an Australian returns address. Considering the quite large number of sales made up by Herring's Australian customers, you would think they would have looked into a local return address/warehouse, given the $100 risk of ordering shoes that don't fit would put off a lot of potential buyers.With a critical mass of Australian customers, the warehouse would pay for itself, as a...
I believe Australian rabbits used to be the primary source for Akubra's fur felt for hats. You need anywhere from 10 to 14 pelts for a hat, with the most suitable fur limited to certain parts of the animal. There are so many bloody rabbits here, and they breed so quickly, every man in the country would need to start wearing hats again to make any inroads into the feral population!Here is a bit more info from Akubra: [[SPOILER]] Edit: actually, doing a bit more research...
Just shut up and write a review! *I'm joking with you of course
I always got the impression that story was apocryphal. But it's pretty likely double breasted jackets were invented for the practical reason that, if the front of your coat was stained by, say, gunpowder or the guts of your enemy in battle, you could reverse the buttoning and 'make a clean breast of it' when on parade.Uniqlo have some field jackets for $70 or so in a range of colours. Looked decent quality, especially for the price. Failing that you could get one of fxh's...
Soon there will also be pictures of phlanges.
You might want to leave the room when I'm venting.
I thought it was your cryptic way of saying it was a private blog - like an exclusive nightclub, non-members are denied access to the real content, forced to listen to the party through a vent in the alleyway.
Single vent:
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