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Cement construction < Goodyear welt.
^ One minute he's eating the fishes for lunch, next thing he's sleeping with them.
^^^ Thanks Spandexter... I think! I know it's not to everyone's taste - loud ties seldom are if you are a 'minimalist' - but the tie is actually very well made (it's an old Paul Smith) and ties a good knot with ease. I enjoy wearing it on occasion and believe it or not I have a few ties that probably match it in the volume stakes - if I get some time I will post a pic of my collection. Oli will probably, literally die.Flying Monkey - I thought your combo was one of the...
The trouble with Melbourne is the beauty is too well hidden. Meanwhile in Sydney...
The son I never had.
That's certainly true in Brisbane after all Joh's midnight demolitions.
Heh, generally I agree, but some days it's good to get a rise out of people.Also, I think we need to tweak the rule to read: "compliments (or 'likes') from online clothes forum nerds = good; compliments from real life women of the opposite sex, and/or gay blokes = bad." Sad but true.Thanks, but not sure if you're complimenting me on it so I put it on B&S? It's an old Herringbone warehouse special - straight off the (dusty) rack. Worn the hell out of it and had it...
"All women shall adore us, and some men..."
I think I was complimento'd on my tie about half a dozen times yesterday. Definitely not stealth dressing. Oli, avert your eyes. [[SPOILER]]
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