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Just cultivate a bit of stubble and tell the clients what they want to hear and you'll do fine.
That's quite cheap for beaver felt.(Also not bad for felt beaver.)
With a bit of red... Something like this: [[SPOILER]] RIP Gough Whitlam, 1916-1975.
Looks good IMO Gerry. Try wearing your hat a bit further forward though - looks a bit like a boater in that pic!
Obviously the weather's nicer in Melbourne today. Grey old affair here - and a rare day in a suit for me.
Size 10 too big for you? I thought you said you were an 11B or was that someone else?
Not in public Gerry, you'll make fxh jealous ;-)
You should all dress up in your black tie rigs and get kebabs, nachos etc. to eat at random tram shelters and Westfield food courts in Melbourne. Post photos. Would be much more fun - and cheaper too.
New Posts  All Forums: