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Don, having a similar pair of pants I find that a light blue shirt can wash the look out a bit, particularly when you take your jacket off. I realise the rules for the challenge this week necessitate a blue shirt but I can't help thinking something like, say a crisp white or even an orange university stripe, would look better. Just my two pesos.
Button down with a tie; brown, blue and grey. [[SPOILER]]
Yeah likewise, I missed the release - last year I think.
While we're talking Melbourne bands the Cosmic Psychos had some great Aussie track names: Dead roo Go the hack Blokes you can trust Nice day to go to the pub Flyblown 20 pot screamer Dead in a ditch...
Cox - one of your best there IMO.
Thanks GMMcL.And congrats to EFV - you could have almost won this challenge twice!
Big X.
I think we're both flogging a dead knight now.
They used to conduct the removal one piece at a time, often via the post.
New Posts  All Forums: