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Will need something with structured shoulders and chest. Preferably in Kevlar.
The note was there - you might have missed it. Check that brick that came through your window last night.
Hmmm... well I already have a trench coat. Matt, you better give me those tickets to Syria lest I be accused of being a poser!
In other news, I bought a pair of suede monks three weeks ago and it's rained here literally everyday since. Maybe it's time I bought some more outerwear to bring balance back to the Force. Actually thinking about a Belstaff belted moto-type jacket. Is this a good idea or will you all Pitti me?
Those two are stuck between Iraq and a hard place.
Q: Why are bagpipers always marching when they play? A: They're trying to get away from the noise...
Open to ideas on how we can upcycle him. I was thinking glue factory personally...
Me too.
I tuck the jumper in as well.
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