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No it was totally legit...
See if you were nice to me I would give you a ride in my Model S.
Just post all problems here for advice from Internet strangers. Apart from suit scientists this thread is renowned for its foreign exchange experts, life coaches and stock market pros that give Warren Buffet nightmares.
Plus if you're Canadian they have an ice hockey exhibition game at Olympic Park next to Lidcombe every year. And what you've heard about the lack of central heating is true - those old weatherboards have zero insulation and it does get nippy there in winter though not Canberra or Winnipeg cold.
Yeah, too right, all those refugees clogging up the M4 and pushing up house prices!
No but you can always catch the train out to Cabramatta.
Stay safe OP.
New thread seems like a good time to post here for the first time in a couple years.
My ex wife hasn't even been born yet!
At least they didn't receive a priceless 17th Century Qumrani vase.
New Posts  All Forums: