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We're still waiting for your entry...
Ok I'll play as I happened to channel Pitti a bit this week anyway.
Like most embassies, it's best not to enquire about the status of your request or they will put you to the back of the queue.
Well done on your funniest post in 5 years!
Wait, you drive yourself?!
Pretty cool here this morning. Jacket: Purdey Trews: Henry Bucks Tie: HC x Sozzi Shirt: Kamakura PS: Brioni Shoes: Tricker's.
Now how does this go again? 2 x FU =
Slouching about. Cardi: CT Italian collection Pants: Panta Shirt: Kamakura OCBD
Peacoats, best accessorised with Jane B: yeux bleu, cheveux ch√Ętains, &c... [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: