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Subscribed to the thread - and I'll possibly take part. I have one or two repp stripe ties given to me as gifts. Tbh, they always reminded me of public/prep school ties, and after being forced to wear one more or less every day during my formative years I have - maybe subconsciously - avoided them. Perhaps now it's time I started to wear a few more tasteful examples.
Obviously he ate too much and got drunk, and now his feet are sore.
Thanks all. Also - these aren't mine sadly - but I've always liked the buckshot brogue pattern and thought I would share them here.
I remember talking to a tailor in Sydney that offered this service - as of a few years ago $10,000 bought you enough personalised pinstripe material to make a suit. The perfect outfit for your next appearance at The Hague!
Pretty much...
Some RMWs... MTO chestnut camel leather with storm welt: MTO snuff suede Kingsvale chukkas: Brown croc pattern Craftsman:
You and your Jordanian mates might like this Luke:
I like darts.
Been enjoying this thread lately. Bloody hot here today.
This reminds me, I need to check these guys out next time I go to Miranda Fair...
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