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Heh, he certainly came to a sticky end.
I'm the potentate of a small, non-aligned country. Generally I prefer military fatigues but on special occasions, such as the exection of a rebel leader or one of my wives, I wear traditional dress.
Or @wurger.
Just back from Hindia myself. Thanks to fxh for the luggage reco.
What's better, a detailed critique from a first poster who has used the service or 3rd hand opinion from someone who has never set foot in the shop?
But don't let that put you off.
Why does the tag still say "5 PERCY ST PROSPECT SA"? It should be "INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX #3459 BUMFUCK ROMANIA".Talk about brand dilution. Then again, the new chairman is an economist... /thread. RM Williams will go the way of every other great Australian icon taken over by the accountants. Brb waiting for news about layoffs and eventual closure of SA factory, it's just a matter of time now once the private equity funds suck the life out of what's left of the business.
If anything the Macquarie has more room in the toe than the Craftsman - width is about the same internally but there is more height in the Macquarie; the Craftsman has a lower profile at the toe than all the the round toe models. Hope that helps.
I am honoured to make this list. It's great to finally have some reward for my efforts! Jimmy - pass me a VB from the wine fridge.
Reduce the service, call it "bespoke" and charge a shitload more for it - looks like I've bought my last pair of RMW.RIP.
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