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Big Kazuna? That's the Hawaiian burger joint... I hear they make a tasty burger...
Please refrain from these unfair ad hominem attacks.
Degrees of egomania, degrees of insanity, degrees in media & communications, degress of murder... And from what I gather you lot would still vote for me.
Sorry Dr Wraith, could you please point me to an example of a caring egomaniac? I see you are an expert at psychoanalice.
Here's all you need to know:
Er... that's the definition of an egomaniac Frank.
Looks like flannel though? Still to warm for all but a few weeks in Sydney IMO. I would also question whether you could successfully wear the striped trousers or jacket as separates.
Great if you want it to sit in your wardrobe for 9 months before you wear it.
Hockey is wrong - we the people elect members of parliament who in turn elect a leader of their party. We don't vote for a president. No one voted for Tony Abbott at the last election save the good people of Manly.
New Posts  All Forums: