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I think the company that makes Kazuna's shoes, if my Japanese is any good (it isn't), is Miyagi Kogyo.
This is gorgeous.
A lot of my time is spent in knit ties - they are just so versatile to be dressed up or down. Also, you can't have a knit tie competition without a Henry Carter tie!
You can only get those in Foo York.
Je suis Jimmy.
Heard Island.
Better still, have your 'young, attractive, definitely 100% female secretary' do it for you, just to underline - literally - that you do not personally draw lines on other men's crotches!
It's the same length as pretty much all of my odd jackets. I think I've mentioned before I have an unusually long body/arms and relatively short legs, so jackets much longer than this tend to make me look out of proportion a bit, whereas this length pretty closely 'cuts me in half' if you know what I mean.
I think this jacket has an acute style.
Ptth you amateur - Tarzan's grip is rubbish. You're better off spending a bit more and getting shockproof superglue. You can get from Coles don't even need to try and find an MIA "team member" at Bunnings... The shockproof stuff seems to hold up well on shoe soles/topys, I've never had any issues with them coming off again.Best method is (gentle) G-clamp or even bulldog clip on both sides if you have enough space to attach, clamp with glue over night. Or if you're out bush...
New Posts  All Forums: