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I appreciate your effort to respond with a bit of detail, and not to get too defensive, but a couple of hairs to split because that's what we do best here on SF - first, the jacket is more accurately tartan not windowpane. The tie is also a block stripe shantung, not a repp stripe (there is no ribbing on the tie). Finally, the jacket is green/indigo (almost navy) and the tie is green/purple, so three colours in total, and quite a common, "Scottish" combination (which is...
Any reason why you think that?
Yesterday, a bizarre combination of winter and summer fabrics - tweed, worsted flannel and shantung silk. Slubby tie h8ers look away... RL jacket HC tie Kamakura shirt Panta trews C&J shoes
Winter ties with summer fabrics? Why not summer ties with winter fabrics? Tweed and worsted flannel paired with shantung silk.
Biting the Bullitt today... Belvest jacket Charles Tyrwhitt knit Brioni pocket hank Panta trews C&J shoes.
Try saying "trad blunt cut" out loud fast three times.
Thanks, yes it is.
Tweed and cords.
I have never seen a tie look good with jeans.Until today.Lovely jacket too - is it OTR or MTM? Can't say I've heard of Calder Official - only the Calder Cannons.
Some HC ties and PSs from the past little while, and featuring a jacket I bought off Jason - so I guess that's also HC related?
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