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Probably because I don't then jump down a logical rabbit hole by saying 'anyone who can stitch a suit together is a tailor', or that because we live in a democracy if the majority say black is white then I guess I'm wearing white captoes today.As to whether you can scold someone for how they use the words 'tailor' or 'bespoke', I guess that boils down to how much they know and what their intentions are. These puff pieces are rarely written by people who understand the...
In all fairness to you Jimmy, I can kind of see where you're coming from. These terms like 'tailor' and 'bespoke' are bandied around quite a bit, and you are right that 99% of the populace don't know the specific meaning that these words have among the clothing cogniscenti. Like Kelly Country advetising 'tailor made suits'. What does that really mean? YGIAGAM. And we all know JM is an notorious pedant!
I can cut a pattern and stitch a suit up for you. Will probably resemble a hessian potato sack more so than a PJ Napoli but I reckon I could do it.Can I call myself a tailor?While I'm at it, if anyone needs a service on their car or some plumbing work, I'm free on Tuesday. Don't have a licence or anything but I'll give it a go.
I think your response a couple of days ago more accurately reflects my feelings on Jimmy's post.
Jumpers, coke, sweet Mary Jane.
Sure, I don't doubt your recollection, but it just seems out of character. As I said I've never seen him repeat anything anti-Semitic in the years since I've seen him posting on the forums. OTOH he is still a very vocal proponent of raw food, illuminati conspiracies, lizard men politicians, wheatgrass and staring at the sun. Personally I think he could be onto something with the lizard men.
I've seen a lot of his posts, both here and over on fnb, and I've never seen him write anything anti-Semitic. He has some consipiracy theories and unique ideas about diet etc. but I don't see any malice or venom from him, except against iGents who take selfies in disabled toilets.
He is a real character from all accounts.
He must be in stitches.
New Posts  All Forums: