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I would have thought funeral attire was more appropriate for journalism these days.
Did they ever find Alf's rape dungeon?
I always liked Jim's style. Might be something to do with those loud sportscoats and that Firebird.
Murder She WroteThe Rockford FilesMatlockTJ HookerPerry MasonWhatever else is showing in your retirement home.
Couple of recent HC outfits: forest grenadine grossa and Macclesfield pocket hank, and burgundy zigzag knit.
I had a similar experience with a pair of cords - these were supposed to be darker irl but, no, they are quite bright, which causes what Coxy would probably term 'cognitive dissonance' given they are winter weight but summer-y colour. I've since come to the conclusion that casual wear either with a rough tweed jacket and no tie, or just with a jumper and scarf are the best ways forward, and I still wear them occasionally as the are supremely comfortable.
I'll write you in prison.
Journeyman is representing me - he advises the truth is a solid defence against your defamation claim.
Ernie and I can recommend a couple places conveniently located near the dole centre and an abandoned clap clinic.
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