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Might be cheaper soon to buy an economy class airfare to Dallas, pack the stuff you want to sell into checked baggage and ship it when you land in the US.
Do you wear it when you're having a Barry (Crocker)?
David Jones never, ever, had a "sale" - that was something common shops did, DJs had a clearance twice a year.
Well this is what I wore on Friday, and seeing as the rules of this thread are more liberal than Bernie Sanders, I'll happily contribute:
Thanks Iso - they are silk/wool "denim" trousers from one of edmorel's early Panta runs.
In hindsight I probably could have hoiked my pants up a bit in the photo - I am wearing a pair of pants in the same cut today and the waistband is just below my navel and covers the last button of my shirt, but not in the photo I posted, so maybe that's the issue you're seeing.
Ptth, that's nothing. I have one of these at home (empty).Say, any of you chaps spare a bit of your liver for your old mate PoP?** Except fxh his is more fucked than mine.
Sure, they are Trickers Mayfairs.
Well actually, my torso is very long. The pants are quite a high rise (they are Panta, dont recall the exact rise measurement) and the jacket is 31in length IIRC and well and truly covers my arse... Short of a frock coat and giving myself an atomic wedgie I'm not sure what would make my torso look any shorter!
Some great outfits over the last few pages; it's finally cool enough for tweed here.
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