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I don't think Australia has a particular opinion on paisley ties. The general rule still applies - if it is ugly, it is ugly; if it is beautiful, it is beautiful. Of course what is ugly and what is beautiful is entirely a matter of taste (and whether yours is good or not).Having said that, if you are considering one of Gianni's ties, you really have to ask yourself if they are your style. If you are a fan of the minimalist look (texture over pattern, suede, light blue...
^ I'd say that is it. We should never have doubted you iSurg. PS - how much does a PJohnson suit cost to topy these days?
Maybe he means 'Aerweave' - the open weave cotton?
Des - any chance of some pics of your rum boots?
"Radiant orchid" looks like "menopausal mauve".
There is even a theory that the story of the Golden Fleece sought by Jason and the Argonauts was, in fact, representative of the trade in purple dyed sheep fleeces.I always thought the story was about the quest of one brave iGent and his pals to recover the world's first patch pocket, soft-shouldered Brooks Brothers blazer.
Something to do with smelly sea snails IIRC...
Yes, I've a couple pairs of Cordings trousers - they are good quality for the price. Their purple is a sort of almost-navy though, whereas I'm after more something this shade:Purple and the British is a funny relationship. It can be frowned upon lest the wearer be accused of "assuming the purple"... Having said that I have Duchamp and Drakes ties in splendid purple colourways, and it's a shade favoured more by the English (and the Scottish of course) than by say the...
If you're too young and you try that look though you just end up with The Full Sex-Offender...
But how do you "fit in" in a world where everyone is trying so hard to be different?By being normal, you stand out.
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