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Thanks old son, they're by RM Williams.
Some more suede chukka.
What are you and I going to do now that we lost our jobs as shirtless A&F doormen?
In that case dark brown suede Craftsman would be next on the list if I were you...
Because he is about to burn that jacket.
My only concern would be it could be a bit chunky to easily make a nicely proportioned knot. If you can make a tie from this material that ties a great knot, then there would be a market for it IMO. Personally I prefer the plains to the triple stripes.
I can't seem to access the latest catalogue to see what's available, but IIRC you could get "whisky" as a standard MTO option, which was a similar reddy/orangey colour. Not sure what shade your suede AEs are, but RMW's mid brown suede might be an option as well - basically a snuff suede?
I thought Braddock, Braddock and Motherfuckken Braddock are identical triplets? They get upset when you say they are all the same, they have like different personalities and everything.
Should be here just in time for winter!
Yes I think the guy who had it previously gave it a little prick.
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