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Groovy baby.
Thanks, yes I'm sort of channelling Lazenby a bit - or I'd like to think!It's actually an OTP jacket from an Australian brand and I got it for a very good price.
I suppose this is a little like the Borelli dude Gezza posted at the start of the thread - though this is a bit less tight and much more of a "Mod" take on the #uniform. Probably won't be everyone's cup of Tetley but something a bit different I guess - and what I happened to be wearing yesterday: PoP
At least you've aged better than Val Kilmer.
Thanks JM, I have a craving for kippers now.
In that case forget the wine fridge and hire a good butler.
Did you get rid of the bunk beds in your room when your brother moved out of home?I joke, I joke...
Only thing is it can be very hard to get money out of a Troika - just ask the Greeks.
Not very nice of you posting my picture I sent you in the open forum.
Near-field chip embedded in my head. Had it for years. Always turns traffic lights orange as I get within 100m of them and puts ATMs out of order when it's my turn to use them. Also seems to attract nutters to sit next to me on public transport like a magnet, even when train/bus is empty.
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