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Couple of recent HC outfits: forest grenadine grossa and Macclesfield pocket hank, and burgundy zigzag knit.
I had a similar experience with a pair of cords - these were supposed to be darker irl but, no, they are quite bright, which causes what Coxy would probably term 'cognitive dissonance' given they are winter weight but summer-y colour. I've since come to the conclusion that casual wear either with a rough tweed jacket and no tie, or just with a jumper and scarf are the best ways forward, and I still wear them occasionally as the are supremely comfortable.
I'll write you in prison.
Journeyman is representing me - he advises the truth is a solid defence against your defamation claim.
Ernie and I can recommend a couple places conveniently located near the dole centre and an abandoned clap clinic.
Top jumper Gerry. Where's it from?
Gerry had a herringbone tweed jacket made up by him I think - looked really good.
I guess that's why they call you a silver fox - you go through the bins.
Are they the $8 jobbies I saw in Aldi the other day?
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