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Well it's only one jacket. They still have quite a few navy SB jackets, and a stable of pretty conservative navy and grey suits... I think they are allowed to experiment a little without being labelled the next Arthur Galan. And really what they are doing IMO is a far lesser evil than a lot of the consumer-driven "creative" MTO shoes you see on some of the other threads on this forum.Plus I haven't even seen the jacket in question apart from online. It could be rather well...
I think an old school tailor would be far less inclined to make something like that for a client!
I actually don't mind it. Not all innovation is good but I prefer it to a classicly cut jacket with gaudy red button holes. I'd imagine it would be good for shorter gents as it has the effect of elongating your torso. And it's not really that far out is it? Sure it has two extra buttons but I have an extra nipple so no one's perfect. Perhaps MJB see themselves competing more with the MTM market, where clients can shell out a bit more for fabric choice and improved fit on...
So pretty much every day in Melbourne.
Patek Phillipe.
Veery noice. And I'm not just saying that.
I've always thought Macs and trenchcoats should be left for rainy days. I suppose just like you wouldn't wear galoshes on a sunny day just to keep your feet warmer. I understand people wear macs etc. as overcoats but for me they will always be rainwear (or flasher wear eh fxh?)If you can afford it and you really feel the cold, an overcoat or covert coat is a more appropriate look IMO. But tbh I just layer a sweater/vest under a sportcoat/suit (not that I really need to do...
Espresso Trickers.
[[SPOILER]] Speaking of shoes I see Double Monk will be stocking som Aldens soon. Anyone have any inside word on what models? Presume the unlined chukka would have to be one of them. Maybe the tassel loafers as well? They are probably the two most iconic shoes they make.
You watched that movie more than once?
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