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A bit rusty today:
Fair enough. I tend to think silk or silk-backed scarves are great for suits or even SCs, but heftier stuff with a casual check goes very well with casual jackets IMO. I understand though you can't stock everything all at once!
No checks this year?
It's finally autumn down here, at least for the next couple of days...
Jeans, grey SC and OCBD.
CT have some presentable tweed sports coats on sale at the moment for ~$300. Might be an option for those in the market leading up to winter.
Who wears ties? I wear my reversible belt around my neck. Hutchence style.
Elastic sided pants for me all the way. They have the dual benefits of amply accommodating my incontinency pad and allowing me to eat more at Sizzler.
If I keep asking he'll eventually buckle.
Second the recommendation for reversible belts. It's good to know that, in case of attack by ninjas, I can turn my brown pebble grain belt over and instantly become a black belt.Also - fxh what is the ROI on reversible belt futures?
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