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That tie tho.
I think the company that makes Kazuna's shoes, if my Japanese is any good (it isn't), is Miyagi Kogyo.
This is gorgeous.
A lot of my time is spent in knit ties - they are just so versatile to be dressed up or down. Also, you can't have a knit tie competition without a Henry Carter tie!
You can only get those in Foo York.
Je suis Jimmy.
Heard Island.
Better still, have your 'young, attractive, definitely 100% female secretary' do it for you, just to underline - literally - that you do not personally draw lines on other men's crotches!
It's the same length as pretty much all of my odd jackets. I think I've mentioned before I have an unusually long body/arms and relatively short legs, so jackets much longer than this tend to make me look out of proportion a bit, whereas this length pretty closely 'cuts me in half' if you know what I mean.
I think this jacket has an acute style.
New Posts  All Forums: