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Yes I think the guy who had it previously gave it a little prick.
From earlier this week - I suppose this jacket qualifies? If so I'm in.
I think there might still be some rum yearling available for MTOs. Also, this post: http://www.styleforum.net/t/21179/rm-williams-boots-everything-you-wanted-to-know/3880_40#post_7408119. Consider a suede model as well.
I agree 100%. It is clear what we must do: we need to start the revolution right here, right now. We must rise up, march on Canberra in our unlined Eidos jackets and RMW jackboots, and install Oli as our new leader.
From a couple weeks ago. Whatever it is in farenheit where many of you live, it's closer to the same in celsius here atm.
My apologies to @Claghorn, I do believe this jacket also goes well with grey trousers.
Harley's in World Square. Used to be $15 a cut, not sure what it is now but it should still be cheaper than most other places. Also - do men really book appts at the barber these days? In between their pedicure and facial appointments presumably...
Sounds interesting Jason, always good to hear about other options in Sydney.
I had a look in my garage but all I could find was a bottle of metho.Don't know how I didn't get around to drinking that one.
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