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The 101st Sartorialists... I thought their uniform was camo double monks without socks and suede A1 bomber jackets? I only know striped grenadines are iGent material as fxh asked me about one once.
Re a members tie, most of us here will have multiple solid colour ties I guess, especially staple colours like burgundy, navy, dark green etc. So perhaps an Aussie members club stripe might have broader appeal? I think striped grenadines are the quintessential iGent tie? With a monogram or the womblaht on the back blade..? Just another thought. Jason you will develop the patience of Job If you didn't already have it from the last batch of members' ties!
Oh shit.
Some of the ligatured monograms can look pretty good too IMO, especially when coloured.E.g.Anyway, I'm sure there are more qualified people than me here when it comes to graphic design, though I agree with HC the simpler the better.
How about a monogram/logo with the initials "AM" for Australian Members? Maybe like below or even something similar to the Henry Carter quadrant logo with those initials and items on the E/W sections could look nice for a club tie and cryptic/discreet on the back blade. I guess groups of members could choose different ties to apply it to as well, depending on Jason's minimum run for such ties. Just an idea anyway.
I think they are taking the piss.
Only four more to go before you reach the magic 11th briefcase, at which time you will reach attaché enlightenment.
Eli Wallach was fantastic in GB&U. If you like spaghettis be sure to watch (or re-watch) Fist Full of Dollars, and the even better (IMHO) follow-up, For a Few Dollars More. As a musician you will appreciate the Ennio Morricone score. As a male you will appreciate the gratuitous violence.
American designer Ashley Owens.
No he's selling it AWDF: arse-wiped during foreplay.
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