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Andrew @TimelessMan is a member on here - he may want to respond to your observation.
Thank you B - the pants are wool/silk 'denim' from one of the first runs of Panta (edmorel's company). The boots are RM Williams custom chukkas in snuff suede.PoP.
Yes but when you offer for them to sit on your lap that's when they stop talking to you and call for help.
Fittingly that one was passed down from father to son.
I once went into a dimly lit Italian restaurant without my glasses and ordered the Paganni off the menu. The waiter promptly informed me it was pronounced "page nine".
From Monday:
I have so many shirts stuffed into my wardrobe they hold each other up without hangers.
Either that Cox or we can all pay you a bunch of compliments to swell your head.
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