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Thanks. They are MTO RM Williams Kingsvales.
For fxh: faux-denim dress trousers.
fxh is currently honing in on your location to unleash a squadron of Bogongs on your wardrobe.
Jase, which photo would you say is the more accurate representation of the colour of the saffron grossa? I.e. is more of a gold/mustard yellow (pic 1), or approaching a puce green (pic 2)?
I have to agree with JM. 'Tis a mongrel if ever I saw one. I usually like patch pockets but this suit would be better served with the traditional flap pockets, and the silly self-patch elbows are just, well, silly.
It's all relative.Though the BOM has also bombed out again. At 2pm I think it will be a stretch to get to 20 here today... not to mention windchill/apparent temp.http://www.bom.gov.au/products/IDN60901/IDN60901.94768.shtml
You already inhabit the fortress of steez. Just make sure to never buckle your DMs though in case you're mistaken for normal.
This is your captain speaking...
One sock (size x-large) was sufficient for the purpose I had in mind.
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