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Well done on your funniest post in 5 years!
Wait, you drive yourself?!
Pretty cool here this morning. Jacket: Purdey Trews: Henry Bucks Tie: HC x Sozzi Shirt: Kamakura PS: Brioni Shoes: Tricker's.
Now how does this go again? 2 x FU =
Slouching about. Cardi: CT Italian collection Pants: Panta Shirt: Kamakura OCBD
Peacoats, best accessorised with Jane B: yeux bleu, cheveux ch√Ętains, &c... [[SPOILER]]
Very scientific thanks mate.
In that case thank you for pulling out early.
I appreciate your effort to respond with a bit of detail, and not to get too defensive, but a couple of hairs to split because that's what we do best here on SF - first, the jacket is more accurately tartan not windowpane. The tie is also a block stripe shantung, not a repp stripe (there is no ribbing on the tie). Finally, the jacket is green/indigo (almost navy) and the tie is green/purple, so three colours in total, and quite a common, "Scottish" combination (which is...
Any reason why you think that?
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