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Plenty of places you can get a good sit down lunch for less than $10. Often less than $8... or about 20 minutes busking in the Central pedestrian tunnel.
What, you don't like Asian food?
Compare these to the Stockman model -
I don't think they say "made in Australia" - or at least they shouldn't, but you have a pair of the boots so I'll defer to you. If they do say made in Oz then that's misleading under the consumer law here... I see that the overseas made models still say "5 Percy St Prospect South Australia" but not explicitly "made in Australia" - which is just as confusing.Some of the online sellers still have the stockmans for sale - whoever was after the jodhpurs could do worse than...
The Stockmans are the old made in Oz, MTO line. The new jodhpurs are made in Romania and cost $200 more than the Stockmans used to...Basically if it doesn't say "Made in Australia" on the back boot tag, it's made overseas now.
I don't think they are up to the same quality as the made in Oz ones personally - they seem a lighter construction (maybe blake possibly and not goodyear) and the leather is a bit more plasticy. Look like a pair of boots you'd find in Zara to be honest.
Different boot. That one has been discontinued I believe in favour of the more expensive Gypsy version with fake storm welt.All the models on the website that don't explicitly say "Made in Australia" in the description.
They're made in Romania so pretty sure they will find stock for you @ $600 a pop.
That was the cheese & wine room in GPO? Not sure if it was ever a deli, just a spot to eat cheese and drink wine.Bit out of the way but the best Italian deli in Sydney is Pino's Dolce Vita in Kogarah.
Or Fratelli Fresh? Think there's one in Bridge St now and Macquarie. Or Potts Point.
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