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LOL I don't think he is capable of such self-depricating irony.
I'd hazard a guess and say GF's homemade pizzas are a bit more upmarket than Vominos. If there's anything wrong with his accompaniment it's the rugby union, not the wine!
Thanks Gez, though this one is actually the rollerball version - I've been paranoid about fountain pens in pockets since one leaked on me many years ago, so the rollerball is a nice compromise for carrying around while my fountain pen stays on my desk for signing big deals, autographing memorabilia and forging cheques.Shhh! We cannot talk about that at this time.
Thanks - it's a Waterman Hémisphère Deluxe.
Here's my C Kimber wallet - Gerry has the same one but significantly thinner as he always has to shout me drinks.I think Pink Socks also has the same one but I don't think his has ever been opened as he's Scottish. [[SPOILER]]
We all knew you were a carpetbagger, this just confirms it.
Trying to will on the start of autumn with some fall colours...
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