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For someone who "was doing some research on suits when I came across this site" 3 weeks ago, you are remarkably well versed in the SF lingo. Anyone would think you'd been around here for yonks, making references to the Foo's OneShoe, along with a few other slip ups since you "arrived".So, the only question that remains is, are you thinskeen or dartagnan red? Not that I really care, but either way, if you are going to have a socktroll account, at least make it amusing (see...
So it was 38 degrees here the other day (that's 100F to the Americans, Liberians and Burmese). This is what I wore - cotton, linen, silk and suede:
No worries - I've never seen anyone besides Dennis position his tie like that in a db jacket - it's his steez.
You playin' us?
It's definitely a rule.
Jesus it's Fred Spofforth.
I'm half wog, so I can say that. You on the other hand are fully mentally ill from what I can tell.
You know there are wogs in Melbourne don't you?
You should consider a career in politics Jimmy. Oli has the ambition but is too honest for his own good.
Great linen/silk jacket in a versatile French navy colour - buggy-lined summer jacket. Fantastic slightly slubby texture with a tiny bit of silky sheen really lends itself to wear with tropical wool, cotton chinos or denim. Wears very louche and cool just like summer should be. Excellent condition: worn gently and always hung and stored properly. RRP on this jacket was $499. Asking under a hungee - $95 ($68 USD) Happy to ship anywhere, please PM me for a shipping...
New Posts  All Forums: