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These were AE's; they had the same look about them and were made in the USA*. I'm familiar with Aldens and these weren't that high quality. Tbh most of the AEs I've seen around - granted that's not many - have had a light, cheap feel about them. What I see as good shoes in the pictures tend to be disappointingly nasty IRL. [[SPOILER]]
I quite like the look of the AE Strands (first photo in Lachy's last post).In Brooks Brothers the other week they had some made in the US shoes, which I can only assume were AE. The style was ok but the leather was crap. I think this is the principal complaint about AE.I was suprised to see BB Melbourne also had some LL Bean boots in stock as well. [[SPOILER]]
Yesterday at Pitti:
Salt 'n' peppa... and cocoa:
Good to see you posting again Oleg, how you been?
fxh - if I may - the obvious solution to all your problems is to get cheap glasses with the wrong prescription, so you can no longer see the stains on your ties. Two dead birds.
Or the zoo...
I have one of their elephant embroided ties. I quite like it. The knit is very 'crunchy' and it ties a nice knot. Wouldn't wear it to a job interview though unless it was to work at MJ Bale.
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