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There you go - as they say, it's not a bug it's a feature!
Only one hole on the front buckle is great - if the shoe is bespoke. Not so much for RTW when different foot shapes will require adjustments in that area to fit a variety of people. If it's a design (rather than contruction) flaw probably the best thing to do would be to take it to a cobbler; punching an extra hole or 2 should be pretty easy. If it's a contruction flaw contact the maker and discuss compensation or a return.
Yeah as wurger says, unless it's a black tie event, don't wear black tie. A dinner jacket is not something you are meant to get a lot of wear out of. If a wedding/awards night invite says black tie, then go for it. But if you go to the Park Hyatt for dinner in a tuxedo I guarantee you within 2 minutes someone will ask you to take their drinks order. It's a hotel restaurant, not Downton Abbey. Please disregard my advice if you are a genuine eccentric - not enough of them...
Hetero guy feels uncomfortable going to pubs in Brisbane in an OCBD and chinos...BETTER WEAR A FLORAL DRESS INSTEAD.
PoP's Melbourne must-see landmarks list:* the old dole office* the bloodhouse pub* the abandoned clap clinic* fxh's secret underground lair / time tunnel.
Call me contrarian but I would get the dub monks.
Limericks are more my go too Coxy.
^ the (brown) defence rests. I really like the tone of that first jacket, something in a mid brown like that is on my list.
Here's a brown jacket (little similar to CD's) outfit from earlier in the week - featuring HC tie and hank.
Quite wintry here - or probably about as cold as Stockholm in spring.
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