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I was going to say, depending on your size, just get Foxy's pair once he realises his don't fit him.
No runners up in this contest in my book, only a cigarette paper between the top 6 or 7 entries IMO - they were all excellent. But well done Anden!
^This. It's good to have a fine dress panama for wear with your nice suits but I think something a bit rougher is infinitely more versatile (and possibly more authentic), and can be worn with just about everything else. Also, you're not going to cry too much if it blows away on the beach.
I bought a pretty good quality Montecristi panama for $70 the other day from these guys: https://www.facebook.com/pereztrading.com.au.Just a heads up* to Sydneysiders as it looks like they have stalls at a few of the suburban markets/street fairs around Sydney on the weekends, so you might want to check them out. They don't have a real website from what I can see but their FB page has info on where they will be etc. or I guess you could flick them a message.
Ohm my God - if you guys don't give it a break I'm going to start charging you.
Chorn - Is that jacket linen/silk blend by any chance? Was looking at something similar myself for summer here but wasn't sure about the sheen factor. This looks good though I think.
I thought the weather was nice in Guantanamo this time of year.
Well I don't know about that, but you've always struck me as down to earth.
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