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Shock horror - I agree blah. Walked past one of their shops the other day and for a moment I thought 'some of these look ok'. From a distance some could pass for pretty decent shoes, though they're not exactly cheap. That brogue on the bottom is $450...
The shoes look to be good value at $325. Certainly we're starved for anything decent in Sydney at that sort of price so I hope he does well. What style did you order?
Good find. I like that he is upfront about being MTM, and the difference compared to bespoke, as well as freely advertising prices on his website. Will have to drop by and have a chat.
$1,100? Did they belong to FDR? Because they look like polio boots.
Snuff suede RMW chukkas:
Daniel's IP lawyers should be all over this.
Seems minimalist enough - what's your problem?
Not quite like for like there - as you say they look similar but the first is 100% cashmere and that's always going to be 5x as expensive as wool (or in this case, a 10% cashmere mix). I have the CT cardigan and it's certainly soft enough for me and plenty warm for a Sydney winter, especially at $100 (though at full price it's something like $220). That Robert Old is a beautiful cardigan though and in a different league altogether.On a more philosophical note, I've always...
Generous offer blahman, but not sure you guys are the same size.
Thanks mate. The shantung is a great tie (from @Henry Carter - as is the pocket hank). Dry and slubby hand as you'd expect from shantung silk, but being untipped keeps the tie light and allows for well-proportioned knots. It's a good year-round tie IMO.
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