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I thought you and Oli were big Wiggles fans?
A friend once played me back some of a U2 concert he had recorded on his crappy mobile phone about 10 years ago while he was sitting in the nosebleed section of some second rate arena with lousy acoustics. It was a blurry, testypopping, caterwailing load of gobshite. In other words: a remarkably authentic reproduction of U2's signature sound.
Whatever the impact on global Topy prices, I still think they are a sure investment, particularly if you have a thin skeen.
The essence of styleforum right there - trying to sound smarter than you are by regurgitating some shite about the complex machinations of international economies and foreign exchange markets, just in case the worst happens - you know, like your designer 'workwear' comes out $10 more expensive.
You gotta be quick!
+1 although as usual DJ's limited stock means they're almost guaranteed to not have your size.
Panta are superb. Have several pairs now and Ed not only has a great eye for fabrics, he's also a pleasure to deal with.
[[SPOILER]] Herringbone - Panta - Drakes (tie) - Kamakura - Henry Carter - Tricker's.
A green field?
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