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I assume you're writing this in blue to show us how blue ribbon Liberal you are.
Not sure about that tie (and clip) with a tweed jacket. Some will suggest you burn the tie. I would only suggest you save it for wear with summer suits.
Thanks, I edited the post to list where each item is from.
An NFF look from last week: Details: Jacket: Herringbone Sydney Shirt: Joseph Turner PS: Henry Carter Trousers: Panta Boots: RM Williams
Yes, I've met up with the Melbourne crew a couple of times.
These navy blue? Would love a pair like this...
Agree with fxh, the ones pictured a bit too school shoe to me, but I have same style in brown suede, very nice shoe IMO.In black the swept back buckle models are the go I reckon, the sleekness pairs well with the black to make a nice formal shoe - good for suits not so sure about versatility however.
Big Kazuna? That's the Hawaiian burger joint... I hear they make a tasty burger...
New Posts  All Forums: