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This is great by the way. Is that a Canadian tux?
Nice inkjet tie.
Mate we all know you'd just be posting here more often.For that reason alone I think stimulant drug possession should carry the death penalty.
One thing on black suits is dandruff.
I like black or really dark charcoal suits. Especially good if you have something on in the evening after work, where your blogger blue patch pocket suit and chestnut brogues might look a little too dandy daytime. CD I think your instinct for wearing it with a lavender shirt rather than white, with a dark tie, is a good one. Pale blue, not so much IMO. Black is formal so you also want to steer away from gingham or tattersal check shirts, lest you look like like you walked...
Thanks. The tie is an 8cm (at widest point) grenadine. Not sure of the exact width of the lapels but they are neither especially stingy, or generous.Yes, good eye JDM, they are espresso Belgraves. Good solid shoes for the money IMO. Pair well with both suits and odd jackets/trousers.
In keeping with today's simple theme, and inspired by the recent discussion of white shirts: [[SPOILER]]
They don't call me Bogart because I wear a hat...
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