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@Henry Carter makes some wonderful ties, pocket hankies, scarves and other stuff - I've been a fan for a while and have a few of his pieces from over the years that are among my favourite accessories. So in the vein of the Yellow Hook and other appreciation threads, I thought it would be nice to showcase a few of my favourite items from HC here. I also happen to know HC has a few other fans on the forum - @Journeyman, @Claghorn @Coxsackie I'm looking at you. I'll get the...
Well said T.
Where did you bury the body?
Mine's been up since Christmas 1989.
I quit from this homophobe forum. Only wackos post here.
What's TV?
Sorry I don't hang out on AAAC.
DR, please stop liking your own posts you're better than this. If this is a cry for help we're here for you son.
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