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Yes you're quite right. Not sure if these qualify as "longwings" but they have plain toecaps and closed lacing... [[SPOILER]] Who you callin' a factotum?
Something like these?
Yes good link JM. Have you imported anything from these guys? My major concern would be an over zealous AQIS officer deciding that horn buttons are non permesso.
Only 7,358 to go...
^ babycino?
Speaking of slippers, can anyone point me to some decent quality, leather lined ones with a hard leather sole? So far most of them seem to be velour lined or have suede soles that wear out too quickly. My current pair from Gowings has, well... 'gone to Gowings'.
I asked for a 13 but they drew a 31.
- Spandex- Yoga pants- Tattoos.
Look very nice - but what colour are the buckles? The left looks gold the right looks silver!
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