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Personally, I think wearing Indiana Jones' fedora is akin to getting around in Sherlock Holmes' deerstalker, or Superman's cape.
Akubra also make a replica of Indiana Jones' hat from the movies, if that is your thing. And for about one third the price of what SAB charge...
Thanks mate. Yes RMW are great boots; these ones are MTO - chustnut camel leather with a storm welt, based on the Macquarie last. They're good wet weather boots. I did a bit of a write up on them here if you're interested.
This jacket is Australia's answer to the Barbour - lightweight waxed cotton 'dryskin'.
In all seriousness, I like Coogee. It has come a long way in the last 15 years or so. The fact Hemmes has opened a joint up there is a good sign it's starting to get really trendy. Not Bondi or Bronte levels trendy - but that's probably a good thing.
Good to see some more activity in this thread and some great posts. Me from a little while ago. Wet weather wear.
Tbh I think you'd look more like a weirdo in a boater than in a Panama hat. Nobody wears the former outside of their Gatsby-themed Xmas party, whereas the latter is ubiquitous here in summer (on men and women), particularly if you live by the beach (well, Bondi at least, maybe not Maroubra...)
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