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There was also that Cockney spruiker on a loudspeaker out the front...
Oli is the expert on Carmina lasts, but from what I saw a couple of weeks back they had a fairly decent range. Thrown in a bargain bin pile with a flashing blue light, well away from the Lobbs, EGs etc. that were arranged neatly on their respective shelves.
Supporting the sock-eroos.
Flashing some casual support for the Green & Gold.
Bah homburg!
Put a feather in it you bunnets.
Bob Katter?He pelted the Beatles you know.
Looks good - what model did you get Gerry?Thinking of heading* down to Strand Hatters to have another look at fedoras, had enough faffing about with umbrellas on cold wet days like today.
Nice colour choices Jason I will keep an eye out on your site. Been waiting for these to pick a couple of things up.
New Posts  All Forums: