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It's a slippery slope you're on now nabil. Next thing you know you'll be thumbing Liberty Print fabric swatches and debating whether to get 3 or 4 buttons on your cuffs...
Thanks, I'm gonna miss wearing that jacket this summer. As for my UN, it's hard to believe I know, but I'm not a real prince either! Maybe I should ask the mods to change it to PoP.;-)It's true, a darker colour suede would certainly be a safer option, but it's Friday and ZFG. The jacket is also quite loud and rustic, and as a result I think the chukkas are reasonably harmonious with the rest of the outfit, though my point would be strengthened if I could muster a full body...
I think the logical corollary is that if you are paying a 50% markup on your shoes, you really ought to spend another $45 to get them Topy'd.
Then he goes and wears a lavender shirt himself for the FC... devious bugger that Gerry.
This is me today. Probably the last time this year it will be cool enough for this jacket.
It's the personal service you offer which will keep the customers paying a bit extra. If you just run your business like a warehouse, and your value proposition (reason for marking up) is simply that you have a physical shoe to try on, then you can expect customers to take advantage of that element - i.e. try on your stock - and then go and order online.
I thought you only wore blue and white shirts nabs?
Cox - if guys like you and me are new to it, then that's the surest proof you'll need that it's on it's way out.
Yeah, you're probably right Elio. Tbh it's a bit on the short side to what I'd ideally like if it was MTM. And my dimensions have probably changed a bit - ok, increased - since I bought it a few years back. Being light and unlined probably reduces the margin for error compared to a heavier fabric as well.In other words - a fustercluck!
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