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Panta are superb. Have several pairs now and Ed not only has a great eye for fabrics, he's also a pleasure to deal with.
[[SPOILER]] Herringbone - Panta - Drakes (tie) - Kamakura - Henry Carter - Tricker's.
A green field?
Looking good Cleav, but that beach ain't Bondi...
They'd do a lot better if they looked more like Daphne.
Polyester makes you sweat. Is it luck?
All this fuss you pretty boys go on with for your hair... Not sure if I should be jealous - or relieved.
That's an AMF topstitch if I'm not mistaken? (Apols NM if it's actually handwork - who was your tailor on this one?) A topstitch like this can help to give softer shoulders a bit of shape resembling light roping in my experience.
Well if it's any consolation, purple/green is one of my favourite combinations. If Pink Socks were here he'd be getting all nostalgic.
New Posts  All Forums: