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This is your captain speaking...
One sock (size x-large) was sufficient for the purpose I had in mind.
Did you pay full price? I did.Full priced socks from HB I am now officially 'baller' and 'steezy': a steezball.
Well I bought a pair of socks there the other week, if that answers your question.
He probably has his device in airline mode, and his safety belt fastened low and tight - as should you.Thank you for providing your exact location and description; I've just reported you to CASA. Expect a visit from a heavily armed and ordinarily dressed air marshall any second.
Kudos to Eidos.
Indeed AC. On a related note and in the interests of educating the forum, I will add that, if you go back far enough, men in trousers were considered barbarians!
Just my humble attempt at supporting the "green & gold" at the WC.
Xingjiang cotton mill #4215.
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