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So the Devil wears Church's?
I'd probably just use mid brown cream (I prefer cream to polish). Will help to cover scuffs and give the leather a bit of a drink at the same time.
The pebble grain from Spain keeps your feet dry in the rain.
Cheers Cleav. Now it hasn't rained in Sydney for about a month but when it does, I will be prepared!
Nipple grip > commando. Oh *cough* we were talking about boots...
Ernesto - you could also be adventurous and get a pair of MTO tan camel leather RM Rigger boots. I think Geoff Firmin was going to get camel Riggers but don't know if he did or not. Would be a sweet make up IMO. As for Islays they are nice boots for sure but you pay a premium for dressing like Bond (James not Alan).
C&J Pembroke:
Ernie - you're after a pair of pebble grain boots for casual wear? Have a look at Cheaney. Quite like the look of the factory special boots Plestor had: http://www.styleforum.net/t/88856/australian-members/29960_40#post_6293607. Not sure exactly how much they were or what they go for now but would definitely be sub $400, though the GBP forex rate is not what it once was. Maybe send him a PM, he can tell you how to go about ordering etc. Another option might be the Herring...
Everyone knows odd socks transmogrify into wire coathangers.
Those look great Emile. The rum leather is RMW's only real 'patinated' leather. IMO it is a very versatile colour as it has both lighter and darker brown elements. Kind of like an Aussie version of museum calf. As for the scratches, I think those should buff out with a bit of polish/cream. Not something I would worry about particularly.
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