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It's interesting - in Australia we only wear them on the 11th, but the UK they have always been worn (legitimately) for a few days in the lead up to Remembrance Day. Not sure why that is. Perhaps because we also have ANZAC Day here as a day of remembrance for the fallen.Also, the lapel poppies for sale are different in the UK than the ones sold here (nicer IMO, but it's all for charity of course, so aesthetics don't really matter).As an aside, we also wear rosemary sprigs...
I think this challenge is a week early - Remembrance Day is the 11th.
You mean the Melbourne Crup?
Looks good Rust, but that's not a Cali tux...
A quick snap from yesterday.
You know, it doesn't really matter when you... [[SPOILER]]
HC zigzag knit and maccelsfield PS.
Have you obscured the sole to protect the identity of your shoes?
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