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Nice blow job. Compliments.
They're redwing work boots don't you just use kiwi nugget on the scuffs - and then only when you're going to a b&s?
Was a bit nippy here earlier in the week.
Looks like salt from your perspiration. Do your feet perspire much and how often do you wear your boots? If it disappears when you add conditioner or polish I wouldn't sweat it.
Journeyman-san, for a European you are exceptionally cultivated.
Facebook? Is that like e-mail?
Brb using imagination since no pics.
Porter is portly.
Just give us the word on this prick Jason, the sartorial hit squad of me, fxh, Ernesto, Oli2012, foxy and GF are ready to rumble!
There you go - as they say, it's not a bug it's a feature!
New Posts  All Forums: