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A favourite summer tie makes it more bearable being in the office instead of at the beach...
I'm more of an Old Testament, smite thy enemies, fire and brimstone kind of guy myself. Fxh OTOH is more touchy feely, long hair, turn the other cheek, water into wine etc.
More shantung.
Looking good Spandexter.
'Twas a hot, unstructured, slubby, suedey kind of Sydney day.
Try Woolies.
He's an arachnid.
I have already demounted you facts, you is completely nuts and seems to suffer of " projection", a psychological symbton that is to project on others what you is. No pun, but most of this people has it.
Sounds like you found that out the hard* way.
No it was totally legit...
New Posts  All Forums: