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This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
The Germans wore gray, he wore blue.
Have no regrets!
Boots are SOLD - thanks SF and buyer.
Down to $190 AUD delivered. Aussie Members = $170 delivered!
It all depends on your unique foot shape of course but for the record I wear a 9G in the Craftsman, 9G in the Macquarie and 9H in the comfort craftsman (which run a bit narrower IMO possibly due to the internal padding). I agree about the Yearling not being a good surrogate for the fit of the Macquarie due to the high heel...
In my experience the Macquarie has more room in the toe than the Craftsman as it is higher and has more volume. Width-wise they are about the same although optically the Macquarie looks narrower.
This is what happens when you invite fxh over for dinner and let him near your wardrobe.
Updated price now includes shipping to anywhere in the world. Aussie members take $20 off the price.
Please pass on details of such journals.
New Posts  All Forums: