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Looking good Jason - yourself and the merch that is.
You'd come for anybody.
I for one welcome anyone with experience and skills as a cutter, tailor etc. on the thread and encourage them to contribute their knowledge about clothes and the industry. Certainly beats the conversations about rocking chairs and coat hangers that this thread seems to revert to every month or so.
Wet wintry day here, and my Akubra is serving me admirably.
Pinky - if you want that 'lived in' look for your clothes, just stop paying the mortgage and you can achieve it by default.
I find wearing a hat generally helps it look worn over time.Also has the added bonus of keeping the rain off your head. [[SPOILER]]
Just make sure to buy two of everything you want if using partner's card, 'cause eventually this strategy will result in you having to give them half of all your property.
New Posts  All Forums: