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No, can you give us the cliffs?
Especially after Gerry stole that pair of Dovers.
I thought he put every shoe you picked up straight into a fire and told you (loudly) the clap clinic was across the road?
Interesting article about RMW's history and the recent LVMH sale and refresh. Might be of interest to some of the regular readers of this thread...http://www.afr.com/brand/afr-magazine/rm-williams-sets-out-to-sell-its-australian-story-to-the-world-20160214-gmu1ih [[SPOILER]]
For sale, my pair of mid-brown (snuff) suede RMW Goodyear-welted Kingsvale chukkas. Truly great looking pair of boots, but I've come to the sad conclusion that chukka boots are not suited to me... So my loss is your gain. The Kingsvale is a discontinued style so you won't see these anywhere, probably ever again. Even rarer is this MTO makeup in RMW's buttery mid-brown suede. The boots are in excellent used condition. The suede is basically in mint condition, still...
He said "NOT a complete prat".That's me out boys, over to you.
Wine in those days was actually pretty average - or so fxh tells me.
Plenty of places you can get a good sit down lunch for less than $10. Often less than $8... or about 20 minutes busking in the Central pedestrian tunnel.
What, you don't like Asian food?
Compare these to the Stockman model -
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