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Are we still talking about the tie?
Not just that but the vast majority of stuff sold locally is also ultimately sourced overseas.
As it's related to the discussion, here's a close up of the fabric from a wool/silk/linen jacket I wore yesterday. OH - the mohair/linen blend sounds interesting. I'd imagine the mohair could impart a bit of a sheen similar to silk in a se/wo/li blend?
What about something like this?
Coolish today here, before some hot weather next week, hence the (lightweight) flannel.
I wear a belt and braces. I'm insecure.
fxh's philosophy is casual DB jackets are a bit of an oxymoron. I tend to agree with him.
Ok, I'm in.
Ok, I'll bite, seeing as I wore a checked shirt this week. [[SPOILER]] Good challenge Tchoy, I'm hoping for some creative attempts as well.
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