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In all seriousness, I like Coogee. It has come a long way in the last 15 years or so. The fact Hemmes has opened a joint up there is a good sign it's starting to get really trendy. Not Bondi or Bronte levels trendy - but that's probably a good thing.
Good to see some more activity in this thread and some great posts. Me from a little while ago. Wet weather wear.
Tbh I think you'd look more like a weirdo in a boater than in a Panama hat. Nobody wears the former outside of their Gatsby-themed Xmas party, whereas the latter is ubiquitous here in summer (on men and women), particularly if you live by the beach (well, Bondi at least, maybe not Maroubra...)
^ That looks like I made it.
Foxy - your turn; make Liber and the rest of us feel better.
New clothes and a new camera.You know what to do.
Anyone bought any clothes lately?
My name's not Fiona.
New Posts  All Forums: