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Summer tweed* makes about as much sense as "winter linen". [[SPOILER]]
Depends on how much beard oil you use.
I agree with fxh - or rather, he agrees with me - re that jacket looking like an orphaned suit separate, especially with flap pockets, shiny worsted, narrow lapels etc.However, ignoring that particular example, I think your instincts are pretty good if you are leaning towards a checked navy jacket rather than a plain one. For me, if you are wearing it with cords, moleskins etc. which are very informal and have a soft pattern/texture of their own, a plain navy blazer can...
Faux denim dress pants to the rescue.
You know not what I have done...
You won't be so arrogant when the police arrive.
They're dress pants. That look like denim.Jesus no need to get cross.
I have a pair of wool/silk trousers that are faux-denim. I pair these with a sportcoat more often than actual jeans.
Hey - you're not supposed to come back from the dead until Sunday!
I do my best work when I've had a few. In fact, I'm drunk right now!
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