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Was a bit nippy here earlier in the week.
Looks like salt from your perspiration. Do your feet perspire much and how often do you wear your boots? If it disappears when you add conditioner or polish I wouldn't sweat it.
Journeyman-san, for a European you are exceptionally cultivated.
Facebook? Is that like e-mail?
Brb using imagination since no pics.
Porter is portly.
Just give us the word on this prick Jason, the sartorial hit squad of me, fxh, Ernesto, Oli2012, foxy and GF are ready to rumble!
There you go - as they say, it's not a bug it's a feature!
Only one hole on the front buckle is great - if the shoe is bespoke. Not so much for RTW when different foot shapes will require adjustments in that area to fit a variety of people. If it's a design (rather than contruction) flaw probably the best thing to do would be to take it to a cobbler; punching an extra hole or 2 should be pretty easy. If it's a contruction flaw contact the maker and discuss compensation or a return.
Yeah as wurger says, unless it's a black tie event, don't wear black tie. A dinner jacket is not something you are meant to get a lot of wear out of. If a wedding/awards night invite says black tie, then go for it. But if you go to the Park Hyatt for dinner in a tuxedo I guarantee you within 2 minutes someone will ask you to take their drinks order. It's a hotel restaurant, not Downton Abbey. Please disregard my advice if you are a genuine eccentric - not enough of them...
New Posts  All Forums: