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I am impressed. Reminds me of an acquaintance who bought an engagement ring in advance of ever meeting a girl who could stand him for more than five minutes.
Paging Mr @Gerry Nelson. You are required at the front bar.Also, the following cars have been broken into...
Seeing as no one has posted an entry yet, I'll get the ball rolling. Pocket hank is white silk.
I'm amazed and enlightened - as an avid viewer of A Current Affair I thought Queensland - particularly the GC - was a sort of lawless zone like the Wild West, inhabited mostly by dodgy builders and drug dealers. Upon visiting recently I can confirm those assumptions to be totally wrong. It's much worse.
I was talking to a young woman while waiting for a fitting at my shirtmaker a few years back. She was there with her fiance who was getting fitted out in full bespoke black tie rig for their wedding. I asked where and when they were getting married - the answer was "Cairns - in March". Why the hell you would decide to get married in a dinner jacket for a daytime wedding in the middle of summer in the tropics I still struggle to understand.Given cyclone Larry came through...
Yeah leave the VB at home but make sure to bring your AK along so you can fire off a few hundred shots into the air at the reception.
Is heading or be-heading?
Sunrises, mourning... Singapore hangs people at sunrise.
I think it's befitting of the successful commercial and entrepreneurial spirit of Singapore that people should seek to profit from his demise.
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