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I'm assuming you mean either drugs or bones. If the latter, you're better off starting with a woodchipper. Or are you branching out into traditional Chinese medicine?
I agree about the suit but the tie is giving me a bad case of 80s flashbacks.
Hey Noods - I wear a 40/50 and most 42s are just too big. Sadly this winter its the model that's sized up slightly instead... Still there aren't buttons popping off (PoPping off?) or anything. But it could probably use me to lose a kilo or be let out a tad if I could be bothered.
'Prepped' for the weekend.
Only by Toons.
2 bits.
Fortnum & Mason is on Piccadilly nearby (I think you used to be able to get in via Jermyn St), always nice to stop in there for a cup of tea after a long day trying on shoes (and buy some tea or jams for your significant other so as to not be yelled at for spending all day trying on shoes). Foster & Son are on Jermyn St as well IIRC, as well as the more familiar brands Churches, C&J, Edward Green, Tricker's etc.
Can I chime in with a pun?
Could always get one of these:
Looks like the Madison hotel on Chalmers St in the background.
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