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The short answer is yes. The comfort craftsman is available with a leather inner sole and is called the Blaxland. But on MTO you can specify the type of inner sole you want on any makeup. Best way is to specify the letter code for each boot bit - sole, inner sole, heel type etc. - which are indexed in the RMW catalogue.
Probably most of the forum.
And Ernest will make a joke about phlanges.
Nice Gezza.
Nice day to av some beetroot.
Is that from Andrew McDonald's new season collection?
Thank you! The jacket and tie are both from Australian labels - Herringbone Sydney and Henry Carter.Too kind.
Don, having a similar pair of pants I find that a light blue shirt can wash the look out a bit, particularly when you take your jacket off. I realise the rules for the challenge this week necessitate a blue shirt but I can't help thinking something like, say a crisp white or even an orange university stripe, would look better. Just my two pesos.
Button down with a tie; brown, blue and grey. [[SPOILER]]
Yeah likewise, I missed the release - last year I think.
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