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Not in public Gerry, you'll make fxh jealous ;-)
You should all dress up in your black tie rigs and get kebabs, nachos etc. to eat at random tram shelters and Westfield food courts in Melbourne. Post photos. Would be much more fun - and cheaper too.
I sympathise CD. There is always some prick who will nitpick about collar gap or jacket length or cuff width or some nonsense, not taking into account that people actually move and don't stand around like a robot all day (unless you are Vox, peace by upon him). These people also tend to not be able to visualise a context outside of their own little (usually very conservative) world, and have trouble assessing a whole look rather than just the elements. You basically just...
Nice lid and extra points for the telnyashka.
No real differene in quality of the top line Church's - they have always been about the most expensive English benchmade shoes for what you get. There has been a proliferation of, as Gerry says, less than classic designs, and also more shoes in their second tier "City" range, with half-cotton lining, lower stitch-per-inch on the soles, and some corrected grain leather. Not all corrected-grain shoes are bad, and some people seem to prefer half-lining in hot weather (though...
How about now?
Red chinos?Ho ho ho!
What the hell would you wear those with?
Well, yes and no. Some people see something that breaks a rule and automatically it doesn't look good, even if it does (if you know what I mean). People are entitled to their hangups though I suppose. It's when they impose them without prejudice, regardless of the overall look and feel, then I think it's missing the wood for the trees.There are reasons and there are reasons. I agree there is something not ideal about the jacket's fit (sorry Panda). But I think that because...
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