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His name was PORTER not PORKER. Be careful what you say, from what I've heard he's best mates with fxh, Pink Socks and CHECKstar.
More of a paco rabanne man myself. I pick up the bottles from deceased estates.
Try English Leather. $15.99 at the chemist.
I remember in his early career Federer was actually sponsored by Maurice Lacroix. They even let him design a limited edition chrono: The "Chronometer Officially Certified" on the dial was obviously an early pointer to Roger's true horological preferences!
Looking forward to our next "meet up" buddy.
I think most of the new Kamakura oxfords have replaced the darts with a centre pleat. That said, the slim fits can be a bit tight in the chest and shoulders compared to other OTR shirts with the same collar size.
No worries edd - the heels on the comfort and regular models are the same actually, stacked leather and rubber. The last rubber heel piece might be glued on so it's easier to replace when it wears down but the heel itself is nailed in (from the top of the boot I believe). You could see the tops of the nails if you removed the heel pad insert inside the boot.
May the leather soles of your Aldens remain unblackened by misdirected piss.
The heel attachment is blind (brass nails) not glue. I'm not a shoe/boot construction expert but there's no real disadvantage to this method over a 360 degree welt AFAIK.
You're human?;-)
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