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Ptth you amateur - Tarzan's grip is rubbish. You're better off spending a bit more and getting shockproof superglue. You can get from Coles don't even need to try and find an MIA "team member" at Bunnings... The shockproof stuff seems to hold up well on shoe soles/topys, I've never had any issues with them coming off again.Best method is (gentle) G-clamp or even bulldog clip on both sides if you have enough space to attach, clamp with glue over night. Or if you're out bush...
Meerkats gunna meerkat...
Thanks EP. It's an RM Williams dry skin jacket. I did a small write up on it here a little while ago.
Sorry, but I'm only versed in hot oil wrestling, foxy boxing and such and such.
Casual Thursday:
Please define "deep, deep pickle" (sounds like a porno movie - eh Ernesto?) Were the Great Depression, the loss of Singapore and the bombing of Darwin - not to mention starting out life as an isolated penal colony - not desperate enough times to qualify as a 'pickle'?Anyway, I'm not sure I follow your logic. If you think being in a 'deep pickle' drives performance all I can say is please tell me you're not investing my super in Liberian infrastructure projects or the...
Did you also notice my slouch?
I'm suffering from military fatigues.
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