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I'm not sure where exactly to put this, so i'll post the question here for now I'm a freshman at Berkeley, but I haven't really been to the city at all. What are some really great clothing boutiques that I should visit on some free weekends in San Francisco? Thanks!
Hey everyone, I live in LA so it's been really hard for me to get my hands on these two pieces, and as far as I know a lot of the uniqlo stores have run out of them...Does anybody have these items for sale or have found them in one of the uniqlo shops? Really looking for the Wool Dufflecoat in XS in any color, and the corduroy shirt in XS in either dark green or brown. Thank you, very interested in buying these pieces.
Has anyone seen the wool duffle coat in stores still? (size XS) or have one to sell? Thanks.
anybody interested in proxying me some marled socks and heattech stuff? thanks!
does anybody know which j.crew is best in the northridge/los angeles area? the one i go to (inside the topanga mall) is awful.. specifically one that carries extra small
bump, price lowered
lowered to 120 shipped
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