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yay nay? Adidas Originals x NDG forum mids (considering I have a credit note to havenshop.ca and theres not much else I really want...) http://www.havenshop.ca/ShowProductD...spx?PK_ID=2799
nah the hoody...
and yuh they have the thermal pro hoody at www.havenshop.ca
ight so im getting a tiger fleece hoody. the grey one. im a little weary tho. we dont have them in Ottawa. I ordered a diamond knit henley and i hated where the bands at the sleeve and the bottom of the body hit me. it looked real awkward. had to send it back. I know others had th same problem reading through... Id like the sleeves pretty long and the ribbing at the bottom of the body to sit above the waist. Lik the model on context or at farinellis sizing? Im...
Hey guys- SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOOLD please remove THX Putting her up for sale. Decided i could really use the money...im flat out broke and just got fired. Everything about it is perfect, no flaws whatsoever. Still in its original packaging, with tags attached and all. SIZE SMALL Im asking for 105us shipped. Ill post pictures of the actual henley up tommorow for proof of its condition. No camera on me at the moment. Heres a pic for reference Thanks...
miiiike just waitin on my shirt to arrive, its been over two weeks now. Im in Canada. gotta admit im gettin a bit worried- any tracking or anythin you could give me? bought her on september 1stt
fuckin rite!
hey man- just ordered the olive chambray. Im a first. I think she'l be spot on for me. just wondering how long it generally takes to ship to Canada, im really anxious to wear it!
NEED THAT FUCKIN PAPER I TELL YA plaids/checks/tartans - heavy cotton, flannels gingham layering ts+henleys- closer to body, thicker (ditch the loose summer shite) cardigans- heavier wool. different lengths, widths for layering. One black mockneck. Jumpers. crewnecks. w/e. chunky. cable knit. fairisle. sneakersneaskersneakersneakers combat boots new apc ps's black drk grey jeans drk grey heavy chambray wings+horns m65 jacket (too bad my credit is MAXED...
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