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If you are looking for a different alternative to the traditional (i can't say that with a straight face, but it is, in some circles traditional, no?) Doc Martens, try Bates. Combat boots up the ante on the doc marten a bit, but they are waterproof as hell and comfortable enough to make a nazi in russia happy. They certainly aren't going to come in a million varieties, but their build quality is supreme. Mine have seen 5 years of heavy use, including military training,...
I think that with a little work and patience you can bring the size of most Windsors down substantially (tighten and re tighten etc.) maybe we the exception of some miraculously thick ties. But he is an Italian willy wonka indeed.
Honestly I would tell him to learn a full Windsor. It is really a matter of taste but the a symmetry just...grates on my nerves. But classy move with the french cuffs.
It would seem to me that a competent seamstress or tailor could alter the cuffs. An alteration to the side with the buttons could effectively deal with the problem (taking 1/4-1/2" off, moving buttons etc.) The questions is, is it really worth it? Maybe having these shirts made to fit might be a better approach.
I can just see him standing there happy as can a sleeveless suit. As to the idea that thinking about how you dress is sufficient, I must respectfully disagree. Simply thinking about something doesn't imply that you have come to a correct answer. Admittedly, fashion is much more subjective than many things, but still, the gold leotard is always wrong. Call me old fashioned but hey, he gets an A for effort in any case.
I did do a search. I was looking for something rather particular, however. I thought I might have more success asking for that, rather than browsing bags at random. But to the people who did reply, Thank you!
I have recently had a bit of a fashion renaissance (entered the workforce and all that) and the bags which were perfectly acceptable in college are now...insufficient. I am looking for a briefcase with a shoulder strap (I know, then it isn't really a briefcase) but so far have been unsuccessful. So far I have looked at: Montblanc- A little too clean. I'm only 22 and this is a bit...dry. Cole Haan A nice bag but not in black. Also, only having the single...
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