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just found out a mutual friend of ours (hers and mine, that is) is giving a party. classy style: tuxedo and all that. anyway, she's probably going and i want to give it one last shot. just keeping you updated wish me luck (and help:s ) ps: to those of you who, friendly and wisely, advised me to try dating someone else... well... i have. and it went fine! good to know my skills havent died out
Quote: Originally Posted by wilson brother Thank you for the good help here. Saajuk is write this will not be near the beach but we can be dreaming with Endless Summer on the DVD. Bouji..I want this to be like a California beach party not beach of Normandy ! Sorry I hope you understand. do the members here think pudding would be an appropiate dessert? sorry dude, i took it you were giving the party on the beach or near it, hence my...
i take it you are giving this party somewhere NOT actualy on the beach. don't know about you but where i live salads are way to go. you could try making some with chicken or other white meat. avoid alcoholic drinks.
guess european girls take cake then!
sounds cool!
People have been drinking milk for ages and I don't recall any newspaper blamming anyone's dead on milk..
sounds promissing edit: ok. cant figure out that site. can anyone crash course me in it please?
@gary: i like that motto. really do @reggs: why should i do that? @matadorpoeta: shame about the story. i'll give the kiss plan a try though. i've some ideas as what to do already: as gary suggested, i'll pick some of our mutual friends and do something together and/or i'll visit her in her farm this holydays. she always told me how much she liked it there so i suppose the setting will help. in the meanwhile i'll go out with other girls to avoid getting obsessed...
very balanced diet, i suppose. had a few alcool related bad habits but left them for good. there's nothing else to add i guess. muay thai is terrific but i'm a lot more into savate actually. i just don't have any idea of the quantity of calories i can burn doing any of those sports.
hi! i'm currently trying to lose some weight. i height 1,86m and weight 95kg. my objective is 85kg. i've used to work out a lot but i never got any thinner because of that. so right now i'm looking for some activity to help me get to my objective. i was thinking about doing one of the following: savate/muay thai, rugby, swimming, water polo or team rowing (dont know if this is the right term). i got really bored at gym despite doing a lot of different exercises per...
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