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Good afternoon. I recently purchased a pair of Allen Edmonds Strands from Club Monaco here in Toronto, Canada. Today is the second day I have worn the shoes and they are beautiful. However, I have noticed an issue with the heel on each shoe that I would appreciate your feedback on. On the inside of the left shoe there is a tear in the top of the heel near the stitching (see image1 attached). There appears to be the exact same thing same on the right shoe, however in...
Thank you everyone for the input and suggestions.
I haven't handled either, but I hear that Stowa's fit-and-finish is superior. I also understand that it has more historical significance as a brand, if that matters to you. I would go with the Stowa, though you'll probably have to wait a few months to get it.
Thank you Cylon. I suppose it would be an all-purpose watch, but moreso one the causal side as she is in jeans far more often than a dress, but I do think a Cartier tank would suit most if not all purposes. I guess I have to tell myself that I'm buying the watch her and not myself (in which case an auto movement would be a must)!
Hello everyone, My wife's 30th birthday is coming up and I would like to buy her a nice watch. My budget is $2000, which limits me as far as higher-end timepieces go, so I am willing to buy a used model if it is good condition (Timezone, etc.). I am thinking of something a little chunky (so she enjoys it now), but timeless and not too trendy (so she enjoys it in 20 years). I have narrowed it down to the following for now: - Rolex Air King (used Datejusts seem to be out...
I have had success with the following sites: I recently purchased the Hirsch "Alligatorgrain" from Freda and I find it to be very good quality for the money (well under $50).
I say keep them. I'm sure they look quite nice in brown suede.
Seiko SARB030? Or the new SARB072?
Get insoles...
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