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this: http://www.seiyajapan.com/product/S-SARB071/SEIKO-Automatic-Watch-6R15-SARB071.html
Thank you everyone for the input and suggestions.
I haven't handled either, but I hear that Stowa's fit-and-finish is superior. I also understand that it has more historical significance as a brand, if that matters to you. I would go with the Stowa, though you'll probably have to wait a few months to get it.
Thank you Cylon. I suppose it would be an all-purpose watch, but moreso one the causal side as she is in jeans far more often than a dress, but I do think a Cartier tank would suit most if not all purposes. I guess I have to tell myself that I'm buying the watch her and not myself (in which case an auto movement would be a must)!
Hello everyone, My wife's 30th birthday is coming up and I would like to buy her a nice watch. My budget is $2000, which limits me as far as higher-end timepieces go, so I am willing to buy a used model if it is good condition (Timezone, etc.). I am thinking of something a little chunky (so she enjoys it now), but timeless and not too trendy (so she enjoys it in 20 years). I have narrowed it down to the following for now: - Rolex Air King (used Datejusts seem to be out...
I have had success with the following sites: http://globalwatchband.com/ http://fredawatchstraps.com/ I recently purchased the Hirsch "Alligatorgrain" from Freda and I find it to be very good quality for the money (well under $50).
I say keep them. I'm sure they look quite nice in brown suede.
Seiko SARB030? http://www.seiyajapan.com/product/S-...5-SARB030.html Or the new SARB072? http://www.seiyajapan.com/product/S-...5-SARB072.html
Get insoles...
FYI -- the first watch posted has an integrated bracelet so you can't change the bracelet in favour of a leather strap (or solid link bracelet for that matter). On that basis alone, I'd go with option 2 (as I prefer its flexibility/versatility).
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