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Can I just pre-order now for the fishtail? lol
Anyone have recommendation for gloves for lifting? The biggest problem for me when I am working out at the gym is that I have really sweaty palms and it happens really quick into my workouts. I have a towel on hand but I am constantly wiping down my hands on them and it is quite annoying. I am looking for gloves that will help with grip and be a bit breathable so that the moisture isn't getting built up inside the gloves. Anyone have any recommendations or advice? Any is...
Got my #290 Cone Natural Indigo jeans from Gustin. These are my first pair of denim from Gustin although I've bought the Ballistic nylon backpack and some of their tees. The reason I bought these jeans was specifically only for the denim that they offered. My initial impressions were a bit underwhelmed but I also feel like I am "getting what I paid for". If I look at what I paid for then I can see that these jeans aren't a bad deal and I can see the appeal for many. The...
I am stuck between choosing a size for backing a pair of jeans. I am looking at the 29 vs 30 in the straight fit. Can anyone share some other jean brands and fits that might fit similar to a 29/30 in a gustin straight fit?
I just opened my package that I received today of my presto flyknits and was disappointed to see that they aren't packaged like that. I got a bit excited
can anyone comment on the flyknit prestos? thinking about getting a pair since I've always been wanting a pair of prestos
Please bring back the cracked pepper colorway for the FW drop!
Ahh i see. Thanks for the info. I actually went standard to avoid any kind of wait but its all good.
Just made my first order for some ties! Just out of curiousity, I got an email saying my items weren't in stock and were being made then shipped out. Is this common for others or have others experienced this as well? I assumed that these ties were not MTO, correct?
Anyone willing to send me a referral code?
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