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^ I went for a size 9 in the flyknit lunar 3s and they are at least half a size too small.
Great update and feedback and glad to see you are actually working for Everlane still! When I saw the swim shorts on the waitlist, I was really excited by it but was discouraged when I saw the price of it just for some swim shorts.
Why is there no size 29 in the trousers!?
Hey guys, I have some used Tellason jeans for sale. I bought these for my dad but they don't fit him. These do have some fades going but still very dark and a lot of life to them. There is from fraying near the calf and the hem on one leg has a tear. They are shown in the pictures. There are also some random wrinkles and creases along the leg of the jeans. The only thing is that I don't know which model they are and what weight but I am assuming these are the 14oz ones....
How about the airism tees? I use it as an undershirt sometimes
@joshgustin Could you guys offer some pocket tees in the near future?
Whats the brand of the sf member that made his own all-natural shoe cream and has a water-resistant one too? I wanna buy some
I remember seeing two light blue oxfords that looked really similar in a store and one had a box pleat while the other didnt
Yeahh ordered them last sunday, arrived tuesday, and opened them now. And I wont be able to try them on till Sunday/monday. I've been deciding for a while which flyknits I should get and picked these
Hey Claghorn, I would like to change my order to only this tie: http://fruistore.com/product/detail.html?refdoc=product/detail.html&product_no=153&cate_no=7&display_group=1 Thanks!
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