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@joshgustin Could you guys offer some pocket tees in the near future?
Whats the brand of the sf member that made his own all-natural shoe cream and has a water-resistant one too? I wanna buy some
I remember seeing two light blue oxfords that looked really similar in a store and one had a box pleat while the other didnt
Yeahh ordered them last sunday, arrived tuesday, and opened them now. And I wont be able to try them on till Sunday/monday. I've been deciding for a while which flyknits I should get and picked these
Hey Claghorn, I would like to change my order to only this tie: http://fruistore.com/product/detail.html?refdoc=product/detail.html&product_no=153&cate_no=7&display_group=1 Thanks!
Someone buy my AE Harrington!! As of now $200 shipped is the lowest Im willing to go
Theres one in a tall fit size small if it fits you in their store
Thanks a lot. I would love a soft yet crispy feel but if im wearing it as a shirt, I'd probably go with softer/finer. Could you on how it might fade and if it could be worn during summer time?
Can anyone at gustin comment on the differnce between the indigo slub chambray vs the indigo Linen slub chambray? Are they pretty similar in terms of weight and feel? The price difference is pretty big $99 vs. $130? Is the linen slub chambray worth the extra 30?
A brown horse hide TOJ MDR, I don't know the seller but this jacket is amazing Edit: On grailed
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