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I had my first issue from an ebay listing when I won an auction from an Ebay trusted seller. I won an auction for a sony 35mm lens in which the description and titled stated that it was a 35mm lens but the pictures didn't display the lens focal length. After winning and paying for the item, I received a 55m lens and they said they would be willing to give a partial refund if I wanted to keep it. I said that I wanted to get my 35mm lens that I won and they had told me that...
Theres a place selling all that here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/507227/falcon-garments-official-affiliate-thread-mtm-mto-leather-jackets/240#post_8092060
Congrats to Charly and Dan for getting this started up! I will be definitely checking in every now and then to see what you guys will be offering in the future. I am curious to see what your offerings of suede will be in the future and which jackets it will be available on. and BRING BACK THE FISHTAIL and that cracked pepper colorway please!
I am seling a Ebbets Field Cap from the Styleforum Group Buy. I have not worn these at all, only tried it on a few times to see if I liked it but it wasn't what I was expecting. Details: - 6-panel ballcap - Gray crown and eyelets - Standard 3" visor - Charcoal undervisor - Brown leather adjustable strap SOLDDDDDDDDDDDD
SOLDDDDDDDD Bought this off a grailed user and selling because I haven't worn it once since I've purchased it and could use the extra cash. In good condition - worn only a few times. Discontinued oxford cloth button down from Temple of Jawnz in white - measurements here: http://alexhong.net/archive/web/2009/toj/bdshirts/ -Feel free to ask any questions. Pics here: http://*****************/listings/141097-temple-of-jawnz-ocbd-white
Wore my Gustin t shirts today and one thing I would comment about is not put tags on the back collar of the shirt. I could feel it every now and then, which irks me.
If I remember correctly, drew did delete his old TOJ thread on Sufu when he was starting TOJ to prepare for a more "official" version of it. If you look at his first website it was the "unofficial" TOJ. His next one, the "official" version is gone because when Sufu went from v3 to v4, Sufu lost a lot of its old database including the TOJ thread. I wouldn't speculate him deleting his first thread that was getting him started and I don't recall any scams. I've been following...
@thenanyu Will zip backpacks ever make a comeback?
I don't know why you are saying this especially when it has been very clear that Charly and Drew had very limited communication between each other. But even if they were in communication with each other, you don't know what Drew has said to Charly which is all speculation at this point. I think you are taking it a little too far to include Charly into this.If you actually go back to when Dan/Charly officially left, I think its about 2-3 months now. Its been nowhere near 12...
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