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??????Large zip wallet measurements: (From the first run)http://www.styleforum.net/t/138419/the-official-temple-of-jawnz-thread/3360#post_3121926Small zip wallet measurements:http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=1018
Received this Monday and opened today. Its a bit smaller than i had imagined but thats fine.
Im looking for the +J suit, both the jacket/pants, in size small/29. Let me know if anyone see any that happen to be lying around in any stores too! I knew I shouldve picked it up when it came out
I know, it kinda worries me. The weird thing is that it shipped relatively quick after I emailed which probably means that it has been made and finished but just waiting to ship. I never received any shipping/email confirmation prior.
I ordered Dec. 31 and got some Trousers
So I just got a tracking number after I did what Drew said to do. I emailed Charly on my original thread of my purchase with all the information he told me to list. It was shipped out yesterday. Thanks Drew and Charly!
So I bought a shirt in a Tokyo slim fit in a size 37-81. I think the fit is pretty much near spot on besides the high arm holes. Are there any other fits where the armholes aren't so high up yet still fits similarly to the Tokyo slim fit? Should I get a Tokyo Class or NY slim fit?
If I remember correctly, the bomber jacket sold out before the cargo sweats did because I bought the sweats with no problem when they first dropped.I do have a question tho, did your sweats shrink a lot? Thats the one thing I would really like to know.
Bought these off SUFU and are slightly too big for me. I have no clue if these have been washed or not but these definitely have been worn but not that much. When I bought these, there was no mention that these had been tapered and I had not known about it till I got them (SEE PICS). Note: These have been tapered all throughout the leg. Measurements: (TAPERED) Waist: 30 in Inseam: 29 in Thigh: 10.5 in Front Rise: 9.5 in Hem: 7 in
These are the same Strike Gold Denim Shirt in a size medium from the SE/Quepasa Warehouse Sale. I was hoping they would fit me but they are unfortunately too big in the shoulders and in length. My loss is your gain. Great shirt tho. Measurements: Shoulders: 18" Pit-to-pit: 19.25" Back length: 26.5" Sleeve from shoulder: 24.5" Price: $80 shipped SOLDDDD
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