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Looking to buy the nike flyknit free 3.0 in the pure platinum/white/volt/black colorway (SKU ends in 001, not 003) in a size 9/9.5. If anyone has this and is looking to sell it, let me know. I would really like to cop this shoe
Lots. OG ma-1 was goretex, ma-1 AE was nylon. I don't think the og ma-1 had shoulder gussets, the ma-1 AE looked to be a lot more simplified than the og ma-1, different lining optionsHere are pics for differences. But this is just my guess from owning the toj goretex harrington and the toj ae harringtonhttp://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=1179http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=7110
Its not me so i have no affiliation to the seller. I just know a lot of people are seeking the og ma1s so im just letting pplz know
TOJ ma-1 AE version on grailed http://*****************/listings/35216-temple-of-jawnz-ma-1-anniversary-edition
WTT/IC: TOJ Black AE Harrington size 50 with mods or OBO Asking $240 shipped
I have some questions regarding suit sizing. The smallest suit sizing usually is a 36s but I'm like a 34s, does anyone know of any brands that sell suits size 34? Should I buy a 36s and get it tailored or should I avoid this? Edit: Also any recommendations for custom tailored suits in LA/OC county?
A response like this makes me so hesitant to fund the current backpack. Especially when I don't know which fabrics you guys are gonna come out with and if I'll prefer this fabric/color over the current one and how often these are gonna be available for funding. Nonetheless, the backpack that is available now seems great.Just a side question @joshgustin, what shirt is the model wearing for the backpack? It looks like an olive/grey slub chambray shirt. Is it something that...
@foxhound Get something in suede
^im pretty sure I saw one at south coast but there wasnt much left of anything for the suits in general
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