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Wore my Gustin t shirts today and one thing I would comment about is not put tags on the back collar of the shirt. I could feel it every now and then, which irks me.
If I remember correctly, drew did delete his old TOJ thread on Sufu when he was starting TOJ to prepare for a more "official" version of it. If you look at his first website it was the "unofficial" TOJ. His next one, the "official" version is gone because when Sufu went from v3 to v4, Sufu lost a lot of its old database including the TOJ thread. I wouldn't speculate him deleting his first thread that was getting him started and I don't recall any scams. I've been following...
@thenanyu Will zip backpacks ever make a comeback?
I don't know why you are saying this especially when it has been very clear that Charly and Drew had very limited communication between each other. But even if they were in communication with each other, you don't know what Drew has said to Charly which is all speculation at this point. I think you are taking it a little too far to include Charly into this.If you actually go back to when Dan/Charly officially left, I think its about 2-3 months now. Its been nowhere near 12...
Hi guys, Just wondering when you guys might have a restock of this shoe tree in a size small https://www.hangerproject.com/epic-cedar-shoe-tree.html Thanks!
I am selling a Uniqlo +J wool flannel jacket from the F/W 2014 in black. These come with the tags if you want them. I had to jacket sleeve length shortened about 1-2 in and it falls exactly on my wrist. I wore these once and that was it. If you want my height/weight for reference, I am 5'7 and 125 lbs, the jacket is slightly big on me and the only thing that was altered were the sleeve lengths. I am selling because I have no need for it. These do not come with the...
Selling a TOJ 2011 Duffle Coat in grey sz. 46/Small and a Goretex Harrington in sz.46/Small too Price for duffle coat: $325 shipped Price for harrington: $150 shipped.
This is an interesting check, I am hesitant on selling but if I could get the price Im looking for I will go ahead and do so. I am selling two TOJ jackets which are both a stock size 46. I will post measurements as soon as I can. 1. TOJ 2011 Duffle Coat in Grey sz. 46/Small Price: $310 shipped in the US Condition: 8/10 I bought this off another user in SF and I wore it mainly during the winter time when I was in Berlin when it was either snowing or raining. Measurements...
To add more lulz, gizmodo.com/paypal-has-to-pay-25-million-for-being-sketchy-as-hell-1705630163
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