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http://www.grailed.com/fittingroom/5918-jonathan9177 And I saved you money You should give me the premium
Ohrly?Even better
YO NEWO, I'll back you up, +1 for oxfordsssss
I feel like I just missed ordering one. If anyone has a hat size 7 3/8- 5/8 that doesn't work out for them, hit me up please. Would love to buy one.
Ahh thanks for letting me know haha, edited.Like Newo mentioned, I have funds ready for a shirt also, if this happens.
Ima do everyone a favor. You guys ask for wallet measurements as if it's raw denim or something. I hope you guys are not emailing them about the wallet measurements... All y'all need to do is click and read. Large zip wallet measurements: (From the first run) http://www.styleforum.net/t/138419/the-official-temple-of-jawnz-thread/3360#post_3121926 Small zip wallet measurements: http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=1018 Exposing y'all: @Kap120 , @flahertongs ,...
Does that mean oxfords are out of the question? Debating on a wallet right now
If we can do jackets too, then fishtail and Goretex or suede Harrington
I'm in for an oxford, I'll be ready to send the money. Will we able to find your new location by just looking up Scout Seoul?
^are there any alternative options if you don't have a stiff brush to clean with?
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