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Some good stuff on...
Really like the Indigo slub chambray, saw the email, too late and now it's gone But for sizing, the model is 5 10 , 150 lbs and wears a small? That's a really big small.
I got my package of the skinny fit tapered jeans in dark grey, they are definitely not T-000 but they are better than some of the previous years version. I sized up two, like I had with the T-000's but this is actually a lot more roomier and TTS than I had realized. Has anyone washed there pants yet? I am debating if I should keep or go down 1 more size.
Dude selling some good stuff in small sizes: http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/156434-carpe-dries-jil-raf-rick-toj-more-eu44-48-footwear-9-105/ Blue calf DR and veg tan DR
Is it really that good? I loved the T000 and everything after that wasnt any good. Tempted to try them out.
Has anyone had any experience with altering a jacket? I'm possible looking to shorten sleeve and body length. I know this may be silly to ask since the jackets are made MTM. I bought one off B&S and might alter instead of trying to resell.
Uniqlo popup in south coast plaza on july 3rd. Looks like socal might get a uniqlo store soon
Much cheep, so bargain
Looking for a quick sell! Thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/391713/wtt-ic-toj-black-ae-harrington-size-50-with-mods
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