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@rais How much did you get them for? I just received mine and like the as well but I am very curious to see how water repellant they are.
I'm selling some kamakura shirts, can anyone help identify the type of fabric used on these two shirts? Would be much appreciated
Doing some closest cleaning and need to get rid of three kamakura shirts that don't fit me. These were the grab bag offersing that I received but they didn't fit me. All brand new, only one opened to assess fit. All shirts are in the Tokyo Classic fit in a 39/82 size. None of these shirts are on the kamakura shirts anymore. NOTE: I CAN ONLY ASSUME THE TYPE OF FABRIC, please make note of this before any purchase. I am willing to work with you to help identify all details...
The baroque brown colorway was the one I was thinking about. Definitely not feeling the tan on that colorway tho. Thanks!
Thinking of picking up a pair of the talaria flyknits, should I get it in brown/black or all black?
I feel anyone is interested, I am plannin to return my black SF AF1 in size 9.5 that just dropped recently. If anyone would want them, please message me. Price would be retail+shipping + pp fees, let me know! These have a slimmer gum sole and have only been tried on.
Yeah I checked it at 7 am PST, then it said 7 am PST on 1/20. Checked late afternoon and saw that they changed it to 4 pm that day. I didn't get any notifications of these changes, I just kept checking the app frequently
Selling Flyknit air prestos that I got bought for a friend but didn't want them. These are in the wolf grey colorway and are a size 8. These are brand new but does not come with the box. Price: SOLDD
I purchased them through the snkr+ app which has my payment info. I went through there to purchase and confirm it and it went straight to a pending status
Really? That sucks I got both of them and they were both pending.I guess I got lucky?
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